Do Khanh Van: Overcome the "shadow" of Tra Long to assert yourself

Quỳnh NhưMay 11, 2024 at 21:07

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Many projects after Khanh Van's "Dreamy Eyes" did not achieve the expected effect, causing many people to question the young actress's acting ability and development direction.

Do Khanh Van, born in 1995 in Dak Lak, left a mark in the hearts of audiences with the role of Tra Long in the movie "Dreamy Eyes" - adapted from the work of the same name by writer Nguyen Nhat Anh. The resounding success of "Dreamy Eyes" brought Khanh Van's name to a new level, however, her subsequent journey was not at all easy.

Do Khanh Van: Overcome the shadow of Tra Long to assert yourself - Photo 1

The elegant and gentle role of Tra Long has become a symbol of unfinished love, haunting many audiences. However, such great success also unintentionally created a huge "shadow" for Khanh Van herself. After "Dreamy Eyes", her next projects did not achieve the expected effect, causing many people to question the young actress's acting ability and development direction.

Besides the pressure from the "shadow" of Tra Long, Khanh Van also has to face events in her personal life. In 2020, her family encountered a property conflict, leading to lawsuits and going to court.

Do Khanh Van: Overcome the shadow of Tra Long to assert yourself - Photo 2

At the same time, Khanh Van participated in the reality TV show "Stars Join the Army" and faced many mixed opinions from the audience. Some people think she has a "princess" personality and is arrogant in a group environment. Negative comments on social networks have left Khanh Van hurt and pressured.

Do Khanh Van: Overcome the shadow of Tra Long to assert yourself - Photo 3

Events continuously occurred, causing Khanh Van to fall into a psychological crisis. She lost sleep, panicked and had to temporarily put aside her acting career to treat her health. This decision of Khanh Van received a lot of attention and sharing from fans. They encouraged her to take time for herself, overcome the difficult times and return to her passion for acting.

After a period of treatment and recovery, Khanh Van gradually regained her spirit and was determined to return to acting. She participated in the web-drama "Lien and Dat" and received many compliments for her more diverse and mature acting.

The role of Lien in "Lien and Dat" has many similarities with Khanh Van in real life, helping her express her emotions in the most natural and honest way. Khanh Van shared that this role marked a turning point in her career, helping her escape the "shadow" of Tra Long and affirm her diverse acting abilities.

Khanh Van affirms that acting is still her biggest passion. She always cherishes the desire to challenge herself with roles that are diverse, unique, and have psychological depth. Khanh Van's future goal is to assert herself and become an actress recognized through her acting skills.

Do Khanh Van: Overcome the shadow of Tra Long to assert yourself - Photo 4

When she was asked about what acting means to Do Khanh Van after 4 years in the profession, she shared: "I live mainly through business, but acting is still my passion. I love the feeling." The feeling of standing in front of the camera and the working atmosphere of the film crew. At those times, I was able to fully experience the emotions of the character.

My goal in life is to buy a house and a car for my parents. I don't dare to say anything about the results yet, but the current determination to do the job is abundant. I'm looking for a role that's different, a villain. I have filmed two movies, which will be released early next year." Currently, she is running her own fashion brand.

Do Khanh Van: Overcome the shadow of Tra Long to assert yourself - Photo 5

Do Khanh Van is a potential young actor with extraordinary will and energy. Even though she has gone through many difficulties and challenges, she always maintains her passion and constantly strives to assert herself. With talent, determination and progressive spirit, Khanh Van promises to achieve more success in the future. Wishing her to always maintain her passion and bring impressive roles to the audience.

"Lien and Dat" is the latest web-drama of Khanh Van and Cody, bringing to the audience an emotional but equally difficult love story. The film revolves around Lien (Khanh Van) and Dat (Cody), two people who love each other deeply and have planned a happy future together. However, due to an unexpected event, they were f.orced to break up and went through turbulent days.

Do Khanh Van: Overcome the shadow of Tra Long to assert yourself - Photo 6

Khanh Van shared that this is the role in which she had to cry the most ever. The character Lien has too many complex psychological changes, requiring Khanh Van to act delicately and realistically. "Van regrets that today everyone has only seen the first episode. If everyone continues to follow the story in the next episodes, they will see many changes in Van," Khanh Van shared.

Do Khanh Van: Overcome the shadow of Tra Long to assert yourself - Photo 7

Besides Khanh Van, "Lien and Dat" also features Cody - a male singer who tried his hand as an actor for the first time. Cody plays Dat, a lovesick guy who always gives Lien the best things. Although he is an amateur actor, Cody had quite an impressive performance in episode 1. Thanks to his good coordination with Khanh Van, the two brought the audience emotional and sweet footage.

"People watching the movie see that Lien and Dat love each other in a very 'young' and natural way, but when filming those scenes, they both laughed continuously. Before that, the two had discussed and workshopped a lot with each other. To bring the Such realistic footage is the success of Van and CODY. Van hopes that after watching this movie, everyone will love the two characters Lien and Dat as well as the other actors in the movie," Khanh Van shared. share more.

Do Khanh Van: Overcome the shadow of Tra Long to assert yourself - Photo 8

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