Cam Ly just caught the "10 Minutes" trend that caused a fever, Pham Thoai's wife did not do it again

Bình MinhApr 22, 2024 at 07:39

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Transforming to the background of Lee Hyori's music is one of the hottest trends on the TikTok platform, with many Vietnamese stars and celebrities competing with each other to follow the trend. But Cam Ly has no opponent.

Cam Ly continues to show her extremely consistent trend-catching style. Recently, the female singer just posted on her personal account a video using the background music of the song "10 Minutes" performed by Lee Hyori, which has been extremely viral in recent days.

Cam Ly just caught the 10 Minutes trend that caused a fever, Pham Thoais wife did not do it again - Photo 1

On social networks, Lee Hyori's hit "10 Minutes" is currently causing a stir with the transformation trend. In particular, content creators put on makeup, hair and dress in Y2K style, evoking the typical atmosphere of the 2000s. As for Cam Ly, she did not need to "work so hard".

Because in her video, "Chi Tu" simply "flexed" a series of images from her early years of singing and was more than capable of "swinging the trend". It is known that at that time, the female singer was attached to the young music genre, possessing many big hits such as: "Flower Street", "Spring Street", "Know When to Love" or "I Will Be the One to Leave" "... before changing direction and leaving a strong mark with the lyrical and folk genres.

Cam Ly just caught the 10 Minutes trend that caused a fever, Pham Thoais wife did not do it again - Photo 2

Through the series of photos, it can be seen that Cam Ly was very stylish in her youth. The female singer pursued the most popular fashion, hair and makeup styles at that time. In particular, the moments when she performed and danced on stage made fans excited.

Watching the video, the audience can also imagine how "Chi Tu" used to be "noisy" and what an enthusiastic youth she had. One thing is certain: Cam Ly is the winner of this trend. Young people today also have to "respect" her a lot.

Cam Ly just caught the 10 Minutes trend that caused a fever, Pham Thoais wife did not do it again - Photo 3

The reason for saying so is because Khanh Van - content wife of Pham Thoai - a famous TikToker on social networks with excellent makeup talent also "followed this trend" but currently the views are still inferior to Cam Ly by several hundred thousand views.

Some opinions say that Khanh Van's transformation is very beautiful but not very similar to the ancient style. Maybe that's why her "trending" clip hasn't been able to trend like other TikTokers.

Cam Ly just caught the 10 Minutes trend that caused a fever, Pham Thoais wife did not do it again - Photo 4

Khanh Van's real name is Nguyen Thi Thanh Van, born in 2001 in Bac Giang. After a series of wedding photos with Pham Thoai were widely shared on websites, her beauty received a "rain of compliments" because she was as beautiful and sweet as any h.ot g.irl.

This g.irl used to study at Phuong Dong University (Hanoi) and tried many jobs from freelance photo model, KOL for brands, and has now turned to the field of artistic makeup and content creation. .

Cam Ly just caught the 10 Minutes trend that caused a fever, Pham Thoais wife did not do it again - Photo 5

Although she faced a lot of criticism for her fake wedding, it cannot be denied that since this incident, Khanh Van has received more attention from people. The proof is that her TikTok channel has grown from a few hundred thousand hours to 1.8 million followers and more than 43 million likes.

Many videos on the channel of "content wife Pham Thoai" have earned millions to tens of millions of views - a number that stars also wish to have.

Cam Ly just caught the 10 Minutes trend that caused a fever, Pham Thoais wife did not do it again - Photo 6

Returning to Cam Ly, she is planning a live show to celebrate 30 years of singing called "Tu Tinh Que Huong 6", following the success of "Tu Tinh Que Huong 5" held in 2015. The music night is scheduled to take place. coming out on August 3 at Hoa Binh Theater.

For those who have followed "Chi Tu" from past to present, the female singer's name is closely associated with the live show series "Tu Tinh Que Huong". After 5 seasons of organization, the music night left a deep impression in the hearts of the audience because of its artistry and careful investment. Every year, the audience looks forward to Cam Ly performing, but due to health problems and many other reasons, she has to miss the appointment.

Cam Ly just caught the 10 Minutes trend that caused a fever, Pham Thoais wife did not do it again - Photo 7

When not in the studio, Cam Ly is completely happy with taking care of her fruit and vegetable garden. The female singer also said that music is in her b.lood so she never thought of "retiring".

"I still do music projects, not products for profit, but my gratitude to the audience that loves me. The audience that loves me from the days they were young until now, they I have children. I'm very proud of the audience who loves me. So, I will continue to do shows and release new music products to thank my audience," she said.

Cam Ly just caught the 10 Minutes trend that caused a fever, Pham Thoais wife did not do it again - Photo 8

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