Diep Lam Anh is afraid of love after a broken marriage: Now focus on living for your children

Hoàng TrangFeb 23, 2024 at 17:43

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Sharing about Diep Lam Anh's life after her broken marriage with young master Nghiem Duc received a lot of attention and sympathy from netizens. A series of comments want the beauty to go one step further.

Diep Lam Anh is known as one of the most talented beauties of Vietnamese showbiz. However, the beauty was unlucky in love when she had an incomplete marriage with young master Nghiem Duc.

Diep Lam Anh once shared that she herself hates being seen by society as a woman who failed miserably after a broken marriage. So, going through the hardships, the mother of two children has now become a woman with a strong, brave and independent image.

Diep Lam Anh is afraid of love after a broken marriage: Now focus on living for your children - Photo 1

Recently, Diep Lam Anh had the opportunity to share with fans his thoughts about life after a broken marriage. The female model confided: "When going through a breakup, women are often afraid of continuing to break down again, having to go through that feeling again. Sometimes there is another fear, the fear of being alone. If it's like now If there is someone who really loves me, maybe I will find out but will not come. That is my current feeling. It is very difficult to enter each other's lives. Now I live for my children, if there is someone If you can truly share your life with me and take care of your children with me, then you can let people into your life. If it's just for personal feelings, I don't need it. I'm afraid of falling in love and losing love. time".

Diep Lam Anh is afraid of love after a broken marriage: Now focus on living for your children - Photo 2

Putting aside all the divorce noise, Diep Lam Anh is gradually regaining balance in her life. The beauty now sees her two children as the main source of motivation to motivate herself to constantly strive in life and work. The beauty also admitted that it was more difficult to open her heart after going through a marital incident: "Currently, I spend my time working as the breadwinner of the family, spending time with my children,... so love is far away from me. Nowadays, to love someone, you have to spend time taking care of them. Entering a new relationship takes time. Sometimes I also refuse many things, many people. Sometimes I can't tell them the reason. Because, I have a bigger goal, to have a stable life so that my children can be stable."

Diep Lam Anh is afraid of love after a broken marriage: Now focus on living for your children - Photo 3

Besides, the mother of two children also shared the reason why she decided to participate in the program "Beautiful Sister Who Rides the Wind to Turn the Waves": "My purpose when participating in Sister Beautiful to Ride the Wind and Waves is something unlike anyone else. I want to walk out of my marriage brilliantly! I really hate the feeling of being looked at as a failed woman, just because she just got divorced - a noisy divorce. I always think it's not what it is. failure, because that woman can completely become a better version, after breaking up. I don't know if I have become a better version, but I like it.

A dancer with 2 children can still dance extremely well at the age of 34, a recently divorced g.irl can wear her favorite outfit, do exactly what she is passionate about and be cheered by many people. A woman was once locked in a dark room with all kinds of fears: Fear of gossip, fear of evaluation, fear of crowds, fear of negative comments, fear of the stage... daring to step on television to dance, sing, read rap, daring to dream of becoming a star. To me, that is brilliance."

Diep Lam Anh is afraid of love after a broken marriage: Now focus on living for your children - Photo 4

Diep Lam Anh was born in 1991 in Hanoi. She is a former member of the dance group Big Toe. In 2013, Diep Lam Anh won the championship of The Amazing Race. Five years later, she got married and gradually withdrew from showbiz, focusing on taking care of her husband's family's business.

At the end of 2022, Diep Lam Anh and her ex-husband divorced. The noisy divorce greatly affected the actress's life both mentally and economically for a long time.

Diep Lam Anh is afraid of love after a broken marriage: Now focus on living for your children - Photo 5

After the divorce, her ex-husband raised their son. Diep Lam Anh raises her daughter. Her ex-husband's family voluntarily provided her with 50 million/month in support for her daughter and did not ask her to support her son.

Diep Lam Anh is afraid of love after a broken marriage: Now focus on living for your children - Photo 6

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