Actor Thanh Duy: The road to success is difficult, marriage with Kha Ly takes a lot of ink

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Thanh Duy is known as a multi-talented artist when both acting well and singing well. Coming from a drama actor at the University of Theater and Cinema in Ho Chi Minh City, however, few people know that his path to success is not simple.

Actor Thanh Duy: The road to success is difficult, marriage with Kha Ly takes a lot of ink - Photo 1

Since childhood, Thanh Duy has raised his dream to stand on stage. In the 2000s, he was also a football player of the HCMC team. Perhaps because of that, friends were surprised when Thanh Duy decided to enter the art school, instead of another profession.

Actor Thanh Duy: The road to success is difficult, marriage with Kha Ly takes a lot of ink - Photo 2

"Toddler" pursuing his passion to become a professional actor, Thanh Duy faced many worries. From the story of rice and m.oney to being a new face, there are not too many conditions or relationships. However, with his own efforts, the actor of the movie "Two Wives" convinced everyone thanks to his acting ability. From a young man with a passion for art, Thanh Duy became a familiar face in the stage performances of People's Artist Hong Van. Thanks to the support of the theater pregnant woman and especially the late artist Anh Vu, Thanh Duy gradually changed his personality and also led the public to remember and love him for his passion and dedication on stage.

Actor Thanh Duy: The road to success is difficult, marriage with Kha Ly takes a lot of ink - Photo 3

"From small, mass roles, I was trusted to give heavier roles to the audience. I still remember the feeling of the first days when I stood on stage, performed my role fully and was loved by everyone. clapping hands. Some people praise, others criticize, but it is a motivation for me to be where I am today", the actor added.

It can be said that, after years of trying to make a career, Thanh Duy is now a familiar face at the theater stage of People's Artist Hong Van. His outstanding roles can be mentioned such as Red Number, Western Industry, Number of Peach Blossoms, Poor Children, Woman with Few Hands, Work, Soul Story... Not only in the country, the actor also have the opportunity to make an impression with overseas audiences when participating in the Nam Thuy Uyen Dan Theater.

The 'golden' face of Vietnamese TV series

From the starting point of the theater stage, with his unremitting efforts, Thanh Duy has made great strides in art when entering the field of television. Thanks to his well-trained training, combined with his handsome and stylish appearance, Thanh Duy was "chosen to send gold" by many directors for many impressive roles such as Fire on Ice, Two Wives, Purple Legend. , Nomadic footprints... With Thanh Duy, he doesn't care about the main and supporting roles. The actor himself believes that once he has accepted the role, he must live fully with the character as if it were the last role in his artistic life.

"For me, being loved and supported by the audience is an incomparable happiness. I always appreciate everyone's love and don't hesitate to listen to suggestions to improve myself," he said. share views on the profession. Perhaps it is because of his dedication and dedication to the role that Thanh Duy has excellently recorded his name in the Top 5 HTV A.ward for the movie Upstream of Memories. This is a worthy achievement for the actor's professional efforts.

Married life makes many people admire

Looking at Thanh Duy at the present time, people can't help but envy when he has a full career, and a happy married life next to his wife Kha Ly. Since "coming into the same house", the couple often appear together at events, not afraid to give each other care and understanding. For Thanh Duy, Kha Ly is someone who understands his work, not jealous when he has sexual gestures with female colleagues on the film. Meanwhile, the actor himself always supports his wife's important decisions, even being ready to be behind to help her advance in the arts.

Actor Thanh Duy: The road to success is difficult, marriage with Kha Ly takes a lot of ink - Photo 4

Thanh Duy said that since meeting Kha Ly, he discovered that he can sing in addition to his acting ability. He and his wife were also chosen by many TV gameshows to convey many meaningful messages about love to the audience. Not stopping there, the couple also performed overseas shows. It's a testament to our success through our unremitting efforts.

Actor Kha Ly - Thanh Duy is very familiar with the audience through dramas. The couple first met because they were co-stars in a play, thanks to their good chemistry, they continued to be invited to participate in art projects but only as colleagues. After a long time together, Kha Ly and Thanh Duy openly expressed their love. At first, the two encountered objections from relatives and friends, but then regained their sympathy thanks to their sincere love. The two got married and were blessed by many Vietnamese stars in 2016.

Actor Thanh Duy: The road to success is difficult, marriage with Kha Ly takes a lot of ink - Photo 5

After returning home, Kha Ly and Thanh Duy continued to act as co-stars from movies to music. Most recently, this actor couple caused a storm when they participated in the movie Dau Be Duong Tran. In addition, Thanh Duy and Kha Ly also released many music products such as: House Without a Mother-in-law, Debt An Tinh,...

Currently, in addition to art work, Thanh Duy and Kha Ly work together at home. The actress and her husband are together in every event and gameshow on television. Thanh Duy affirms that his career has been sublimated and more stable since marrying Kha Ly. As for Kha Ly, she always encourages and gives positive energy for her husband to confidently continue pursuing his passion.

Actor Thanh Duy: The road to success is difficult, marriage with Kha Ly takes a lot of ink - Photo 6

Actor Thanh Duy: The road to success is difficult, marriage with Kha Ly takes a lot of ink - Photo 7

More than half a decade together, Kha Ly and Thanh Duy have a peaceful married life with little market in the middle of the Vietnamese entertainment industry. Recently, the couple bought a spacious new house in Ho Chi Minh City, this is the result of their hard work during the past time. The actress once shared that she could not have children due to a thyroid disease. Currently, both have prepared mentally, physically and financially to look forward to the birth of their first c.hild. However, children are "given from God", so both are not too pressured and worried because there is no good news.

Actor Thanh Duy: The road to success is difficult, marriage with Kha Ly takes a lot of ink - Photo 8

Kha Ly once confided: "Anh Duy is a very psychological husband and pampers his wife. Whenever he finishes work, he immediately comes home to me. Even, when he goes to perform a few dozen kilometers away, Duy still drives. Over the years, I thought a lot about having children, but Duy always encouraged me and hoped that I wouldn't put too much pressure on him. often said to me, children are a gift from God, if we don't have them, we can live together until we get old."

Actor Thanh Duy: The road to success is difficult, marriage with Kha Ly takes a lot of ink - Photo 9

Actor Thanh Duy: The road to success is difficult, marriage with Kha Ly takes a lot of ink - Photo 10

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