Dich Le Nhiet Ba "clings to" Truong Nghe Mau to save his career, about to marry Dich Duong Thien Ty?

Tuyết NgọcJul 30, 2023 at 14:10

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Recently, the information that actress Dich Le Nhiet Ba plays the female lead in director Zhang Yimou's film has been spread throughout social networks, causing people to constantly talk.

The online community was shocked when they heard that the beauty of Xinjiang collaborated with Dich Duong Thien Ty in the film project "League of Legends" by director Zhang Yimou. Although insiders have not yet responded, it is just a rumor, but has climbed straight to the top of the hottest search on Weibo.

Dich Le Nhiet Ba clings to Truong Nghe Mau to save his career, about to marry Dich Duong Thien Ty? - Photo 1

As a famous director reaching out to the world, the films made by "National Master" Zhang Yimou are always appreciated and respected. Therefore, the artists or actors who work with him are also "not average".

Therefore, when it was announced that Dilraba Dil would appear in Zhang Yimou's film, many fans hoped that she would really be seen and given the opportunity by "National Master". Thus, it will help the actress save some of her reputation after the failure of "Prosecutor" and "An Lac Truyen".

Dich Le Nhiet Ba clings to Truong Nghe Mau to save his career, about to marry Dich Duong Thien Ty? - Photo 2

It is known that League of Legends is one of the rare Web dramas that Zhang Yimou made, the film is the original script, not an adaptation, e-sports theme, written by Tu Su. Also according to rumors, in addition to Dilraba Dil and Dich Duong Thien Ty, League of Legends also has the presence of Tong A Hien, Ma Gia Ky plays supporting roles.

Dich Le Nhiet Ba clings to Truong Nghe Mau to save his career, about to marry Dich Duong Thien Ty? - Photo 3

However, some opinions say that, although Dich Le Nhiet Ba has been acting for many years, he owns the prestigious "Miss Kim Ung" trophy, but his acting ability is extremely poor, and even tends to fall. The slopes without brakes made them extremely frustrated. She is the only person in the Chinese-language entertainment industry who does not have a "violent" film despite the title "top class".

Because of that, the audience has more basis to affirm with Dilraba's "low and high" acting, director Zhang Yimou will certainly be eliminated from the beginning. Besides, many people also believe that the "National Master" will save the female lead role of League of Legends for his "muse" Luu Hao Ton.

Dich Le Nhiet Ba clings to Truong Nghe Mau to save his career, about to marry Dich Duong Thien Ty? - Photo 4

Previously, Dich Duong Thien Ty debuted in the entertainment industry as a singer in the idol group TFBoys in 2013, consisting of three members, Vuong Nguyen, Dich Duong Thien Ty and Vuong Tuan Khai. In addition to singing, Dich Duong Thien Ty (Jackson Yee) is also proficient in many types of traditional Chinese culture and can play a variety of musical instruments such as flute, guitar, drums...

Dich Le Nhiet Ba clings to Truong Nghe Mau to save his career, about to marry Dich Duong Thien Ty? - Photo 5

After that, Dich Duong Thien Ty began to encroach into short films or with guest roles, special roles such as Tieu goodbye, Tru Tien Thanh Van Chi, Tu Beauty, Chinese Doctor... At the same time. , he also did voice acting for several other films.

In 2017, Dich Duong Thien Ty had a big turning point in his acting career when his films in the lead were both highly successful both professionally and in revenue. For example, the films The Age of Our Youth, Chang'an 12 Hours, Truong Tan Ho, Children of Childhood.

Dich Le Nhiet Ba clings to Truong Nghe Mau to save his career, about to marry Dich Duong Thien Ty? - Photo 6

In particular, Em of the teenage years achieved very high sales, the success brought great resonance to both Dich Duong Thien Ty and Chau Dong Vu. Accordingly, Chau Dong Vu won two awards "Kim Tuong and Kim Ke" and became the youngest Tam Kim post-image. And Dich Duong Thien Ty won the "Best New Actor" a.ward at the Kim Tuong Awards.

It can be seen that, despite being an idol singer, Dich Duong Thien Ty is increasingly proving her acting ability. Dich Duong Thien Ty's natural talent plus hard work, effort and learning makes the audience believe that, if he and Dilraba are really side by side in League of Legends, it will create an incredible combination. with unique features and bring a "new breeze" to the movie-loving community.

Dich Le Nhiet Ba clings to Truong Nghe Mau to save his career, about to marry Dich Duong Thien Ty? - Photo 7

There were also rumors that Dich Le Nhiet Ba would collaborate with Dich Duong Thien Ty in the movie "Luu Lac Earth 2". This is a movie with more than 4 billion yuan in box office revenue in 2019, among the top grossing movies in China. However, for some reason, when the premiere did not have the appearance of this couple. Therefore, fans are even more looking forward to seeing the two collaborate in Zhang Yimou's League of Legends.

Dich Le Nhiet Ba clings to Truong Nghe Mau to save his career, about to marry Dich Duong Thien Ty? - Photo 8

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