Dew Jirawat openly liked someone since school, and became a couple after becoming famous

Phương ThảoMay 14, 2024 at 14:24

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The new generation male god Dew Jirawat once publicly confessed that he had liked a famous actress since his high school days. Up to now, the two have had the opportunity to work together and have been pushed around a lot because they are such a good couple.

Jirawat Sutivanichsak, born Kongkidakorn, stage name Dew, born October 30, 2000, is a Thai actor and model of Chinese descent. He studied interactive design and multimedia at Srinakharinwirot University.

Dew Jirawat openly liked someone since school, and became a couple after becoming famous - Photo 1

Possessing a huge height of 1m9, Jirawat Sutivanichsak (Dew Jirawat) first entered the entertainment industry as a fashion model in 2019. Before acting, he participated in many television shows in Thailand. .

In 2021, Dew Jirawat made his acting debut in the Thai version of the drama Meteor Garden ( F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers) . In the film, Dew takes on the role of Ren, a member of the F4 group.

Dew Jirawat openly liked someone since school, and became a couple after becoming famous - Photo 2

Thanks to his role as Ren in Meteor Garden, Jirawat Sutivanichsak's popularity spread beyond the borders of Thailand. His Instagram has reached more than 4 million followers. Recently, Jirawat Sutivanichsak created a Chinese social network account Weibo, his name quickly became a h.ot topic in this country of billions of people.

Dew Jirawat openly liked someone since school, and became a couple after becoming famous - Photo 3

After the success of his first film, Dew's name skyrocketed. Besides, he was also pushed strongly in real life with female lead Tu Tontawan. Regarding love, up to now he has not publicly dated anyone.

Dew Jirawat openly liked someone since school, and became a couple after becoming famous - Photo 4

However, Dew is not afraid to openly admit that he has had a crush on an actress since his high school days. It's none other than the person who once collaborated with him - female star Kao Supassara.

Dew Jirawat openly liked someone since school, and became a couple after becoming famous - Photo 5

Kao Supassara is a familiar female star to the movie-loving public of the Golden Temple. Beloved through the movie "Age of Rebellion", she affirmed her colorful acting talent through the hit school series: "Hormones The Series", "Spy Bride", "As long as the sky is high." Sunshine", movie "Auntie, don't have a boyfriend".

Dew Jirawat openly liked someone since school, and became a couple after becoming famous - Photo 6

The two worked together in the movie of the romantic-comedy genre - Faceless Love . In an interview together after the movie ended, in front of Kao Supassara, Dew did not hesitate to confess: "Since I was a c.hild, I have liked P'Kao Supassara, since I was in high school."

Dew Jirawat openly liked someone since school, and became a couple after becoming famous - Photo 7

Hearing this from Dew, Kao smiled shyly and replied: "It feels like Kao is very old."

Dew Jirawat and Kao Supassara show their chemistry and loveliness right from the first images in "Faceless Love". The two quickly received a large fan base, regularly appearing in media publications and actively promoting the film. The cover photo of the two actors on Praew magazine received an overwhelming number of pre-orders.

Kao Supassara made the public more excited when she revealed that she had a lover after reading her horoscope and that it was difficult to explain her non-work relationship with Dew Jirawat.

"Dew Jirawat and I took pictures together and were 'pushed' by many people. I feel happy because the movie has been watched by many people. I read horoscopes to have motivation in life. Currently there is none. No guy comes, I've been single for about 2 years and no one comes to talk to me. Personally, I think he doesn't know. Seriously, I don't know how to flirt with him," Kao Supassara shared humorously shall.

Dew Jirawat openly liked someone since school, and became a couple after becoming famous - Photo 8

In real life, Kao is 5 years older than Dew, but when standing next to each other, there is no sense of age difference between the two. In particular, the "gap" of this couple also makes fans very excited and think that Kao and Dew are extremely compatible, just standing next to each other creates an explosive "chemical reaction". on fire.

On forums, fans have seen many dating hints of this sister-sister couple. Even if the two go public, they will definitely receive great support from the audience. However, there is still a part of netizens who are quite regretful with their favorite couples like Dew Jirawat - Tu Tontawan, Dew Jirawat - Nani Hirunkit.

Dew Jirawat openly liked someone since school, and became a couple after becoming famous - Photo 9

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