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Dang Thu Thao was touched by her daughter's 3 statements, and the couple was praised for raising their children well

JLO16:31:17 24/04/2024
After nearly a decade of living with her businessman husband, beauty queen Dang Thu Thao gave birth to two beautiful children. She is usually secretive on social networks, so every time the queen shares about her small family, she receives great attention from fans.

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Dang Thu Thao revealed her large waist, suspected of being pregnant for the third time, a detail typical of pregnant women

An Nhi13:29:10 15/04/2024
Dang Thu Thao is one of the queens who lives a private life, rarely appearing in public. But when appearing at a recent event, Miss Vietnam 2012 made people pay special attention to her bulging waist and suspicion of being pregnant for the third time.

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"Billion-billion fairy" Dang Thu Thao shows off his angle, fans still regret breaking their guts because they refuse to "export"

Mẫn Nhi12:15:06 01/12/2023
Each time he appears, Dang Thu Thao makes fans wake up because his beauty after two births is still beautiful. The queen refused to compete internationally at the time of her coronation, so far many people regret her decision.

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Cao Thien Trang revealed her relationship with Dang Thu Thao for the first time, revealing a touching detail

Phi Đức18:30:50 29/11/2023
Cao Thien Trang and Dang Thu Thao have never appeared together before. So the fact that the two enjoyed cakes and drank tea together created a lot of surprises for the audience, everyone was curious about the relationship between the two beauties.

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Thuy Tien officially won the lawsuit, Dang Thu Thao's sister quietly went home and livestreamed to make one thing clear

Thảo Mai17:05:48 14/11/2023
On the afternoon of November 14, the People's Court of Ho Chi Minh City affirmed the first instance verdict on the loan contract dispute between the plaintiff, Ms. Dang Thuy Trang, and the defendant, Ms. Nguyen Thuc Thuy Tien (Miss World Peace 2021).

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Dang Thuy Trang implicitly reminded Thuy Tien: 'Live kindly first'

Juni Nguyễn19:57:21 08/11/2023
After the appeal trial of the 1.5 billion dispute between Dang Thuy Trang and Miss Thuy Tien ended, Dang Thu Thao's sister's side made hidden moves for the queen.

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HH Thuy Tien 'profoundly' quietly sued the person who spread the news of the case related to 'selling flowers' with 'pimps'

Yaya14:53:33 07/11/2023
In response to a series of information and images that are spreading rapidly on social networks claiming that Nguyen Thuc Thuy Tien is related to two pimps who shepherd the flower beauty of Vietnamese showbiz, the Thuy Tien side has made a harsh move.

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Miss Cosmo Vietnam 2023: "Copy" of Miss Dang Thu Thao registered, My Tran ran out of chances to win

Bình Minh19:06:04 05/10/2023
Miss Universe Vietnam 2023 has just received another very special name, the g.irl dubbed the clone Dang Thu Thao. Is her beauty really like a billion-billion fairy?

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Dang Thuy Trang continued to mock Thuy Tien and called out Emma Le's name before the Miss Universe VN final.

Pinky17:12:01 26/09/2023
Ms. Dang Thuy Trang - who is not at odds with Miss Thuy Tien - just made statements that smelled of contempt for the queen, and even dragged Miss Universe Vietnam 2023 contestant - Emma Le into it.

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Dang Thu Thao is beautiful in Korea, businessman husband writes poetry "flattering" his wife but reads it wrong

Quỳnh Quỳnh11:14:43 11/09/2023
A series of moments of Miss Dang Thu Thao in Korea recently made people wake up again by her radiant beauty. After many years of being crowned, Dang Thu Thao still affirmed the status of miss pageants.

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Miss Dang Thu Thao "no longer gentle": directly block antifan, secretly do 1 exception

Đình Thi07:33:19 24/08/2023
Dang Thu Thao - Miss Vietnam 2012. With her beautiful, gentle face, and friendly personality - the queen is favorably nicknamed by fans as the billion-billion fairy or the miss of the Miss in Vietnam.

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Dang Thuy Trang joined the side of athlete Kim Son, accusing Y Nhi of living at fault and receiving retribution before and after

Juni Nguyễn11:19:06 01/08/2023
The story doesn't just stop at Phuong Le and Kim Son, but recently, Dang Thu Thao's sister - Dang Thuy Trang made a funny contribution when she defended the b.oy from the national swimming team.

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Phuong Le was mocked as a 'small tam', kneeling to wash the feet of a rich husband while teaching the life of athlete Kim Son

Yaya10:21:34 01/08/2023
In the midst of more drama than losing a b.oy worthy of her children's age, Miss Hoa Binh Phuong Le was exposed by the online community to her past when she robbed her husband, knelt down to wash her husband's feet.

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Dang Thu Thao: 2 times "slapping cold water" on the international exam, just won the coronation with a noisy degree

Pinky07:27:01 01/06/2023
Miss Dang Thu Thao - who was dubbed the "billionaire fairy" of Vietnam, after more than a decade of being crowned Miss Vietnam and had a fulfilling life, but few people know that she used to have many problems before. noisy since having the noble title. Dang Thu Thao - Bac...

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Ms. Dang Thuy Trang made a strong statement after losing the lawsuit against Thuy Tien: Keep going, play to the end!

Minh Lợi17:40:00 31/05/2023
On the morning of May 31, the People's Court of Go Vap District, Ho Chi Minh City opened a trial for the civil case of a dispute over compensation for non-contractual damages (plaintiff is Ms. Nguyen Thuc Thuy Tien, defendant is Ms. Dang Thuy Trang) and a civil case of a...

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Published photos of Thuy Tien with "love and affection" with her sister Miss Dang Thu Thao, fans were surprised?

Phương Nam14:01:29 27/05/2023
Entangled in litigation for a long time, so the old relationship between Thuy Tien and Ms. Dang Thuy Trang is of public interest. Recently, when she was "digged" back to old photos, Ms. Trang made a move to rebuke the queen. Dang Thuy Trang - the sister of Miss Ocean Dang Thu...

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Huynh My "war of words" in defense of Thuy Tien, "slapped her face" Miss Dang Thu Thao's sister: Is the international competition yet?

Phương Nam11:14:41 12/05/2023
Recently, Miss Ocean's sister Dang Thu Thao - Ms. Dang Thuy Trang caused controversy when comparing the beauty of Thuy Tien with her sister. Immediately, Thuy Tien was defended by a large number of spectators and celebrities. In recent days, the lawsuit of Miss Thuy Tien and...

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Miss Dang Thu Thao's sister posted a "gloating" forum before the new development of Thuy Tien's case?

Chi Chu10:59:23 11/02/2023
Regarding the lawsuit between Thuy Tien and Ms. Thuy Trang, Lam Dong Department of Information and Communications, after considering and examining the decision not to handle Miss Thuy Tien's petition because of its lack of authority. Representative of Lam Dong Department of...

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Revealing evidence that Thao Nhi Le was not allowed to compete in Miss Universe, the Miss series made fans worry about education

Hoàng Phúc10:20:27 02/02/2023
After Ngoc Chau, Le Thao Nhi will be the next representative to participate in Miss Universe 2023. However, up to now, it is only "theory", and the reality of the runner-up's performance is still very high. vague. Recently, international fans have expressed concern that the...

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Duong Cam Lynh and the stars who used to be like queens now live hard, some people only have 100 thousand left in their pocket

Minh Lợi10:14:02 19/01/2023
From the life of thousands of people, many Vietnamese beauties have to stand up for themselves and cope with difficulties after divorcing their rich husband. In particular, Duong Cam Lynh's case is said to be the most pitiable because not only was she empty-handed after the...

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Thuy Tien told the past of being harassed, 1.5 billion creditors mocked: "Do not sympathize with scammers for PR"

Nam Phương16:56:08 17/12/2022
Although she did not directly call Thuy Tien's name, netizens discovered that Ms. Dang Thuy Trang cited many details aimed at Miss International Peace 2021. Including the fact that Thuy Tien and the son of singer Hoa Minzy once caused a stir. CDM. In a recent program, former...

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Miss Dang Thu Thao's sister "slaps her face" Thuy Tien "buys the prize" in the middle of the 1 year coronation anniversary?

N.P15:44:53 06/12/2022
As soon as Thuy Tien moved emotionally to post a photo to celebrate the 1st anniversary of her coronation as Miss Grand International 2021, Ms. Dang Thuy Trang immediately made a "slight reminder" with the implication of buying the prize. December 4th is the one-year anniversary...

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Miss Dang Thu Thao was shocked and convulsed when she saw her husband's photo with 'small tam', divorced with 100 thousand

Jennie11:15:59 03/12/2022
1 month before the divorce, Dang Thu Thao was shocked with the images of her husband with "tieu tam". "I was exhausted, fell down, had convulsions, foamed at the mouth and lost my breath. At that time, my ex-husband gave me CPR so I could breathe again and took me to the...

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Thuy Tien was harshly questioned by Dang Thuy Trang, outlining a series of details affecting the 1.5 billion lawsuit

Nam Phương15:30:42 24/11/2022
Ms. Dang Thuy Trang reflected on the authorities about the untrue statements of Miss Thuy Tien and CEO of Golden Lotus Company. The showwoman said that the Miss Grand 2021 side has navigated public opinion, seriously affecting her honor. After 7 years, the debt scandal between...

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