Cruz Beckham - David Beckham's son is a professional singer, Brooklyn is criticized for being incompetent

An NhiOct 07, 2022 at 10:57

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Out of four children, currently only Cruz Beckham pursues her mother's singing career. Accordingly, the b.oy is expected to make a story in the future and be as famous as Victoria Beckham.

According to the Daily Mail, Cruz Beckham - the third c.hild of the former British player - is determined to pursue the career of his mother, Victoria, a former member of the popular Spice Girls. Currently, Cruz is serious about work when studying and collaborating with famous singer Rita Ora.

According to Mirror's source, the 18-year-old is working with Swedish star Koda, promising a new album with different musical colors and personalities.

Cruz Beckham - David Beckham's son is a professional singer, Brooklyn is criticized for being incompetent - Photo 1

Cruz Beckham started composing and performing a complete song at the age of 12. He released the single If Everyday Was Christmas in 2016 and received rave reviews from Justin Bieber.

Earlier this year, son David Beckham revealed he collaborated with musician Poo Bear - the man behind the success of Justin Bieber's hit Where Are You Now. In April, Cruz signed a contract with Tap - Ellie Goulding's management company. The 18-year-old demonstrates his ability to compose music and perform a variety of instruments such as guitar, piano, drums and mandolin.

Cruz Beckham - David Beckham's son is a professional singer, Brooklyn is criticized for being incompetent - Photo 2

In August, Cruz Beckham performed in Miami with rock music. In addition to introducing herself as a singer, this is also a way for Cruz to pay tribute to her famous mother.

Recently, due to being busy with a new role, Cruz Beckham did not appear at Paris Fashion Week with her family to congratulate Victoria on the launch of a new fashion collection. This is a special event, marking the first reunion between Victoria Beckham and her daughter-in-law Nicola Peltz after months of facing disgruntled information.

Cruz Beckham - David Beckham's son is a professional singer, Brooklyn is criticized for being incompetent - Photo 3

At the end of the show, Victoria Beckham hugged her face and cried, unable to control her emotions when she stepped out to greet the audience. Paparazzi also recorded the moment when the Beck family reunited with the Brooklyn couple - Nicola Peltz after half a year since the wedding ceremony in the US.

Nicola smiled and chatted with her husband's family as if there was no conflict. The source of the Daily Mail revealed that the young couple also wished Victoria luck before the important show with "many hugs". Then the whole Beckham family enjoyed cocktails together.

The source shared, "There's a lot of smiles and love in the room. It's a lovely family atmosphere."

Talking about Brooklyn, while his brother Cruz was praised for his talent and was about to become a singer, Brooklyn continued to be criticized for his incompetence.

Since birth, Brooklyn has been a warm "golden spoon" because he stood right at the finish line. Brooklyn is supported by Beck's father and Vic's mother, so since birth, the press has been very interested. Until marriage, Brooklyn is still a character that many people notice. Especially his wife is Nicola Peltz - the daughter of a rich billionaire.

Cruz Beckham - David Beckham's son is a professional singer, Brooklyn is criticized for being incompetent - Photo 4

But, there are many people who have an unfriendly view for Brooklyn. Many viewers judged Brooklyn incompetent and useless. He doesn't have any outstanding features apart from being handsome. Brooklyn only knew how to rely on his parents when he was young and now relies on his wife to get attention.

In fact, Brooklyn used to go to photography school and have his own works, but the audience thinks that his photos are nothing special, unprofessional even ordinary people can take.

In early 2022, the Beckham family began to turn to cooking. He started a new show called Cookin' With Brooklyn to satisfy his passion for food and introduce dishes to the audience. But unexpectedly, Brooklyn received countless criticisms.

Cruz Beckham - David Beckham's son is a professional singer, Brooklyn is criticized for being incompetent - Photo 5

Accordingly, the audience thinks that Brooklyn has very ordinary cooking skills and lacks sophistication. It is known that the guy needs 62 experts to help him make a sandwich. People involved in the process include a food producer who approves recipes, five camera operators and nine producers. Some sources said that each episode of Brooklyn's show aired costs up to 100,000 USD (more than 2.2 billion VND).

Specifically, in the program, Brooklyn just spreads the sauce on the cake and then puts the ready-made ingredients on top. The young man did not know how to fry a piece of fish and did not know how long it would take for the fries to turn the best color. What he can do on the show is mention his famous parents and family.

Cruz Beckham - David Beckham's son is a professional singer, Brooklyn is criticized for being incompetent - Photo 6

Many reviewers Brooklyn really don't know what to do. He tried his hand at football, studied photography and now cooks. But it seems that the Beckham family is not good at anything. Many people think that Nicola is a bit of a guy because he constantly shows off his s.ex in events.

Cruz Beckham - David Beckham's son is a professional singer, Brooklyn is criticized for being incompetent - Photo 7

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