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The U60 grandmother in Binh Duong caused a fever with her physique like a g.irl in her twenties, every time she went to the street, her husband was afraid of losing

Tiểu Trúc14:30:57 05/12/2023
Ms. Tran Thi My, born in 1970, in Di An City, Binh Duong has a beautiful physique like a teenager with tight, smooth skin, few wrinkles. Whenever she goes out, she often chooses clothes that enhance her figure. If you look at it, few people think that this woman has been a grandmother for 5 years.

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The h.ot HR guy complained because he was too marshal, his standard demeanor made many people c.razy

Mai Trúc06:00:26 03/12/2023
Recently, Chinese social media is spreading a video of the recruitment session of a famous phone corporation. The character receiving the attention of netizens is an HR guy with a standard general demeanor that makes many people c.razy.

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Appeared a strange cave karaoke bar in Ha Giang causing social media fever, the truth is surprising?

Đào Thị15:41:51 01/12/2023
In recent days, social networks spread images of a unique cave karaoke bar in Ha Giang causing social media fever. Many people are curious to come to experience this place to both sing and immerse themselves in nature. However, the facts about this karaoke bar come as a surprise.

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Earn "huge" m.oney by cutting wedding photos for couples who have "died their separate ways"

Tiểu Trúc15:43:02 30/11/2023
Recently, special wedding photo shredding services for divorced couples are creating a craze. It is known that this special job was created by a businessman in China, helping him make a lot of m.oney.

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Is the trend of "growing roots" in bed among young people when they are tired of life? Is it more beneficial or harmful?

Mai Trúc13:31:13 29/11/2023
Recently, the trend of bed r.otting (roughly translated: lying in bed) is becoming a trend among young people today. This trend appeared when many people needed a physical and mental rest after a tiring period of life.

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The g.irl quit her office job after making a fortune by taking pictures of her feet 30 minutes a day

Tiểu Trúc14:40:02 28/11/2023
A woman attracted the attention of the online community for quitting her full-time 9am to 5pm job after earning a huge income by taking and selling photos of her feet.

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Promptly saved the life of a young man swept away by water from the banks of Long An River to Ho Chi Minh City

Tiểu Trúc10:38:46 28/11/2023
Recently, on November 27, Hiep Phuoc Border Guard Station (HCMC) successfully rescued a person calling for help in the river at Soai Rap 9 anchorage. It is known that this young man was swept away from the shore by water. Long An River to Ho Chi Minh City.

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Coin cheesecakes are officially "out of fashion", shops are massively closing and machines are being liquidated

Thanh Anh15:44:08 25/11/2023
Not long after its popularity, cheese coin cakes are now out of fashion. Young people are no longer excited about this snack. Many cheese coin bakery places have had to close and liquidate their machinery.

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The father gave a shocking speech about his "special" c.hild at the parents' meeting

Thanh Anh16:20:20 24/11/2023
During a parent-teacher meeting at an elementary school, the father of the worst-performing c.hild in the class was invited to speak, causing a strong stir, causing all the parents in the class to applaud.

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A 4-year-old Korean b.oy talks about the trauma caused by his parents, making everyone heartbroken

Tiểu Trúc15:44:42 23/11/2023
Recently, on social networks, an interview with a Korean b.oy has spread about his thoughts about his parents and the trauma he has experienced, making everyone heartbroken.

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Is the trend of young people freezing their eggs to avoid the pressure of getting married early? Is it a safe choice?

Thanh Thanh16:12:39 22/11/2023
Recently, many young girls tend to freeze their eggs because they want to focus on their career before finding a suitable partner. However, many people question whether this is a safe choice.

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The woman divorced her husband because she was "addicted" to running, and also put her daughter in a dangerous situation

Tiểu Trúc07:18:21 19/11/2023
Recently, a woman decided to divorce her husband because his addiction to jogging made her obsessed. He even pushed his daughter into dangerous situations just because of his passion.

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The bride was upset because "uninvited" guests were waiting to eat at the wedding

Thanh Anh16:31:53 17/11/2023
Angered to the point of tears by the uninvited guests' actions at the wedding, the bride posted an article on the social networking site expressing her frustration.

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The b.oy canceled the engagement because the bride's family offered the wedding price too high, took the m.oney to travel to 40 cities and ended

Thanh Thanh15:59:04 13/11/2023
The incident of a young man in China being challenged to marry 634 million VND so he decided to cancel the wedding and travel to 40 cities instead of getting married has attracted a lot of attention from the online community.

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