Zhou Qingxuan exposed everything after the wedding, hiding Guanghai for 3 years

Nguyễn KimApr 01, 2024 at 09:13

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After the wedding, Zhou Qingxuan had a long conversation about the things that had been hidden from Guanghai for many years. Her experiences made many people sympathize, pity and love her more.

In recent days, the wedding of midfielder Quang Hai and his wife Chu Thanh Huyen has become the focus of attention of a large number of netizens, especially football fans. The two welcomed a cast of famous guests to join in the fun such as coach Park Hang Seo, Doan Van Hau - Doan Hai My, players Do Duy Manh and Van Toan, singer Hoa Minzy ...

Zhou Qingxuan exposed everything after the wedding, hiding Guanghai for 3 years - Photo 1

As soon as the wedding was completed, Quang Hai's wife immediately posted a letter asking for "once to e.xpose everything" because she felt uncomfortable when she had to hide some things during the "dark side" to take care of the wedding.

Zhou Qingxuan exposed everything after the wedding, hiding Guanghai for 3 years - Photo 2

Earlier, Zhou Qingxuan's makeup team revealed that the bride was quite tired, although the wedding still met with unnecessary vision. This person said that although the marriage was tiring and there were many things happening from public opinion, Zhou Qingxuan still had to keep positive energy and smile brightly.

Zhou Qingxuan exposed everything after the wedding, hiding Guanghai for 3 years - Photo 3

Most notably, Zhou Qingxuan first revealed about the feeling of loving each other for 3 years of secrecy and the noise in the past, a time when there were continuous negative rumors on social media. Verbatim sharing of Quang Hai's wife:

Zhou Qingxuan exposed everything after the wedding, hiding Guanghai for 3 years - Photo 4

After so many days of restraint and concealment to take care of the marriage, I don't want to say anything. These are things I've wanted to keep hidden for so long. However, today I am done with my work, I would like to e.xpose everything once. Hiding these things, makes me extremely uncomfortable.

Do people understand how Huyen felt that day? The time when after the guests left, there were only brothers and sisters and close friends (the g.irl's family also returned). During the exchange, the MC asked many questions to the bride and groom. There were questions that made me finish listening, my heart felt like choking, I wanted to cry at that time.

During 3 years of love, being together, I understand where I am. Therefore, I always try very hard to work non-stop. Always try to improve yourself better. However, no matter how strong she is, she is still a g.irl, wanting to be loved, protected and protected.

Thank you, for bearing all my bad tempers.

Thank you, for always pampering and respecting every decision I make.

Thank you, for taking good care of me wherever I am. Every time I go anywhere, I meticulously pack my things, prepare you from personal items without missing anything.

Thank you, for being with me during the hardest times, when everyone didn't understand me. Then I'm still the one who BELIEVES you. I always taught you: Live as yourself, and the best will come.

I have always remembered all the memories of my 2 children: From the first day I confessed, the first day we met, the first places I dated,...


But brother, these are the things I've always wanted to hide. However, when the MC asked, who told all the secrets. You me off. But it's okay, I'm still HAPPY

Promise each other that we will live together until our teeth fall out and our hair turns gray. Promise me: I will always love you like the first day I did!"

Zhou Qingxuan exposed everything after the wedding, hiding Guanghai for 3 years - Photo 5

Nguyen Quang Hai (SN 1997) and Chu Thanh Huyen (SN 2000) before returning to the same house, both had 3 years of secret dating. Although he did not confirm the romance, Quang Hai still regularly brings his partner to attend important events or meet relatives and friends.

Zhou Qingxuan exposed everything after the wedding, hiding Guanghai for 3 years - Photo 6

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