Ex-husband Xu Xiyuan has a "self-destruct" phase, livestreaming in the middle of the night but r.evealing the mysterious woman in bed

Hoàng PhúcNov 25, 2022 at 13:48

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In recent days, Chinese-language social media has been abuzz with the denunciation between Xu Xiyuan and her ex-husband, businessman Wang Xiaofei. Despite her birth mother's protection day and night by attacking Xu Xiyuan, the actress's ex-husband acted "straight to the ground"!

Accordingly, recently, at about 1:30 am on November 25, Wang Xiaofei in a drunken state opened a live on Weibo. Notably, after a while, a woman reminded her ex-husband Dai S in bed, "You're here, you're here!" and then fell in love with Wang Xiaofei. A few minutes later, Wang Xiaofei turned off the live.

It seemed that the controversy with Great S was over, Wang Xiaofei would be silent, but the opposite happened. Earlier, model Zhang Dingding was said to have moved into the house of Wang Xiaofei and his ex-wife who used to live in Beijing. On her personal page, Truong Dinh Dinh shared a video of her working and living in the apartment, attracting many people's attention.

Ex-husband Xu Xiyuan has a self-destruct phase, livestreaming in the middle of the night but r.evealing the mysterious woman in bed - Photo 1

Ex-husband Xu Xiyuan has a self-destruct phase, livestreaming in the middle of the night but r.evealing the mysterious woman in bed - Photo 2

On November 23, Wang Xiaofei apologized to Xu Xiyuan and announced an end to the war of words with his ex-wife's family. "We are husband and wife. Yesterday I was a little impulsive. I don't want to cause more market. It all ends here. You and I stop hurting each other. Thank you. I won't say anything," Wang Xiaofei wrote on his personal page.

Earlier, businessman Wang Xiaofei invited reporters to witness the disposal of the mattress, claiming that the mattress burned down, all grudges against his ex-wife. According to Sinchew, many Taiwanese reporters came to film the handling of the mattress Xu Xiyuan returned to Wang Xiaofei on the evening of November 23. The mattress was climbed by many people to lie down, sit to test the smoothness, to see if it was worth the price of 2 million yuan or not. Hotel representatives said that this mattress is large-scale waste, the hotel cannot be recycled nor incinerated, so they asked a professional recycling company to destroy it.

Ex-husband Xu Xiyuan has a self-destruct phase, livestreaming in the middle of the night but r.evealing the mysterious woman in bed - Photo 3

According to Mrs. Zhang Lan, Wang Xiaofei's mother, the mattress was bought by Wang Xiaofei for his wife after trying many different mattress brands, helping her reduce back pain, back fatigue, be able to monitor sleep and know the state of physical function of the owner.

The destruction of the mattress caused noise on social media, causing Wang Xiaofei, Xu Xiyuan... to h.ot search. Viewers commented on the incident: "All because the mattress knew so much that it had to be destroyed."

Meanwhile, Taiwanese paparazzi Wang Ziqi on November 23 "added fuel to the fire" by saying that if Xu Xiyuan returned the mattress, Wang Xiaofei should also burn the sofa, because his sofa was currently bought by Xu Xiyuan, but he brought the g.irl back happily on it.

Ex-husband Xu Xiyuan has a self-destruct phase, livestreaming in the middle of the night but r.evealing the mysterious woman in bed - Photo 4

Xu Xiyuan insisted that she and her sister Xu Xiyuan did not use banned substances as alleged by her ex-husband. The actress said she complies with the law. Moreover, health, work, and public figures did not allow Xu Xiyuan and Xu Xixiu to get involved in vices.

Xu Xiyuan said he had never held the $5.6 million subsidy that Wang Xiaofei reported. According to the divorce agreement, she receives $ 32,000 a month from her ex-husband to compensate for the loss of health and mental health. Recently, the beauty "Meteor Garden" was reimbursed $ 6,400 by Wang Xiaofei for family expenses.

Ex-husband Xu Xiyuan has a self-destruct phase, livestreaming in the middle of the night but r.evealing the mysterious woman in bed - Photo 5

Xu Xiyuan said that he had never had an affair behind Wang Xiaofei's back. "Maintaining or cutting off a 10-year marriage is difficult. I myself didn't have the strength to have an affair. My marriage with Wang Xiaofei was not peaceful. So I chose to take the initiative to leave, to let go of the old thing," the actress said.

Sina Entertainment reported that many netizens discovered that in 2018, DJ Koo — Xu Xiyuan's new husband — had been to Taiwan. The Korean star posted two photos on Instagram in October 2018 with the status: "Heading to Taiwan, long time no see Taipei. See you tonight in Taichung first". (Come to Taiwan, haven't seen Taipei for a long time, see you tonight in Taichung first).

These images have caused a lot of controversy, leading a section of netizens to suspect DJ Koo came to Taiwan to meet Xu Xiyuan.

Ex-husband Xu Xiyuan has a self-destruct phase, livestreaming in the middle of the night but r.evealing the mysterious woman in bed - Photo 6

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