Gil Le revealed her new love and boldly released dating photos, making netizens stir

Phương ThảoMay 17, 2024 at 09:00

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After two love relationships with two famous female singers and actresses in Vietnamese showbiz, Gil Le has now revealed a new and quite interesting relationship that has made fans extremely excited and curious, competing to guess. .

On the evening of May 15, Gil Le suddenly posted a moment of happy smile, holding a strange hand tightly with the status line: "If you still smile, you will still be miserable, luckily you haven't smiled for so long" .

More notably, in this clip, Gil Le used extremely h.ot music on TikTok with lyrics for those in love: "Because I haven't been loved like that for a long time, haven't been expected like that..." .

Gil Le revealed her new love and boldly released dating photos, making netizens stir - Photo 1

Immediately, this move of Gil Le quickly received public attention. Many viewers wondered about the identity of the person Gil Le was holding hands with, as well as wondering if the female singer was dating.

However, Gil Le immediately explained: "The apartment security guard said he wouldn't let them park there, so he held his hand and begged." However, Gil Le's explanation still did not satisfy the curiosity of the online community. The search bar of the video on Tiktok suddenly appeared with the suggestion "Gil Le and new lover".

Gil Le revealed her new love and boldly released dating photos, making netizens stir - Photo 2

Gil Le once had many questions about dating a colleague but did not confirm it. Remember in 2014, Chi Pu and Gil Le were one of the close friends loved by many audiences. At that time, the two were stuck together like a shadow. Not to mention, the couple also freely posts intimate images. At a birthday party in 2015, Chi Pu also performed the song My everything as a hidden message to Gil Le.

Gil Le revealed her new love and boldly released dating photos, making netizens stir - Photo 3

However, since the beginning of 2018, the two were suddenly questioned about "going their separate ways". Specifically, this couple no longer appears together at events, and even stops interacting on social networks. During one encounter, Gil Le and Chi Pu also maintained an indifferent attitude towards each other, making the audience surprised. Now, both of them have their own lives and no longer talk about each other.

Not long after that, Gil Le continued to be rumored to be dating singer Hoang Thuy Linh. Many signs show that the two live in the same house and are a close couple.

Gil Le revealed her new love and boldly released dating photos, making netizens stir - Photo 4

However, recently, the two no longer appear together on social networks or at public events. Rumors of Hoang Thuy Linh and Gil Le breaking up continue to surface. After that, Hoang Thuy Linh was suspected of dating rapper Den Vau and had a secret engagement ceremony. However, neither of them spoke up to confirm or deny this information.

Gil Le revealed her new love and boldly released dating photos, making netizens stir - Photo 5

Gil Le once said that he did not want to talk about personal love affairs for fear of negative information affecting the relationships of those involved. Regarding his own love rumors, Gil Le emphasized that he will no longer accept those negativity. At the same time, Gil Le admits that he is sometimes childish but still always aims for good perspectives on life to grow and develop more day by day.

Gil Le revealed her new love and boldly released dating photos, making netizens stir - Photo 6

Gil Le also shared that after stepping out of a romantic relationship, Gil considered it a beautiful memory. Because for the female singer, thanks to that past, her life is richer and she is more mature. The voice of the person you love may not necessarily love you, confides: "When a relationship ends, both of us are hurt. Because we lose a habit, a companion, to share our emotions. part of our lives, when we lose it, everyone will be hurt."

Gil Le revealed her new love and boldly released dating photos, making netizens stir - Photo 7

Gil Le said in the past, when a relationship ended, Gil would lock himself in his room for a long time, making his family worried. More mature, the female singer chose to focus on work, giving herself time to contemplate. Talking about the idea of "blocking" an ex's personal page after a breakup, Gil Le frankly said: "Unless they do something very wrong, exceed the moral threshold or affect our family. And if we break up Because if it's not compatible, I don't think it's necessary."

Gil Le revealed her new love and boldly released dating photos, making netizens stir - Photo 8

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