Chang May: the new face of VFC, rumored to have broken up with his male idol boyfriend

Minh NgọcApr 15, 2024 at 16:10

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Actress Chang May's real name is Nguyen Quynh Trang, born in 2001. In addition to her acting career, Chang May also has a lovely love affair with the male doctor Quang Lam.

Quynh Trang has had a passion for art since childhood. In 9th grade, when she took guitar lessons and was praised by her teacher for her vocal ability, she decided to enter the Vocal Intermediate Department of Hanoi College of Arts.

This decision of hers was met with resistance from her family. However, with determination and desire to achieve her dream, Quynh Trang convinced her parents to accept that she would pursue art in parallel with cultural studies.

Chang May: the new face of VFC, rumored to have broken up with his male idol boyfriend - Photo 1

From now on, the 2001 hotgirl never dared to neglect her studies. During high school, Quynh Trang studied art in the morning and culture in the afternoon. She worked as a class vice president in the culture class and also took the exam for excellent students in literature. In culture class, Quynh Trang always gets a scholarship thanks to her good achievements.

Not only studying at school, she often sings in troupes or tea rooms and even records for VTV station. This young actress's dream is to become a professional singer like Huong Tram.

Chang May: the new face of VFC, rumored to have broken up with his male idol boyfriend - Photo 2

In 2019, when participating in the High School Graduation exam, Quynh Trang accidentally got noticed and was dubbed the "Hot g.irl of the exam season" when she appeared beautiful at the school gate.

After 1 night, the h.ot g.irl's personal page also increased the number of followers and fell in love with the profession. Thanks to her unexpected popularity, Quynh Trang was invited to participate in various sitcom projects. Perhaps that's why she became a new student majoring in Television Drama Acting at Hanoi University of Theater and Cinema.

Chang May: the new face of VFC, rumored to have broken up with his male idol boyfriend - Photo 3

Among the emerging rookies of the Vietnamese screen, Nguyen Quynh Trang's acting has been evaluated as quite natural, honest and full of potential. Not only that, she also attracts attention with her beautiful, clear beauty and confident, attractive smile.

Chang May: the new face of VFC, rumored to have broken up with his male idol boyfriend - Photo 4

From participating in small sitcoms, Quynh Trang gradually had the opportunity to appear in films with experienced actors such as Huong Vi Tinh Than, Mirror Mask. But it wasn't until "Ex-Husband, Ex-Wife, Ex-Lover" (aired in 2022) that the name Nguyen Quynh Trang received more attention.

Currently, Quynh Trang is a final-year student of the Theater Department - Hanoi University of Theater and Cinema. Being well-trained in acting, she performed quite well. Actress Quynh Trang's real-life beauty is not average, she was sought after by many fashion brands ever since she entered University. The beauty is predicted to be a potential generation of Gen Z actors to appear in popular movies of national television stations, becoming a beauty, following in the footsteps of seniors like Bao Thanh and Thu Quynh in Universe. VTV movies.

Chang May: the new face of VFC, rumored to have broken up with his male idol boyfriend - Photo 5

Quynh Trang said that the opportunity to act in "Ex-Husband, Ex-Wife, Ex-Lover" with famous actors such as La Thanh Huyen, Viet Anh, Van Dung,... is an opportunity for her to learn more experiences. experience and take new steps in his artistic journey.

Chang May: the new face of VFC, rumored to have broken up with his male idol boyfriend - Photo 6

After attracting attention in "Ex-husband, ex-wife, ex-lover", most recently, Quynh Trang returned to the screen and transformed into the role of Ngoc with strong personality - best friend of female lead Dieu Thao (Ngoc Huyen). in the VTV3 primetime movie "Father's Gift".

In the film, Ngoc is a female vocal school student with a straightforward and straightforward personality, always wanting to speak up to defend herself when there is a grievance. The character's situation is also difficult, so even though he is a student, he has to go to work early to have m.oney to make ends meet and take care of his family.

Since the first episodes aired, Quynh Trang has been praised by many viewers for her pretty and pure beauty. Not only that, participating in Father's Gift, playing a vocal student, Quynh Trang also has the opportunity to o.ff her real voice, not inferior to a professional singer.

Chang May: the new face of VFC, rumored to have broken up with his male idol boyfriend - Photo 7

Compared to her debut role as Mai Anh in "Ex-husband, ex-wife, ex-lover", Ngoc is a character with a completely different personality, in both appearance and personality. Because in the previous film, Quynh Trang had to embarrass herself to fully embody the character.

Currently, Chang May is a flower that has an owner. It is known that her boyfriend is a handsome young male doctor Tran Quang Lam (born 1995, Tuyen Quang). When they first started dating, the two often shared many moments together with romantic words for their girlfriends, making the FA community jealous. Even Quang Lam and his girlfriend did not hesitate to publicly lock lips, go to work together, etc. Both possess handsome and beautiful looks, both are commented by netizens as a good couple and are increasingly married. th.

Chang May: the new face of VFC, rumored to have broken up with his male idol boyfriend - Photo 8

However, until recently when Chang May posted a new clip on TikTok, many netizens "spotted" unusual signs in their relationship. Accordingly, Chang May zoomed in on his attractive visual but sang along to the song "Cry One More Time" with the status: "Hi don't cry". In addition, netizens also noticed that recently, the beauty born in 2001 often posted sad status lines, implying love affairs.

Chang May: the new face of VFC, rumored to have broken up with his male idol boyfriend - Photo 9

As for the handsome male doctor, the online community also saw that he had hidden the clips with his girlfriend on social media platforms. In addition, Quang Lam's Instagram currently does not follow anyone. The last photo he posted with Chang May was also from the end of 2023.

Chang May: the new face of VFC, rumored to have broken up with his male idol boyfriend - Photo 10

Many people expressed questions and concerns about the couple's relationship. Many people chose to ask insiders directly under the clips, but the couple has not yet spoken about this.

Chang May: the new face of VFC, rumored to have broken up with his male idol boyfriend - Photo 11

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