Hang Du Muc's father responded to his Chinese son-in-law, revealing his daughter's situation

Hoàng PhúcJun 25, 2024 at 12:27

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Recently, the marriage story of Hang Du Muc (Nguyen Thai Hang, born in 1995) and her husband attracted attention from the online community. Currently, everyone is extremely worried about the female tiktoker.

Facing the concern of netizens, her biological father spoke up, revealing his daughter's condition.

Specifically, responding to fans' comments, Mr. H. (Hang Du Muc's father) said his daughter is fine and is being protected by the law. "Please rest assured, children. The police will protect you. Thank you," Mr. H. wrote.

Hang Du Mucs father responded to his Chinese son-in-law, revealing his daughters situation - Photo 1

Previously, when learning that Hang Du Muc had been touched by her husband's hands and feet, many people in the livestream and content creation world such as Quang Linh Vlogs, Long Chun, Thien Nhan,... also spoke up.

Hang Du Mucs father responded to his Chinese son-in-law, revealing his daughters situation - Photo 2

Most recently, Tran Tuan Duong - 9 years younger husband of "rich lady" Lucie Nguyen (Nguyen Phuong Dung, born in 1989) also posted a status confiding about this matter. According to him, women have sacrificed a lot of things for their husbands, so if the husband "can't pamper them, please don't torment them". In addition, Tuan Duong also recounted personal experiences from his family.

Hang Du Mucs father responded to his Chinese son-in-law, revealing his daughters situation - Photo 3

Original text shared by Tuan Duong:

"After Ms. Hang's story, I feel so sorry for her.

I mean, I don't understand why there are men who influence their wives to stay by their side. There was a time when I was very angry with my father because in the past he accidentally behaved inappropriately with my mother, let alone the physical impact, I would probably be angry with him for the rest of my life. But my father also regretted it very much and apologized to my mother, saying that she would regret it for the rest of her life. And I swore to myself that I would never touch hands or feet with the woman next to me, because they have sacrificed so many things for me. If you can't pamper them, please don't torment them!".

Hang Du Mucs father responded to his Chinese son-in-law, revealing his daughters situation - Photo 4

At the bottom of the post, many people left comments agreeing with Tuan Duong. But one of the opinions most mentioned by netizens is the advice that Tuan Duong should focus on his own life before talking about other people's affairs.

The reason for this opinion is because recently the marriage of Tuan Duong - Lucie Nguyen was also discussed. When participating in a talk show with her husband, Lucie was said to openly despise Tuan Duong, implying that her young husband entered marriage empty-handed. She said: "My husband has nothing. Before that, my husband had nothing. I have nothing, but my husband has nothing. Now it is common property and cannot have anything separately."

Hang Du Mucs father responded to his Chinese son-in-law, revealing his daughters situation - Photo 5

Lucie Nguyen also revealed that she has her own house, while Tuan Duong currently does not have a house. The house that the couple just bought in March 2024 is for Nami - their first daughter and is continuing to work to buy another house for the b.aby who is about to be born. Finally thinking about buying a house for Tuan Duong.

Lucie Nguyen's shares have received many mixed opinions. Most opinions affirm that the "rich woman" is not skillful and does not save her husband's face. No matter how easy-going Tuan Duong is, he will feel sad when his wife tries to deny such efforts. Some people even went to Tuan Duong's personal page to ask to "rescue" him.

Hang Du Mucs father responded to his Chinese son-in-law, revealing his daughters situation - Photo 6

Lucie Nguyen and Tuan Duong do not have anything to say about this noise. Instead, the couple still works together, goes shopping and takes care of each other.

"Forever in love with only you, always loving only you" - Tuan Duong posted a sweet photo with his wife and quoted lyrics from the song Don't make my heart hurt. In the latest video, he shows actions to take care of Lucie such as worrying about his wife on the flight, squeezing her legs when she gets cramps from walking a lot,...

For her part, Lucie Nguyen posted a photo of herself buying a house in Korea and wrote: "Husband and wife have each other. Let's try together to take care of our two children."

Hang Du Mucs father responded to his Chinese son-in-law, revealing his daughters situation - Photo 7

Lucie Nguyen and Tran Tuan Duong are one of the couples loved by netizens. The two are both a typical example of love from a dating show as well as a "sister, I love you" love with a 9-year age difference.

Currently, Tuan Duong and Lucie Nguyen have their first b.aby, Nami, and are preparing to welcome their b.aby dragon. However, the couple has not officially gotten married yet, just proposed and proposed. In March 2024, the couple revealed on livestream that they had not yet registered their marriage because of paperwork problems.

Hang Du Mucs father responded to his Chinese son-in-law, revealing his daughters situation - Photo 8

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