Arrest And Detain Mrs. Phuong Hang

Topic: Arrest And Detain Mrs. Phuong Hang

NB Han Ni declared that she did not want to push Ms. Phuong Hang "to the dead end" but still chased after her

Nam Phương17:08:58 26/04/2022
Journalist Han Ni advised supporters to look at Phuong Hang's example before it was too late. Among the characters who are aggressive with Phuong Hang, journalist Han Ni is the one who is "taken care of" the most by the female giant. Claiming that the "steel rose" was fabricated...

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H.OT: Clip of Mrs. Phuong Hang crying, loudly challenging before being detained: "I challenge it, do it"

Nam Phương15:32:35 25/03/2022
I think I'm being pressured even though I've done a lot of meaningful work for the community. Phuong Hang burst into tears on the livestream. On the evening of March 24, Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hang was officially prosecuted by the Ho Chi Minh City Police Department, prosecuted the...

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