Bao Thy was panicked by her son's unstable condition, becoming more and more unusual, struggling wildly

Thanh PhúcNov 27, 2023 at 16:51

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Singer Bao Thy made people worried when she shared about her motherhood story. Worried and insecure about her son's strange phenomena, increasingly unusual, changing mood. Netizens were simultaneously upset with the mother of 1 c.hild.

Bao Thy is a female singer who has long been no longer a strange face to music lovers, especially audiences of the 9x generation. As a vocalist specializing in Teen Pop music, she caused a storm and quickly became a youth phenomenon after w.inning Miss Audition 2006. Entering showbiz since that time, Bao Thy soon followed. soon left many indelible marks in the hearts of the public.

Bao Thy was panicked by her sons unstable condition, becoming more and more unusual, struggling wildly - Photo 1

She is one of the female singers considered to have the largest and strongest fan base at that time. The name Bao Thy quickly became an A-list star. Up to now, after many years of struggling in showbiz, although she has gradually retired and is less active than before, Bao Thy is still always active. is a face that maintains a certain hotness, always the center of attention every time she appears in public.

Bao Thy was panicked by her sons unstable condition, becoming more and more unusual, struggling wildly - Photo 2

She is also the owner of a series of hits that have caused waves across digital music platforms, such as: House of Roses, B.aby Don't Turn Heel, Being a G.irl Must Be Beautiful,... Especially Among them, it is impossible not to mention the song Bubble Princess , this can be considered the hit of a lifetime for the female singer, and is also the name associated with the present time of Bao Thy.

Bao Thy was panicked by her sons unstable condition, becoming more and more unusual, struggling wildly - Photo 3

Currently, even though she has retired to take care of her small family, when Bao Thy got married with businessman Phan Linh, they had a handsome b.aby boy together. However, the name Bao Thy still receives special affection from fans every time it is mentioned. Recently, the female singer made people feel worried when she suddenly shared about her son's story.

Bao Thy was panicked by her sons unstable condition, becoming more and more unusual, struggling wildly - Photo 4

She said this wild son often tosses and turns, is lazy to drink milk and acts differently than usual. Accordingly, the female singer wrote: "There is a truth: when she was tiny, I thought she was 1 year old and strong. Mom focused on working again. After a few days of illness, teething, her c.hild's wonder week.. Mom saw that you were still tiny. Then Mom thought, let's wait until you're 2 years old! And now that you're 2 years old, I don't know how happy, sad, or angry you are with your girlfriend in class (I made up this part for fun). ) When I came home, I completely stopped eating and even became lazy. I toss and turn at night, kicking and p.unching all kinds of things, sometimes even kicking my mother in the face. I just realized: don't set any milestones! Whatever you can do, just take advantage of it. But it depends on your c.hild's growing up journey, mom!".

Bao Thy was panicked by her sons unstable condition, becoming more and more unusual, struggling wildly - Photo 5

Bao Thy's post made people worried, but it can be seen that the female singer is still quite positive, understanding that it is just an inherent change in her son's growing up journey.

Bao Thy was panicked by her sons unstable condition, becoming more and more unusual, struggling wildly - Photo 6

Bao Thy married businessman Phan Linh on November 15, 2019. After getting married, she limited her appearances at events and retired to become the woman of the family. She once opened up about her love for her husband and revealed that they met each other at a party and that their love grew thanks to the nurturing and support from their family. In 2019, tycoon Phan Linh arranged a trip for Bao Thy's family to the Maldives. Here, he proposed to her with the blessings of his relatives.

Bao Thy was panicked by her sons unstable condition, becoming more and more unusual, struggling wildly - Photo 7

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