Bao Thy's son showed special abilities, surpassing his peers

Thiên DiMay 17, 2024 at 16:24

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Bao Thy and his wife's married life has attracted more and more attention since giving birth. Recently, everyone was in awe of the c.hild's outstanding intelligence and constantly complimented the singer's parenting style.

Bao Thy has always been one of the singers who is interested and loved by the public. In recent years, she is no longer actively participating in artistic activities, focusing on enjoying family life and taking care of her small home.

Bao Thys son showed special abilities, surpassing his peers - Photo 1

Recently, on his personal Instagram page, Bao Thy posted a clip showing off his son focusing on studying. Even though he's just over 2 years old, the kid has already caused a stir because of his intelligence. Accordingly, the b.oy has mastered writing his name clearly. Not only that, when he was read the numbers to write, the b.oy also knew how to write numbers, surprising many people.

Bao Thys son showed special abilities, surpassing his peers - Photo 2

Through that, Bao Thy also proudly shared: "Thy's 2 and a half year old brother already knows how to write." Through that, many people also praised the kid for being so talented even though he was young. Not only that, netizens also admired Bao Thy's parenting style.

Bao Thys son showed special abilities, surpassing his peers - Photo 3

Previously, even though he was not yet two years old, Bao Thy's son still made the female singer unable to hide her happiness when talking about her ability to recognize letters and numbers. In the posted video, Bao Thy asked her son to get numbers or letters according to her words. What surprised netizens was that even though he was only nearly two years old, the singer's c.hild knew almost all the letters and numbers and most of them gave their mother the correct answers.

Bao Thys son showed special abilities, surpassing his peers - Photo 4

After watching the video above, most of the audience gave many compliments to Bao Thy's son. When receiving these comments, the female singer said that boys can recognize more things: "I still remember vehicles, fruits, animals and streets, guys."

In 2019, when she was at the peak of her career, Bao Thy suddenly announced that she would follow him to the palace with male businessman Phan Linh. The female singer temporarily put aside her artistic glory and focused on nurturing her small home. After more than 5 years of being in the same house, many viewers commented that she still maintains her beautiful, youthful beauty like when she was a g.irl.

Bao Thys son showed special abilities, surpassing his peers - Photo 5

Since giving birth to her son at the end of 2021, Bao Thy has temporarily put aside her artistic career to focus on taking care of her son and raising a small family. She always tries to create many experiences when she is with her son, especially the singer and her husband, when they have free time, actively take their children to explore many new lands in the first years of their lives.

Bao Thys son showed special abilities, surpassing his peers - Photo 6

Possessing a large amount of assets combined with being married to a tycoon, Bao Thy's life of prosperity and fullness is obvious and unquestionable. The singer's son, also known as the "rich kid", was born at the finish line and was cared for and raised by her and her husband in very good conditions.

Previously, the mother of one c.hild was also very willing to spend m.oney when choosing to buy things for her c.hild. Bao Thy's son was bought by his mother for a stroller for more than 50 million. She also bought a teddy bear imported from Korea for 2.5 million to ensure quality and safety for the b.aby's skin.

Bao Thys son showed special abilities, surpassing his peers - Photo 7

Bao Thys son showed special abilities, surpassing his peers - Photo 8

When her b.aby started weaning, the voice of Bubble Princess chose to buy a set of weaning dishes and bowls worth more than 2.3 million. She spent more than 3.6 million VND to buy just the seat for her c.hild. This shows that the female singer is very dedicated and takes care of her first son, wanting to give him the best things in her family's conditions.

Bao Thys son showed special abilities, surpassing his peers - Photo 9

According to the female singer, her husband almost always met her wishes and aspirations. Thanks to her solid "rear" support, the female singer decided to return to the music race and release products for her fans. In addition, she also accepted to perform at a number of events and stages organized by acquaintances.

Bao Thys son showed special abilities, surpassing his peers - Photo 10

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