Told Him To R.eveal His Daughter

Topic: Told Him To R.eveal His Daughter

Rumored boyfriend publicly did something for Bao Anh's c.hild, has he revealed himself as a father?

Đức Trí14:44:46 28/05/2024
Bao Anh's rumored boyfriend was recently discovered by people acting strangely, for the first time when Bao Anh showed off a photo of his daughter at 5 days old. His move made people think that this family was about to r.eveal themselves and make their feelings public.

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The biological mother said the reason Bao Anh "broke the plan" and announced her daughter earlier than planned

Phi Yến13:38:06 26/04/2024
After Bao Anh revealed her daughter's appearance on social networks, the singer's biological mother also seemed very excited and excited to o.ff her b.aby to everyone. Recently, she also revealed the reason her daughter announced the b.aby to everyone.

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Bao Anh announced his daughter, Quoc Truong immediately made strange moves, what is the truth?

Phi Yến21:40:27 24/04/2024
In recent hours, people have been stirred up by the incident of Bao Anh publicly announcing his first daughter but not r.evealing the identity of the c.hild's father. Netizens also quickly discovered that Quoc Truong had an attention-grabbing post.

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