Baifern Pimchanok – Nine Naphat Confirmed to Be Dating

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Baifern Pimchanok is a cult actress of the Thai entertainment industry, successful with various works.

Baifern's standard appearance is also a factor that helps Baifern become more and more loved by the audience. At the age of 30, she has overcome past scandals, leading a fulfilling life.

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Thai movie fans are abuzz with the news that Baifern Pimchanok and Nine Naphat are dating. In one show, the MC accidentally revealed the relationship between Baifern and Nine when mentioning these 2 characters and actor Win Metawin. He said: "Win is also my son. Nine is the eldest son. So how can you ship your son to your sister-in-law." After learning that he had missed his words, the male MC said, "It's better for you two to speak for yourself."

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On its official Twitter page, CH8 reported that the news team has found out and confirmed that the Flying Leaf star is dating her best friend Nine Naphat. Both have just ended their "friendzone" status. This news immediately caused a stir among fans, who also enthusiastically supported Baifern and Nine.

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Baifern Pimchanok was born in 1992, debuted with his acting debut in 2009. Then, in 2010, she successfully made her mark with the Thai box office fever film A, Little Thing Called Love (First Love) with actor Mario Maurer. Possessing a clear beauty like a goddess, the actress was quickly sought after by brands and magazines.

Nine Naphat was born in 1996 and is noted for his mother, actress and 2nd runner-up in Miss Thailand 1988 Pimpaka Siangsomboon. Possessing a handsome appearance and outstanding height, the guy entered showbiz as a photo model and was noticed by filmmakers. In 2016, Nine had his debut leading role and gradually gained popularity.

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The film Friendzone marks the first collaboration between Baifern and Nine. The extreme appearance and sweet "chemistry" in the film have helped the two gain a large number of fans. Thanks to the huge effect from the film, many producers have sent invitations for the two to reunite. They continued to collaborate on the TV series The Yellow Rope. Through 2 times of charm in both movies and television, the "CP effect" became stronger, the relationship between the two stars became closer and it seemed that the affection was also growing.

Having acted in 2 works, it is not difficult to catch the sweet moments of the couple. Besides, they also participate in many activities and events, so no wonder the media constantly illuminates a series of gestures, affectionate actions, caring for each other many times, storming the fan community. In response to dating rumors, both Baifern and Nine denied, claiming to be close friends. Despite that, fans still hold on to their faith and harbor hope that the 2 Friendzone actors will go public with their romance soon.

After marking Nine and Baifern's reunion in 2021. There have been new strides between the two stars in their already close relationship. In the face of dating rumors, the sisters with a 4-year age difference no longer flatly deny it, instead often keep quiet or answer vaguely. In addition, Baifern and Nine frequently make suspicious moves that lead many to believe that they have crossed the friendship level.

In an interview with Thai media on July 26 this year, when asked if he and Baifern were dating, Nine did not deny it, but simply replied: "Wait until you finish building the house." According to the actor, he is currently building 1 new house, which is expected to be completed early next year. In an interview in late 2020, Nine shared that Baifern is his ideal type, he also caused a stir among fans by saying: "Happy to collaborate for the second time with 'my heroine'".

Baifern also caused a fever when he made a move to mark sovereignty with his "screen boyfriend". It is known that in the movie Nine there is a kissing scene with a woman. After the actor completed the scene, Baifern shared a picture of himself and Nine together, writing, "Going to marry someone else looks so fun."

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