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Bach Loc "carried" Truong Lang Hach too much and immediately received the bitter result of being turned away by Vuong Hac De's fans.

Hướng Dương07:06:37 10/11/2023
Currently, Bach Loc is a rare flower g.irl with two film projects airing at the same time; In the historical set she collaborated with rumored boyfriend Truong Lang Hach and in the modern set she was paired with handsome man Vuong Hac De.

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Bai Lu was criticized for "plastering" all the brands on his b.ody as usual, and he suddenly shouted Yang Mu's name

Hoa Tuyết10:36:42 07/11/2023
Di Ai Wei, starring Bai Loc and Wang He, has just aired, and immediately entered the h.ot search platforms. Another film by the 29-year-old actress is also coming to audiences.

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Bach Loc decided to love Vuong Hac De to the end but was prevented by Duong Duong's rumored love

Nguyễn Thị Ngọc Tuyết 11:18:38 31/07/2023
Besides the information that Bach Loc continued to hold hands with Vuong Hac De in the movie Tu Cam, recently there were rumors that the actress was about to lose an important role to Vuong So Nhien's junior.

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Bach Loc and Vuong Hac De are intimate in a crowded place, predicting that the day to return home is not far away

Hướng Dương11:23:36 28/07/2023
Recently, Bach Loc and Vuong Hac De caused a fever in the online community because of the couple's sweet gestures for each other in a crowded place. Many fans are excited to predict that the date of the two actors' return home is not far away.

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Bach Loc was caught alive the scene of "catching fish with two hands" two lovers, Thai Tu Khon to the edge?

N.P14:25:57 16/12/2022
Bach Loc recently became the focus of the media when appearing as a queen at the event. In it, a series of "two lovers" photos of the actress were released and created a lot of controversy. Recently, Bach Loc attended the event of GQ magazine. This is an event that brings...

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Wang Hei was "caught alive" kissing Bai Lu on the street, angry fans rushed to attack, shocking reaction?

N.P13:17:21 23/11/2022
While kissing Bai Lu on the street, Wang Hei was suddenly caught by a c.razy fan and rushed in to attack. This person shouted loudly as he rushed into the actor s lap, Wang Hexi s reaction then attracted a lot of attention. Teasing with the participation of two famous young...

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