Mr. Tu oddly balled at the event after an emotional rift with Dieu Nhi, the fans shed light on an anomaly?

Nguyễn TuyếtAug 23, 2023 at 15:58

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Recently, actor Anh Tu attracted attention when appearing with a strange appearance on the red carpet to premiere Kieu Minh Tuan's film "The Anonymous", after a romantic problem with Dieu Nhi.

Last night 22/8, actor Anh Tu was revealed for the first time after getting into a series of noisy emotional rifts with his wife Dieu Nhi. Appearing on the red carpet of the premiere of his brother's film "The Anonymous One", the actor made people fall in love with his handsome appearance. The striking red suit and lightly dyed hairstyle further enhance the extreme beauty of the guy at the event.

Mr. Tu oddly balled at the event after an emotional rift with Dieu Nhi, the fans shed light on an anomaly? - Photo 1

It is not difficult to notice, Mr. Tu still maintains a cheerful state, with his usual humorous way of talking. Besides, he also joked with Qiao Minh Tuan in the presence of the people. The two brothers had lovely interactions that attracted the attention of everyone present.

The previous emotional rift didn't seem to affect the actor at all. This also makes many fans extremely happy and hopes Anh Tu - Dieu Nhi will always be happy and happy together. Currently, people are looking forward to seeing more of the couple's adorable "listening" performances.

Mr. Tu oddly balled at the event after an emotional rift with Dieu Nhi, the fans shed light on an anomaly? - Photo 2

In addition to Anh Tu, the red carpet launch of "The Anonymous" also had the participation of many famous stars such as Truong Giang, Tien Luat - Thu Trang, Lan Ngoc, Truong Quynh Anh...

Not long ago, Anh Tu and Dieu Nhi suddenly became entangled in a noisy emotional rift after marriage. First the girls posted a series of subtexts, then the boys were suspected of "listening" to strange girls. Facing the noise of public opinion, Mr. Tu officially denied all rumors: "This is completely fabricated information, deliberately affecting the image."

Dieu Nhi's husband also added that the two are secretive in their personal affairs and absolutely never use marriage to promote their names. After the wedding, Tu and Dieu Nhi reminded each other to ignore all rumors and work hard.

Mr. Tu oddly balled at the event after an emotional rift with Dieu Nhi, the fans shed light on an anomaly? - Photo 3

"But at the moment, it seems that the more silence you keep, the more rumours, the more constant and the more false the story becomes. That is why I would like to answer only once about the bad rumors surrounding personal and marriage issues," Mr. Tu said.

Dieu Nhi later also spoke out to affirm that her posts are simply saving beautiful and meaningful sentences. She also tacitly proved that her marriage is still salty by posting a photo comparing her husband's hairstyle to that of kimchi actor Jo Byung Gyu in The Art of Hunting Demons and Cooking Noodles. Not only that, Dieu Nhi also had praise when fans scrutinized this detail: "Whoever finds out first please let the b.aby receive 1 bow".

Mr. Tu oddly balled at the event after an emotional rift with Dieu Nhi, the fans shed light on an anomaly? - Photo 4

Previously, Mr. Tu also revealed that Dieu Nhi often forced him to change his hairstyle immediately and always when he liked a character in a Korean movie. This is also the "vice" of the actress that makes her husband speak out.

It is known that Anh Tu met Dieu Nhi when the two acted together at the Youth World stage. Before registering their marriage in August 2022, they kept their relationship private for 7 years but repeatedly showed signs of dating in reality TV shows. At the time of publicity, Anh Tu - Dieu Nhi's love story was loved and supported by the audience. It was reported that the two had a b.aby in 2021 but Dieu Nhi refused to answer. After that, the two held three weddings in Phan Thiet (Binh Thuan), Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi respectively in October 2022.

Mr. Tu oddly balled at the event after an emotional rift with Dieu Nhi, the fans shed light on an anomaly? - Photo 5

In particular, the wedding taking place in Phan Thiet is said to be a big event of the entertainment industry, with the participation of a cast of famous Vietnamese showbiz artists. Here, the actress promised to still marry Brother Tu if there was an afterlife, causing him and many guests to burst into tears.

She confided in her partner: "I've never denied you anything. M.oney to work he voluntarily gives. No matter what's important in life or career, I ask for your opinion. Most importantly, I'm with you all the time... If there is a next life, I still want to be your wife, your parents' c.hild, your parents' daughter-in-law because your family is so wonderful for me."

Mr. Tu oddly balled at the event after an emotional rift with Dieu Nhi, the fans shed light on an anomaly? - Photo 6

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