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Tammy Pham choked up on livestream amid suspected rift with B Ray, implicitly blaming heartless boyfriend?

Gia Linh15:06:51 05/09/2023
Whether it was during their time or recently the couple Tammy Pham and rapper B Ray got into the question of their path, every move of both of them was paid special attention by the online community.

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Mr. Tu oddly balled at the event after an emotional rift with Dieu Nhi, the fans shed light on an anomaly?

Nguyễn Tuyết15:58:14 23/08/2023
Recently, actor Anh Tu attracted attention when appearing with a strange appearance on the red carpet to premiere Kieu Minh Tuan's film Anonymous, after a romantic problem with Dieu Nhi.

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It turned out that this was the reason why Brother Tu - Dieu Nhi became entangled in rumors of an emotional rift!

Gia Linh15:53:11 18/08/2023
The beautiful love story of Anh Tu - Dieu Nhi this time seems to be disturbed by the status lines that the actress posted with the meaning of limbo, fans of the couple have found the source of this reluctant story.

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Dieu Nhi officially spoke out about the rumors of a rift with Brother Tu, answering how did the people stir?

An Nhi17:35:32 14/08/2023
Revolving around rumors of a romantic rift between Dieu Nhi and Anh Tu, recently, the actress has spoken out about this issue. However, the answer once again left the audience unhappy.

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Thuy Tien makes new move regarding Nawat, 's.mashing' suspicion of emotional rift

Tuyết Ngọc20:20:03 10/08/2023
Amid the suspicion of a rift in the relationship with Mr. Nawat, being sidelined after noisily removing the title of Miss Grand International 2021, Thuy Tien's recent move caught people's attention.

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Loc Fuho announced his s.hock when he was suspected of getting married

Hoàng Anh20:01:06 02/11/2022
It seems that the emotional rift between Loc Fuho and his wife was resolved too easily, quickly making the audience feel unsatisfied in the drama. The good relationship of Loc Fuho and his wife often received many compliments when the two were together since the early days were...

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Victoria removed the tattoo of David Beckham's name, suspected of emotional rift

Hoàng Anh12:57:34 15/10/2022
After the initial tattoo of Victoria's husband David Beckham's name appeared very faint in many recent photos, speculations about the status of the couple's more than 20 years of marriage have surfaced, but the former member The Spice G.irl group cleared up all the rumors right...

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Luu Khai Uy is stuck, has no movie to play, has to ask Duong Mich for help

Nắng15:22:16 18/08/2022
In 2012, Duong Mich and Luu Khai Uy made their relationship public. After 2 years of dating, their official marriage announcement caused a stir on social networks. When they were dating, Duong Mich was a star that was noticed with the movie "Gourmet of the Pearl". However, when...

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