Angelina Jolie surpassed Brad Pitt and received great news after her children dropped their father's surname

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The image of Angelina Jolie and her daughter Vivienne appearing on the Tony Awards red carpet has attracted public attention in recent days. If Vivienne stands out with her tomboyish style, Angelina Jolie attracts attention with her new tattoo on her b.ody.

On the evening of June 16, Angelina Jolie went on stage at the 77th Tony Awards with her daughter to receive the a.ward for Outstanding Musical. The play The Outsiders is produced by an actress, Vivienne takes on the role of assistant for the play. On stage, Angelina Jolie could not hide her emotions. The actress almost cried, while her daughter expressed happiness.

Angelina Jolie surpassed Brad Pitt and received great news after her children dropped their fathers surname - Photo 1

After the awards ceremony, Angelina Jolie shared: "Society is changing, but the basic values like those in The Outsiders always exist. For young people, they will not be wrong to think it is unfair. We have the right find your own path".

Angelina Jolie surpassed Brad Pitt and received great news after her children dropped their fathers surname - Photo 2

The Outsiders received 12 nominations and won four awards, including Best Musical Direction, Lighting Design and Sound Design. The work is adapted from the 1967 novel by SE Hinton, about the f.ight for survival and search for purpose in life of American teenagers in the 1970s. The story was made into a movie in 1983 with the acting of Tom Cruise. Rob Lowe...

This is the first time Angelina has taken on the role of producing a Broadway musical and excellently won the a.ward. With this victory, the 49-year-old star has won two major awards in the EGOT system - the four highest awards of the American entertainment industry including Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony. In 2000, she won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her role in the movie G.irl Interrupted.

Angelina Jolie surpassed Brad Pitt and received great news after her children dropped their fathers surname - Photo 3

If the Emmy is an a.ward for television, the Grammy is for music and the Oscar is for the 7th art subject, then the Tony is the most prestigious a.ward for the musical world. Therefore, the fashion party on the red carpet is also treated to gorgeous outfits from top stars. Each star has a unique color that reflects their personal style.

Previously, the media reported that Angelina Jolie appeared gorgeous when attending the red carpet of the prestigious Tony Awards. At the event, the 49-year-old star wore a turquoise Atelier Versace velvet dress with a V-shaped hem that highlighted her new chest tattoo. Instyle commented that the tattoo is in a bold position but with delicate lines: a lovely sparrow flying high with outstretched wings.

Angelina Jolie surpassed Brad Pitt and received great news after her children dropped their fathers surname - Photo 4

Angelina Jolie has not yet revealed the meaning of her new tattoo. Meanwhile, some fans on X (Twitter) pointed out that the swallow is a symbol of freedom, loyalty, love and hope.

Vivienne, Jolie's youngest daughter, accompanied her mother to the event in a slightly menswear outfit. This is the first time Vivienne alone accompanies her mother on the red carpet without her siblings. She seemed a bit shy and shaky, but still waved to the crowd with her mother before entering the theater.

Angelina Jolie surpassed Brad Pitt and received great news after her children dropped their fathers surname - Photo 5

Recently, her 15-year-old daughter showed support for Jolie in her lawsuit with Brad Pitt. She also omitted her father's last name in the musical's introduction. The incident caused a stir in public opinion, but to date, Vivienne has not mentioned it again.

Vivienne decided to drop her father's last name after her sister Zahara made the same choice. After Vivienne, Shiloh also asked to remove her father's last name, but the move was stronger. She sent a petition to the court to give herself another official name, no longer Shiloh Pitt but changed to Shiloh Jolie.

Angelina Jolie surpassed Brad Pitt and received great news after her children dropped their fathers surname - Photo 6

Vivienne was born in 2008 in the city of Nice (France), with a twin brother, Knox Léon, and a biological sister, Shiloh, 17 years old. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt also have adopted children including Maddox, 22 years old, Pax Thien, 20 years old, and Zahara, 19 years old. People said Vivienne leads a private life, studying at home with her siblings and tutors.

Angelina Jolie surpassed Brad Pitt and received great news after her children dropped their fathers surname - Photo 7

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