Pax Thien accused of "disaster" causing the collapse of Brad Pitt's family - Angelina Jolie

Bút BiJun 10, 2024 at 13:51

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Page Six commented that the upcoming Father's Day (June 16) will come and go for Brad Pitt - and it is possible that the actor will no longer receive any news from his 6 children. Although Brad Pitt won the upper hand in property division lawsuits, Angelina Jolie was the winner in the family war. Up to 5 out of 6 children have moved to leave the Pitt surname.

"Father's Day" is a dark keyword for Brad Pitt, when his son Pax Thien openly opposes it. On Father's Day in 2020, Brad Pitt should have received wishes, but ended up receiving Pax Thien's bitter words: "Happy Father's Day. Time and time again, he just proved himself to be a bad and despicable father."

Pax Thien accused of disaster causing the collapse of Brad Pitts family - Angelina Jolie - Photo 1

Pax Thien also said that he sympathizes with his brothers, always trembling every time he faces his father: "You will never understand the hurt you have caused to your family. He was incapable of understanding. He turned the lives of his dearest people into hell. You can tell yourself and the world anything, but the truth will come to light one day."

Pax Thien accused of disaster causing the collapse of Brad Pitts family - Angelina Jolie - Photo 2

Brad Pitt's close source "sued" Angelina Jolie: "It's extremely uncomfortable. She uses the children as weapons against Brad. She separated them from him. There is 1 common pattern. Whenever he wins a lawsuit in court, she responds with something related to the children."

Pax Thien accused of disaster causing the collapse of Brad Pitts family - Angelina Jolie - Photo 3

Brad Pitt won a 50-50 custody agreement with Angelina Jolie, which was privately signed in 2021 but was canceled later that year. Just a few weeks ago, the couple's former bodyguard Tony Webb accused Angelina Jolie of encouraging her children to stay away from their father during visits. Currently, only twins Knox - Vivienne are the only minor children, so they are forced to follow the agreement to visit Brad Pitt.

Pax Thien accused of disaster causing the collapse of Brad Pitts family - Angelina Jolie - Photo 4

Currently, 5 out of 6 children have moved to leave the Pitt surname, only the youngest son Knox has not made any moves or statements about his father. Although Shiloh paid for the cost of hiring a lawyer to leave his father's surname, people close to him complained to Page Six, accusing Angelina Jolie of instigating her son: "Everyone should draw their own conclusions about who is really behind everything. What good is it for children to be separated from their fathers? She directed, orchestrated everything to cause maximum pain to Brad, without caring about its long-term damage to the family."

Pax Thien accused of disaster causing the collapse of Brad Pitts family - Angelina Jolie - Photo 5

Angelina Jolie filed for divorce from Brad Pitt in September 2016, after experiencing a violent flight from Nice (France) to the United States. The actress accused her husband and many other children as they were trying to protect their mother. Angelina Jolie also testified that Brad Pitt poured alcohol on her and her children.

Although not convicted, Brad Pitt admitted that his behavior on the plane was wrong and tried to correct himself. The actor spent 1 and a half years detoxing. However, another source revealed that Brad Pitt never really apologized for what happened on the flight.

Pax Thien accused of disaster causing the collapse of Brad Pitts family - Angelina Jolie - Photo 6

After the divorce, Angelina Jolie limited her acting activities, mainly spending time with her children and choosing a single life. In an interview with WSJ Magazine in December 2023, the actress said the lawsuit with her ex-husband affected her physical and mental health. Currently, Angelina Jolie focuses on managing her personal fashion company Atelier Jolie, which she founded in May 2023.

Pax Thien accused of disaster causing the collapse of Brad Pitts family - Angelina Jolie - Photo 7

Brad Pitt is currently dating jewelry designer Ines de Ramon, who is 29 years younger than him. According to ET, in February, the actor and his lover moved in together at his home. An acquaintance of the actor said that he was very serious about this relationship.

Pax Thien accused of disaster causing the collapse of Brad Pitts family - Angelina Jolie - Photo 8

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