Angelina Jolie reveals her thin hand on the street, admits she is not a perfect mother

Duyên TrầnNov 03, 2021 at 10:22

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Recently, Angelina Jolie was seen happily h.anging out with her children in Rome, Italy.

In the photo, the actress curls her hair gently, wearing an elegant evening coat to the street. The "mother of six children" carefully wore a mask during the time when the epidemic was still complicated. However, many people think that Angelina Jolie has become much thinner than before when r.evealing clearly sinewy hands.

Angelina Jolie reveals her thin hand on the street, admits she is not a perfect mother - Photo 1

In a rare interview with People magazine, Angelina Jolie shared about her life with her children and affirmed, she is not a perfect mother. The actress said, "I'm not a perfect parent. Every day, I feel more aware of what I've done wrong." "I'm a very strict person. I often think: 'Am I doing this right? Is what I said true?". Fortunately, the love of my children healed me."

Angelina Jolie also admitted that: "I have quite a few children and I feel that they influence each other. Personally, I am very honest with my children."

A few days ago, Angelina Jolie and her 5 children were present at the launch event of the blockbuster Eternals (Vietnamese title: Immortal race) with her acting, taking place in Los Angeles (USA).

Eternals: The Immortal Race is probably the most anticipated and anticipated blockbuster of the Marvel family in 2021. Not only gathers a huge star cast including Angelina Jolie, Kit Harington, Gemma Chan, Kumail Nanjiani..., Eternals is also directed by director Chloe Zhao - who has just won an Oscar for the excellent film Nomadland. Therefore, fans are looking forward to a novelty that this director will bring to the Marvel blockbuster.

Unfortunately, Eternals is receiving a lot of negative feedback from the world press. The score of this film on Rotten Tomatoes dropped to a worrying level, even reaching the "rotten tomato" level at times. Here are 4 minus points of the world press writing about Eternals' script that made the film heavily criticized:

First: The way Marvel tries to "cover up" the existence of the Eternals is completely unconvincing, sounds like "child trick"

The Eternals members are said to be more powerful than the Avengers. They possess terrible power, have existed for thousands of years, always watching over mankind. To explain why the Eternals never appeared to help everyone when Thanos wiped out half of the universe or the catastrophes of genocide, terror, etc., Marvel made a statement: The Eternals will showed up face-to-face with the Deviants - terrifying demons that no one had ever heard of before. For the rest, the Eternals will not interfere with human disasters.

After half the universe is resurrected (thanks to Iron Man), the Deviants have a chance to reappear. This caused the Eternals to gather and once again join hands to stop them. This is probably the most "boring" motive ever that Marvel can think of. Even major newspapers expressed disbelief, not convinced by Marvel's explanation.

Angelina Jolie reveals her thin hand on the street, admits she is not a perfect mother - Photo 2

Second: The content is lengthy, too many characters saturate the already psychologically heavy plot

Eternals is responsible for introducing to the audience a large main cast, namely up to 10 superheroes. Therefore, the film's content is also spread out too much, especially with director Chloe Zhao's filmmaking style, making everything become an unending "reformed play". The blockbuster Eternals has a duration of 2h37 minutes - and also the longest 2h37 minutes I have ever sat in a theater.

Third: The scale is terrible, but it is criticized as a "travel guide", taking the audience around everywhere is too tired

With the content revolving around characters who have lived for thousands of years on Earth, director Chloe Zhao has used abundant funding from Marvel to take audiences to countless times and places in world history. However, it also means that the content of the film becomes too spread, and no special effects can cover up the fatigue that some viewers have experienced making the film boring. No emotion, greatness, or earthly beauty can obscure this truth.

Wednesday: Director Chloe Zhao's signature bleak colors and lighting wash away the inherent radiance of Marvel

The films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have always been known for their bright, hopeful, and positivity. However, this element was lost in Eternals. In return, the audience receives the faint color - even with a gloomy touch - that is characteristic of director Chloe Zhao.

The gloomy color of Eternals is far from Marvel's previous blockbusters, making the audience bored. Besides the awkward layout and difficult ending, Eternals is boring. Dominated by shades of gray and brown, the natural light that director Chloe Zhao wanted to use washed away everything and every character that followed it. Only Angelina Jolie - in a white suit and with the most beautiful face on the planet - can avoid the moodiness of the film.

Angelina Jolie reveals her thin hand on the street, admits she is not a perfect mother - Photo 3

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