Angelababy - Zhang Jiayi follows in Lisa's footsteps who were "blocked" for being at the C.razy Horse Club Paris

Tuyết NgọcNov 02, 2023 at 14:11

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The public was abuzz with the news that Angelababy and Zhang's social media accounts were unable to speak. Many speculate both are being banned from underground airwaves.

According to Sohu, on the evening of November 1, the Weibo accounts of ex-wife Huynh Xiaoming and beauty Yanxi Gongsheng suddenly appeared with the status: "This user is currently banned for violating relevant laws and regulations." That means the two actresses can no longer share posts or interact on the platform.

Angelababy - Zhang Jiayi follows in Lisas footsteps who were blocked for being at the C.razy Horse Club Paris - Photo 1

The Chinese couple's Douyin account (Chinese version of TikTok) also fell into a state of "freezing" for the same reason. The above information quickly became a h.ot topic of discussion by millions of people. The two allegedly committed illegal acts, for going to see Lisa ( BLACKPINK) perform striptease at the C.razy Horse Club Paris (France).

The same source said that the fact that two 8X Chinese beauties were banned from speaking on social media is considered a prelude to the lockdown action from the authorities of the most populous country on the planet. As of the morning of November 2, Angelababy-Zhang Jiayi and related parties have not responded to the ban on social media platforms in China.

Angelababy - Zhang Jiayi follows in Lisas footsteps who were blocked for being at the C.razy Horse Club Paris - Photo 2

It is known that Angelababy is one of the 3 rare female artists in China, with a personal page follower reaching over 100 million. She is famous for participating in the show Keep Running and is the ex-wife of actor Huynh Xiao Minh.

Meanwhile, Zhang has only about 10 million followers on Weibo. However, banning speech on personal pages is considered a dangerous signal for the careers of both of them, not just Yanxi Gongji.

Since watching the youngest Hei Huong perform in France at the end of September, the two little flowers rarely appear in front of the media, and artistic activities such as newspaper photography and entertainment shows have been postponed. They were criticized for acting contrary to fine customs and customs, which were prohibited by national law.

Angelababy - Zhang Jiayi follows in Lisas footsteps who were blocked for being at the C.razy Horse Club Paris - Photo 3

In the past 1 month, since the scandal related to Lisa's "showing flesh" show exploded, Angelababy and Zhang Jiayi's personal pages have continuously shown unusual signs, such as being restricted from chatting privately or banning fans from following,...

Previously, ex-wife Huynh Xiao Minh and C.razy Horse Paris account denied rumors that she came to see the show. And Zhang Jianyi always remained silent. However, many netizens saw evidence that the two were indeed present at Lisa's sensitive concert on French soil.

Angelababy - Zhang Jiayi follows in Lisas footsteps who were blocked for being at the C.razy Horse Club Paris - Photo 4

The Chinese public thinks that the act of the Chinese-language couple defying public opinion to see C.razy Horse is unacceptable, as well as indirectly promoting this sensitive place to the public back home. Even many fans announced a boycott and called for a ban on both airwaves.

Not only Angelababy and Zhang Jiayi, on November 1, China's art administration also decided to delete Lisa's Weibo account. Although the BLACKPINK member was very popular in this country before.

The idol born in 1997 also worked as a dance coach for two h.ot idol selection shows, "Thanh Xuan Has Friends". When searching for the account of the youngest Heixiang, Weibo showed the result: "The account is currently unavailable due to complaints of violations of the law and terms related to the Weibo Community Regulations."

Angelababy - Zhang Jiayi follows in Lisas footsteps who were blocked for being at the C.razy Horse Club Paris - Photo 5

Notably, the banning of vocalist Lalisa can greatly affect BLACKPINK's album sales. Not stopping there, after the news that the youngest Heixiang was "blocked" by China, the Weibo accounts of the two brands Bulgari and Celine also hid posts related to her.

Angelababy, born in 1989, is a famous Hong Kong model. Viewers rated her as a "moving vase" on the screen when she had a stagnant performance in films such as: Ms. Fang Immortal, Van Trung Ca, My Real Friend,... However, Little Flower 85 is also considered a beauty with outstanding fashion style, never being inferior when walking on the red carpet of the event.

Angelababy - Zhang Jiayi follows in Lisas footsteps who were blocked for being at the C.razy Horse Club Paris - Photo 6

Zhang Jiayi is 36 years old, graduated in Performance from Beijing Film Academy. Just stepping into the entertainment industry, the beauty was chosen as Quynh Dao's muse in the movie "Tan One Glimpse of Dreaming". With her good looks, the actress has always been a bright spot in the works she participates in, even if only in supporting roles.

Angelababy - Zhang Jiayi follows in Lisas footsteps who were blocked for being at the C.razy Horse Club Paris - Photo 7

Zhang Jianyi was once hailed as "the most beautiful beauty in Yanxi Gongji". She has also appeared in the films: Tan Hoan Chau Cach Way, Palace of Radiant Chau Liem, Knight of Travellers, Love of the City, Thien Gu Quyet Tran,...

Angelababy - Zhang Jiayi follows in Lisas footsteps who were blocked for being at the C.razy Horse Club Paris - Photo 8

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