Angelababy "struggles" because of Lisa, but Pham Bang Bang is the most miserable person, "blocking the door" to return to showbiz

Uyển ĐìnhNov 26, 2023 at 15:12

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The scandal of going to see Lisa's show at the C.razy Horse club (France) dealt a heavy blow to Angelababy's reputation and career. However, in Cbiz, Pham Bang Bang is the female star who suffered the most severe consequences because of her shocking scandal.

Pham Bang Bang can be said to be one of the most influential names in Chinese showbiz, but the big star's career can be said to have officially ended after a shocking tax evasion scandal. Since being investigated tax evasion in 2018, Pham Bang Bang's entertainment activities seemed to "freeze". Her chances of returning to the entertainment industry are increasingly difficult.

Angelababy struggles because of Lisa, but Pham Bang Bang is the most miserable person, blocking the door to return to showbiz - Photo 1

Remember at that time, news related to Pham Bang Bang's tax evasion scandal appeared densely on large and small newspapers. Accordingly, the actress and the company she is the legal representative for have evaded 134 million yuan (469 billion VND) in taxes. The source said that according to current Chinese law, Fan Bingbing must pay back the outstanding tax amount and pay a fine, so the exact total amount she must pay is 884 million yuan (nearly 3,100,000 yuan). billions dong).

Besides the fine, the entertainment queen's career has been seriously affected. The actress is not allowed to appear in any film or television work, and is even banned from acting in commercials.

Angelababy struggles because of Lisa, but Pham Bang Bang is the most miserable person, blocking the door to return to showbiz - Photo 2

After 5 years at the age of 40, the career of the "entertainment queen" can truly be called "frozen" forever. The beauty did not receive movie invitations, movies featuring her were also edited or postponed, and brands refused to work with China's once "entertainment queen".

When the scandal subsided, in addition to reappearing in fashion magazines from 2020, she also began attending events. However, most of these events are small and the position of the Pham lady is no longer as favored as before. Unable to attend major events and no longer receive movie invitations, Pham Bang Bang was forced to find a new direction, focusing on the cosmetics business and operating a beauty salon.

Angelababy struggles because of Lisa, but Pham Bang Bang is the most miserable person, blocking the door to return to showbiz - Photo 3

Even when the female artist's name bombards the international entertainment market. From the beginning of 2023 until now, Pham Bang Bang has appeared explosively at the Oscars, Cannes Film Festival, Berlin Film Festival or world-famous fashion weeks. However, she is still "drunk" in her home market.

In China, public opinion still strongly boycotts Pham Bang Bang. The cultural management agency did not give the actress a chance to return. In the newspaper, it is difficult to find any public article about Pham Bang Bang. Some sources said that Pham Bang Bang is on the "black list" of artists to be permanently banned in China, along with Ngo Diec Pham, Trinh Sang, Truong Triet Han...

Angelababy struggles because of Lisa, but Pham Bang Bang is the most miserable person, blocking the door to return to showbiz - Photo 4

Pham Bang Bang herself also shared about the horror of having her career suspended : "In the past 5 years, I have hardly acted in films. This is painful because I am very passionate about cinema and want to act all my life." "However, there are some things I have to face. When I fall into a deep hole, I need to persevere and gradually climb up even though it's not easy," the actress confided.

The most recent project Fan Bingbing starred in was Luc Da , produced by Hong Kong (China). She showed her determination to return to the screen when she boldly tried to act in a gay scene with actress Lee Joo Young. However, the work is still not interested by mainland Chinese audiences.

Angelababy struggles because of Lisa, but Pham Bang Bang is the most miserable person, blocking the door to return to showbiz - Photo 5

Therefore, according to QQ, it is unclear how long Angelababy will be banned from broadcasting, but looking at Pham Bang Bang's case, many experts say that the end of the underground punishment does not mean that the Hong Kong (Chinese) celebrity can freely roam in showbiz like before. It will take Huynh Hieu Minh's ex-wife at least a few years, or even longer, to rebuild her image and strengthen public sentiment before she can gradually regain her position.

Angelababy struggles because of Lisa, but Pham Bang Bang is the most miserable person, blocking the door to return to showbiz - Photo 6

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