U50's Pham Bang Bang reveals her unattractive bare face: Where is the Top 1 Chinese beauty?

Đông NguyênFeb 27, 2024 at 13:46

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Once a stunning beauty in the Chinese entertainment industry, Pham Bang Bang at the age of 50 made many people surprised and shocked when she suddenly revealed her beauty through a regular camera.

During her years working in the entertainment industry, Pham Bang Bang was always called the "Red Carpet Queen", because every time she appeared at events she stood out with her stunning appearance and charisma. Luxurious, well-invested and splendid costumes. Even Pham Bang Bang has been voted Top 1 beauty in the Chinese entertainment industry many times by newspapers, magazines and audiences.

However, recently, actress "Vo Tac Thien" surprised many netizens when she revealed her beauty through a regular camera and showed many signs of serious "degradation".

Specifically, in the photos that have not been processed by software for editing and taken close-up, Pham Bang Bang surprises with her dark appearance and skin with many freckles. Not to mention, the actress's appearance became lifeless and her hair was untidy.

U50s Pham Bang Bang reveals her unattractive bare face: Where is the Top 1 Chinese beauty? - Photo 1

This photo quickly became a topic of discussion on social networking sites, with many opinions expressing surprise and regret at the once memorable beauty of the famous Chinese actress. It can be seen that time is a very c.ruel thing to women, of course Pham Bang Bang cannot be outside the laws of nature. At the age of 50, the actress no longer retains her youthful features like when she was in her twenties, but in return, she is now increasingly beautiful, something that only women her age can have.

U50s Pham Bang Bang reveals her unattractive bare face: Where is the Top 1 Chinese beauty? - Photo 2

When the shabby, deteriorating images of Pham Bang Bang spread on social networks, a few viewers keenly recognized that the man posing with her was Liam Neeson - Hollywood's top actor.

Immediately, many viewers guessed that the two were just promoting a new film project in Japan. As for the image of Pham Bang Bang losing her color, r.evealing many signs of aging, it could just be a character design for an upcoming film project.

Faced with speculations from public opinion, the beauty born in 1981 also spoke to reassure the audience, r.evealing that this is her image in a new film project. Below the actress's post, fans left many comments praising her for not being afraid to "sacrifice" for her role, and for being willing to refresh her image instead of just playing a beautiful, gorgeous role like previous projects.

U50s Pham Bang Bang reveals her unattractive bare face: Where is the Top 1 Chinese beauty? - Photo 3

Remember in 2018, while at the peak of her career, being the second most sought-after star in the Chinese entertainment industry, Pham Bang Bang was suddenly caught up in a tax evasion scandal. The incident resulted in her being fined and collecting 883 million yuan ($128 million). The actress later had to write a handwritten letter to apologize to the audience, but public opinion was still angry.

Pham Bang Bang's career was seriously affected. The actress was not invited to act in films or participate in artistic events. A series of brands dropped her from advertising contracts.

U50s Pham Bang Bang reveals her unattractive bare face: Where is the Top 1 Chinese beauty? - Photo 4

After the scandal, Pham Bang Bang lived a closed life, rarely met people and no longer kept much contact with colleagues. She focuses on business and spends time on volunteer activities. She switched to making m.oney by selling beauty products on digital platforms or international business cooperation.

Since 2020, when public opinion gradually calmed down, Pham Bang Bang participated in magazine photo shoots and art events. However, these are all small events and projects, not worthy of her previous reputation.

U50s Pham Bang Bang reveals her unattractive bare face: Where is the Top 1 Chinese beauty? - Photo 5

No longer receiving invitations to act in domestic films, Pham Bang Bang went abroad to look for acting opportunities. Therefore, the actress decided to shift her artistic activities to the Hong Kong and Japanese markets, in addition to appearing in Hollywood movies. However, the projects she participated in did not resonate. However, fans still look forward to the future when Pham Bang Bang will regain her former glory.

U50s Pham Bang Bang reveals her unattractive bare face: Where is the Top 1 Chinese beauty? - Photo 6

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