Angelababy was removed from Running Brothers, staff found a new destination after being "banned"

Bình MinhNov 15, 2023 at 08:03

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People discovered that Angelababy was not on the list of players in the latest season of " Running Brothers". Even more surprising is that her staff left her and the super luxury villa had to be sold.

According to Sinchew, Huynh Hieu Minh's ex-wife joined "Running Brothers" since 2014 and has been a familiar member for many years. Therefore, the fact that the actress is not on the list of players for the new season causes a lot of discussion. This is said to be the consequence she suffered after going to see Lisa's (BLACKPINK) show at the Crazy Horse club in France.

Angelababy was removed from Running Brothers, staff found a new destination after being banned - Photo 1

Not only that, some other sources said that Angelababy's image in the entertainment show "Heard It's Delicious" season 3 was also photoshopped. All information related to the little flower g.irl born in 1989 is limited.

Also according to this source, from November 1, Angelababy's Weibo, Douyin, and Toutiao social network accounts were all "muted" or banned from being followed. The visitor receives the message "User has been banned for violating relevant regulations of the Douyin Community Self-Discipline Convention".

Angelababy was removed from Running Brothers, staff found a new destination after being banned - Photo 2

Sohu newspaper commented that although the entertainment industry believes that Angelababy will be banned from broadcasting for 3 months, many experts say this punishment does not mean that the ban will end. It even takes artists several years to settle things down before they can gradually regain their position.

Most recently, Sina reported that Huynh Hieu Minh's ex-wife's staff has stopped working and the actress's representative is also looking for a new job. From this incident, many opinions say that, without the management team and staff, the upcoming situation of the "German hybrid rose" will be even more difficult.

Angelababy was removed from Running Brothers, staff found a new destination after being banned - Photo 3

Previously, Ettoday reported that Angelababy sold a super luxury villa worth 500 million yuan (1.65 trillion) in Beijing. The fact that the little flower g.irl sold her house in the context of being secretly "assassinated" has raised many speculations. Many people expressed their opinion that because of the shutdown, she suffered heavy financial losses, leading to her having to sell her house.

Sina commented that in the past, female lead Van Trung Ca constantly interacted with CEOs of high-end brands, so she thought that coming to C.razy Horse would help create sympathy with them and advance in the high-end fashion industry.

Angelababy was removed from Running Brothers, staff found a new destination after being banned - Photo 4

However, Angelababy did not expect that this action could cause big trouble for her career. Huynh Hieu Minh's ex-wife underestimated the risks and fluctuations in the Chinese entertainment industry, thinking her position was high enough above normal rules.

This same source said that the above incident is an unexpected lesson for Angelababy, as well as a warning for other famous artists. On their career path, celebrities need to be careful in everything to avoid paying a high price for temporary decisions.

Angelababy was removed from Running Brothers, staff found a new destination after being banned - Photo 5

Angelababy debuted in Hong Kong as a model at the age of 14. She also attracted a lot of attention from fan communities in Japan, Korea and Hong Kong. By 2014, the actress participated in the Chinese variety show - Running Brothers and reached the peak of her career. After marrying Huang Xiaoming, she ranked 14th on the Forbes Chinese Celebrity List in 2019.

Angelababy was removed from Running Brothers, staff found a new destination after being banned - Photo 6

"The German Hybrid Rose" also acted in many movies such as: The First Time, Dich Nhan Kiet, Miss Phuong Bat Tu Thuong, Bride of the War and recently Will I Still Love You Tomorrow, Desire Chi Thanh, Tran Charm, Love Shape... After divorcing her husband in 2022, she focused almost full-time on developing her career.

It is known that "Running Brothers" (Let's run fast, brothers!) is a reality entertainment program of Hangzhou - Zhejiang TV station, purchased the copyright from the station's reality entertainment program "Running Man". SBS in Korea.

Angelababy was removed from Running Brothers, staff found a new destination after being banned - Photo 7

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