Runner-up Huyen My: Once "lost" to Ky Duyen, many times she got into trouble with love

Châu AnhMay 25, 2024 at 14:47

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Huyen My became famous after becoming Vietnam's runner-up in 2014. She is also active in showbiz activities in many fields from being an MC, acting, modeling... On the other hand, Huyen My is still entangled in a lot of noise. Her personal life makes her name often discussed

Huyen My's full name is Nguyen Tran Huyen My, who won the 1st runner-up position of the Miss Vietnam contest in 2014. With a height of 1m74, measurements of 83 - 62 - 93, and a lovely, exuding face. With her elegant appearance, Huyen My received much favor from the public after participating in the Miss Vietnam contest in 2014.

Runner-up Huyen My: Once lost to Ky Duyen, many times she got into trouble with love - Photo 1

At the age of 14, Huyen My began entering the modeling industry. Under the guidance of supermodel Ha Vy, the beauty born in 1995 quickly became a professional model. With 5 years of experience in the modeling profession, plus the ability to behave well, Huyen My quickly scored points in the hearts of the audience and attracted a large number of fans after participating in the 2014 Miss beauty contest.

Runner-up Huyen My: Once lost to Ky Duyen, many times she got into trouble with love - Photo 2

Huyen My was born into a wealthy family, her father worked at the German Academy of Hanoi University of Science and Technology, and her mother owned a beauty salon. Her family also lived in Germany for a time.

As for Huyen My, she stepped onto the catwalk at the age of 14 and chose to follow the path of professional modeling. Thanks to her outstanding height of 1m74 and beautiful face, Huyen My soon made an impression in the fashion industry and was taken by the company to China to participate in the 2011 Asian Super Model contest. As a result, the beauty won the prize. "The model with the most photogenic face".

Runner-up Huyen My: Once lost to Ky Duyen, many times she got into trouble with love - Photo 3

After that, Huyen My participated in the Trang An Beauty contest and won 3rd place and the additional prize "Impressive performing beauty".

In 2014, Huyen My registered to participate in the Miss Vietnam 2014 contest. Right from the first rounds, the beauty born in 1995 attracted attention when she excelled in both beauty, talent and fluent behavior. . Although she was predicted to be a bright candidate for the title of Miss, the crown at that time belonged to Nguyen Cao Ky Duyen. Huyen My left as 1st runner-up.

Runner-up Huyen My: Once lost to Ky Duyen, many times she got into trouble with love - Photo 4

Some time later, Huyen My was sent to compete in Miss Grand International 2017 and reached the Top 10 finals. After finishing the battle, the beauty returned to complete her studies and participate in charity projects, attend events, take photos...

In 2018, Huyen My became an actress with her first Malaysian-produced film, called Bridge in the Clouds. In the movie, despite being paired with famous actor Nay Toe, the runner-up still did not make any special impression.

In 2020, runner-up Huyen My became the only Vietnamese to be nominated for the 100 most beautiful faces in the world 2020, standing with a series of famous names such as Hyun Bin, BLACKPINK... This news caused a stir on social networks for a while. , bringing the name of the Hanoi-born runner back to attention.

Runner-up Huyen My: Once lost to Ky Duyen, many times she got into trouble with love - Photo 5

In recent years, Huyen My is no longer active in showbiz but has turned to business, becoming an MC leading many major events and sports commentary programs. In August 2021, Huyen My officially became a television editor and is in charge of the weekly sports program My Club.

Runner-up Huyen My: Once lost to Ky Duyen, many times she got into trouble with love - Photo 6

Regarding her personal life, Huyen My's rumored boyfriends are all rich and famous young masters of Hanoi, few can match her.

Nguyen The Anh

In 2015, after w.inning the title of 1st runner-up at the Miss Vietnam 2014 contest, Huyen My was suspected of having an affair with Andy Ku (Nguyen The Anh). He is a famous young master in Hanoi. At that time, this guy was still an international student in the US but possessed a glorious fortune and family background.

Nguyen The Anh is the only son of businessman Dang Thanh Hang, one of the famous female tycoons in the beauty industry in Vietnam. She is also one of the beauty advisors of the Miss Vietnam contest where Huyen My won the runner-up position.

Runner-up Huyen My: Once lost to Ky Duyen, many times she got into trouble with love - Photo 7

Jackson Tran

In May 2017, runner-up Huyen My suddenly became the center of attention when her TH account accused her of "flirting" with her best friend's lover. This person said that after seeing the messages going back and forth between her boyfriend and her best friend, she texted Huyen My to subtly remind her that that man was her lover. However, Huyen My still keeps in contact with this person's boyfriend.

Before the series of messages released by the TH g.irl, netizens on one side "stoned" Huyen My fiercely because they thought the messages were above the level of friendship. On the contrary, others said that there was not enough evidence to accuse Huyen My of flirting with the guy.

Accordingly, information about the young master in the story was tracked down. That is Tran Son (Jackson Tran) born in 1997. He is a young master of a large confectionery corporation in Vietnam. During Hoang Hai's fashion show in Hanoi, Tran Son spent 6,500 USD to own the evening dress that Huyen My wore.

Runner-up Huyen My: Once lost to Ky Duyen, many times she got into trouble with love - Photo 8

To protect her honor, Huyen My authorized her own lawyer to intervene to clarify the incident. Immediately after the lawyer's intervention, the case took an unexpected turn. Facebook owner TH edited all related statuses after receiving papers from runner-up Huyen My's lawyer.

Duong Bao Hung

At the end of 2017, Huyen My made netizens quite surprised when rumors spread between her and Duong Bao Hung - a famous young master in Hanoi and younger brother of editor Ngoc Trinh. Most notably, Bao Hung is the ex-lover of runner-up Tu Anh, Huyen My's former best friend.

Bao Hung was discovered in Phu Quoc to support Huyen My in the "Miss Grand International 2017" contest and there is a lot of evidence that the two are maintaining a quite close relationship with each other.

Runner-up Huyen My: Once lost to Ky Duyen, many times she got into trouble with love - Photo 9

Like many other showbiz beauties, Huyen My has been involved in many love rumors but she has never admitted it.

After 10 years of being crowned runner-up, Huyen My is considered more and more beautiful and attractive. Occasionally the beauty still appears in special events. She often shares photos of luxurious travel, golf course check-ins, and a comfortable life.

Runner-up Huyen My: Once lost to Ky Duyen, many times she got into trouble with love - Photo 10

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