Yen Xoi: H.ot G.irl Kem Xoi TV married a giant, the owner of a high-class resort

Bút MàuJun 05, 2024 at 14:06

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Yen Xoi's real name is Dinh Hai Yen (born in 1993, Hanoi), who studied at Hanoi University of Culture. Before being known through the online movies of the Kem Xoi group, Yen also participated in many famous comedy projects such as Barefoot Giant, Wife Village 3, TV Ward Speakers...

She received the love of the audience thanks to her attractive, graceful acting style and brought a lot of laughter to the audience. Not only that, Yen Xoi is also known as a hotgirl and charming model.

Yen Xoi: H.ot G.irl Kem Xoi TV married a giant, the owner of a high-class resort - Photo 1

Expected to be a potential actor of the Northern comedy village, but when she was achieving a lot of success in her acting career, the h.ot g.irl decided to put aside her artistic activities to "settle down".

In 2017, Yen Xoi followed her husband to "quit the game". The wedding of the h.ot g.irl in the comedy village took place discreetly, only inviting family and close friends, not publicly to the media. It is known that Yen Xoi's husband is a lecturer at a university, and also works as a manager in the family company.

Sharing about the changes since leaving art, Yen Xoi said: "Since putting aside art to get married, my life has changed quite a lot. In the past, work was busy, going to shows, participating in events regularly, there were days when I went to perform far and came home late, sometimes I forgot to eat and drink. Since retiring to take care of my family, everything is lighter, I have more time for myself and my children."

Yen Xoi: H.ot G.irl Kem Xoi TV married a giant, the owner of a high-class resort - Photo 2

While her peers such as Quynh Kool and Thanh Bi gradually gained a foothold in their acting careers, Yen Xoi retreated to the back of the screen.

When asked if she felt happy because her friends and colleagues were so successful, the actress confided: "Seeing my peers who are on the verge of development and also have a certain foothold, I am very happy for everyone and I don't feel sad at all.

Because each person will have their own plans and things to do in the future. Currently, my company's business is also quite busy and I myself feel excited to try my hand in a new field."

Yen Xoi: H.ot G.irl Kem Xoi TV married a giant, the owner of a high-class resort - Photo 3

Looking back on the time spent with acting, Yen Xoi shared. "Participating in acting, I get more than I lose. Being loved by everyone, that is the most cherished thing. Even now, when I go out, I am still recognized by many viewers and ask to take pictures with me, sometimes I am blamed for falling in love, why did I get married so early, I have to continue acting."

Her small home has a b.oy who is nearly 5 years old and a g.irl who is nearly 3 years old. As a mother of two beautiful children, she still retains her youthful beauty like in her spare time.

Yen Xoi: H.ot G.irl Kem Xoi TV married a giant, the owner of a high-class resort - Photo 4

If in the past, Yen Xoi often appeared in s.exy outfits such as swimsuits or cut-out skirts, recently this beauty has been somewhat more restrained in her dress.

She aims for youthful and elegant outfits. Sometimes when appearing at events, or taking photos, she wears short skirts with gentle gaps that enhance the charming beauty of her b.ody.

Yen Xoi: H.ot G.irl Kem Xoi TV married a giant, the owner of a high-class resort - Photo 5

This style of hers received many praises from the public. Many people think that the current dress taste helps her look "hacked" older, still attractive but not too s.exy as before, suitable for the image of a mother of 2.

Besides, when following this beauty's personal Facebook page, it is also easy to notice that she mostly chooses black and white outfits. These two tones make it easy for her to choose and coordinate clothes, but the overall outfit still helps to compliment the skin and figure.

Yen Xoi: H.ot G.irl Kem Xoi TV married a giant, the owner of a high-class resort - Photo 6

Up to now, after 5 years of focusing on building a home, the actress revealed that she also has some regrets, sometimes also craving to return to roles and hopes to have the opportunity to reunite with artistic activities. In addition, she said that currently, her company's business is also quite busy and she herself feels excited to try her hand in a new field.

Yen Xoi: H.ot G.irl Kem Xoi TV married a giant, the owner of a high-class resort - Photo 7

Yen Xoi once publicly posted on her personal Facebook pictures introducing her family's eco-resort on the outskirts of Hanoi. This is a large ancient architectural complex, with many trees, restaurants, swimming pools and children's play areas. The beauty revealed that this is both a place for her family to relax on the weekend, and for business to welcome guests

The hotgirl's husband continued to r.eveal that the couple started building a resort in Hoa Binh. In addition to the large house like a palace, the h.ot g.irl Ha Thanh and her husband once revealed many valuable real estate in Nha Trang, Hoa Binh,... and a luxurious life with supercars and branded goods.

Yen Xoi once shared that her family owns 2 luxury cars Range Rover worth 7 billion VND and a Rolls-Royce worth 25 billion VND. Not only living in silk velvet, Yen Xoi also often shares idyllic and happy images of daily life and is pampered by her husband.

Yen Xoi: H.ot G.irl Kem Xoi TV married a giant, the owner of a high-class resort - Photo 8

Revealing her plans in the near future, Yen Xoi said: "In the near future, I will develop the company's business. If I have a certain time, I will come back to try my hand at roles and participate in many other artistic activities. Hopefully I will still receive the love of the audience."

Yen Xoi: H.ot G.irl Kem Xoi TV married a giant, the owner of a high-class resort - Photo 9

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