Yaya Urassaya - The beauty has everything in hand and a fairy tale love story with the number 1 actor Nadech

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In the midst of showbiz with a lot of confusion, Yaya - Nadech is still the most beautiful couple in the land of the Golden Temple. They have been together for more than 10 years from the moment they entered the profession until now, when they have become a screen pearl, a passionate actor of Thailand.

Yaya Urassaya is one of the leading beauties of the golden temple entertainment industry. She is considered an actress with a "national face" because of her pure and s.exy appearance, a hybrid of Thai and Norwegian b.lood. Entering the entertainment industry at the age of 14, Yaya was praised by the press as a female pearl with a clean private life, as a bright pearl with the most influence today. Many people believe that life has given the best favors to Yaya Urassaya - the "pearl" of the Golden Temple screen.

From a black g.irl to a screen star

Yaya Urassaya was born in 1993, carrying two Thai and Norwegian bloodlines. At the present time, the hybrid rose is one of the main artists of CH3, one of the power stations of the entertainment industry of the Golden Temple. Perhaps when she was born with a beautiful and outstanding appearance, Yaya's life was destined to be devoted to art.

Yaya Urassaya - The beauty has everything in hand and a fairy tale love story with the number 1 actor Nadech - Photo 1.

Yaya Urassaya's path to the entertainment industry surprised everyone. Few people know that the Thai screen "pearl" began to fall in love with art when she was discovered by an artist manager while shopping in a mall. At that time, even though she had just turned 14 years old, Yaya soon possessed an outstanding height, although her skin was a bit dark, it did not overshadow the highlights on her face, which helped people 26-year-old beauty attended many fashion shows as a model.

Since entering the entertainment industry until now, Yaya has always been highly appreciated by experts, when the films with her participation, including Akkanee's Heart, Game Rai Game Ruk... all achieved high ratings. and became a phenomenon of the Thai film industry at that time.

Besides acting, the "pearl g.irl" of the Thai screen is also a familiar face on the covers of national magazines such as Cosmopolitan, ELLE, Seventeen, Harper's Bazaar or Vogue. Simple but elegant fashion sense, personality and standard b.ody help Yaya be highly appreciated by fashion experts. She is also known as the "Advertising Queen" because her salary is higher than any other actress.

Yaya Urassaya - The beauty has everything in hand and a fairy tale love story with the number 1 actor Nadech - Photo 2.

As an influential A-list star, Yaya often pocketed 5 - 10 million Baht (VND 3 - 6.5 billion) for an advertising deal. In 2015 alone, Urassaya represented more than 30 large and small brands and featured in more than 158 advertisements.

In 2018, at the age of 25, Yaya added a new title to her artistic journey: the most influential figure in the world of fashion. She is one of four representatives from Thailand to be included in the list of 500 most influential people in the world in fashion voted by Business of Fashion magazine. More importantly, she surpassed many domestic fashion icons to become the only Thai artist of the BoF 500 in 2018.

Yaya Urassaya - The beauty has everything in hand and a fairy tale love story with the number 1 actor Nadech - Photo 3.

Not only beautiful and talented, Yaya Urassaya is also famous for her high level of education, having graduated from Chulalongkorn University with a Bachelor of Arts in 2015 with a 3.3 GPA. Besides, she can speak 5 languages fluently. Being fluent in 5 languages Thai, English, Norwegian, French and Spanish, helps her to communicate well when she is regularly invited to major movie or fashion events around the world.

Private life is clean but it is still difficult to get rid of the "mouth" of public opinion

Among Thai female stars, it can be said that Yaya has the most scandal-free private life. However, in May 2019, the fact that the "pearl g.irl" had an extremely h.ot performance with her boyfriend Nadech in his concert made netizens unhappy and constantly criticized the couple.

Yaya Urassaya - The beauty has everything in hand and a fairy tale love story with the number 1 actor Nadech - Photo 4.

Next, after the photos at Nadech's private concert were posted online, people were extremely angry and criticized the Yaya and Nadech couple. The reason is because these are all h.ot and somewhat sensitive images, making many people "red eyes" when watching.

Witnessing this special performance and these slightly "over" images of Nadech - Yaya, besides the opinions that this is "art", many netizens of the Golden Temple were extremely indignant. They don't understand how two A-list actors in showbiz can deliver such a bold performance

A love story as beautiful as a love story with Thailand's number 1 actor

Referring to Yaya, it is impossible to forget her nearly 10-year relationship with the actor of "Why brought me to you" Thai version - Nadech Kugimiya. Charming from Akkanee's Heart, the film resonated with Thai films in the Asian entertainment market and was also the turning point that brought the names of Yaya and Nadech to stardom. This is the time when both young stars have just passed their twenties, still young faces in the Thai entertainment industry. Yaya once shyly shared that her first kiss was for her boyfriend, actor Nadech Kugimiya.

Yaya Urassaya - Beauty has everything in hand and a fairy tale love story with the number 1 actor Nadech - Photo 5.

The film helps the name of Nadech - Yaya suddenly become famous. The couple quickly became a h.ot star that was noticed by press reporters. Overcome with victory, Nadech and Yaya continued to reunite in a series of hit movies such as Love Game, Heirs Heart, Bright Sunshine, Soul Swap, Heart Mission, Snake Goddess 2...

During a performance event, Nadech Kugimiya immersed the whole showbiz in the sweetness of love when frankly declaring to the press and fans his absolute love for Yaya Urassaya. The male god also strongly affirmed that no matter what happens in the future, the two will still be good friends. However, he also firmly insisted that there would never be a separation.

Yaya Urassaya - The beauty has everything in hand and a fairy tale love story with the number 1 actor Nadech - Photo 6.

Not only that, in May 2019, during The Real Nadech Concert, actor Nadech Kugimiya held his girlfriend's hand tightly and declared, "She is my lover". In response to the sweet words from her boyfriend, the Thai screen "pearl" could not hide her happiness with a radiant smiling face. Moreover, she also did not forget to flirt by replying, "Of course. You've been my everything for a long time." Many fans are happy to hear this sweet word from the couple.

After nearly 11 years of being together, Yaya and Nadech are both making fans extremely curious about the future when they return to the same house. A marriage proposal to end a fairy tale love story is the biggest wish of the public at the moment.

Films that made the name Yaya Urassaya

Love Farm

Yaya Urassaya joined the entertainment industry in 2008, but it was not until 2010 when she took on the main role in the Thai TV series Love Farm with her boyfriend Nadech Kugimiya, that the name Yaya Urassaya really became popular. Yaya Urassaya immediately became the top actress of Thai TV3 after starring in this drama. This is also her first time co-starring with her real-life boyfriend Nadech Kugimiya.

Yaya Urassaya - The beauty has everything in hand and a fairy tale love story with the number 1 actor Nadech - Photo 7.

In Love Farm, the beautiful "hybrid rose" with two Thai and Norwegian b.lood takes on the role of Jeed, an extremely daring character. The drama Love Farm was in the series of Four Boys of the Mountain, the biggest series that year celebrated the 40th anniversary of channel 3. At that time, Yaya Urassaya was still a new name to the audience, even Her Thai language was not good at that time, but her "fate" with channel 3 gave her the opportunity to play the first lead role. The part of Yaya and her boyfriend Nadech in the series was also commented as the best of all 4 parts because of the great acting of both.

Waves of life

If you are a fan of the Thai film genre, it is definitely impossible to ignore the hottest movie of 2017 by channel 3 Kluen Cheewit. The reunion after 6 years of two A-list stars, the handsome Mark Prin and his close brother Yaya Urassaya. Waves of life is an extremely successful remake film version, much more successful than expected.

Yaya Urassaya - The beauty has everything in hand and a fairy tale love story with the number 1 actor Nadech - Photo 8.

Yaya Urassaya plays the role of a beautiful but also a lot of Jeerawat actress, she may be very strong on the outside, but deep inside she is a heart that endures many injuries. The actress received high praise for her role as Jeerawat, her ecstatic transformation made viewers extremely excited. Urassaya Sperbund shows the love and inner psychology of the character very well, when he strongly refuses to let anyone bully him, he is ready to "battle" with those who want to crush him, sometimes he is weak with life. behind the light

At the age of 27, Yaya has everything in hand: Career, beauty and a boyfriend could not be more perfect. It can be said that Yaya is the ideal daughter-in-law that many Thai mothers desire.

Yaya Urassaya - The beauty has everything in hand and a fairy tale love story with the number 1 actor Nadech - Photo 9.

Yaya Urassaya - The beauty has everything in hand and a fairy tale love story with the number 1 actor Nadech - Photo 10.

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