Appeared clip of actor "Flying leaf" jumping into the river, suspected of being f.orced?

Nam PhươngMar 06, 2022 at 17:24

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Thai social media continues to question the cause of actor Tangmo Nida's d.eath.

On the evening of March 5, Thairath news site attracted attention when sharing a clip of the boat carrying the actor The Leaf Rolled - Thairath at the time of the tragic accident on February 24. Specifically, when the boat is surfing on the Chao Phraya River towards Thewe pier. A translucent white shadow, rather slender figure, fell into the water - this moment is said to be the unfortunate female star. Netizens of the land of the Golden Temple think that this is an act of escape to escape the threat, not simply an unintended incident.

Appeared clip of actor "Flying leaf" jumping into the river, suspected of being f.orced? - Photo 1

Besides, the next controversial detail was after Tangmo fell into the river. The boat, which was moving at normal speed, suddenly accelerated forward. The audience also looked for signs of being snatched from the boat. A part has hypothesized whether this is the factor that caused the actress to fall from the boat.

Appeared clip of actor "Flying leaf" jumping into the river, suspected of being f.orced? - Photo 2

Appeared clip of actor "Flying leaf" jumping into the river, suspected of being f.orced? - Photo 3

Not long ago, the mother of the late actress - Mrs. Panida Siriyuthayothin was fiercely criticized when she announced on television that she would forgive 2 of the subjects involved in the d.eath of her daughter. The reason is said that Tangmo's mother accepted a compensation of 30 million baht (more than 20 billion Vietnamese dong).

After the above interview, many viewers felt sorry for Tangmo Pataritda and were disappointed by Panida Siriyuthayothin's attitude when she calmly exchanged her daughter's d.eath for m.oney and agreed to receive compensation. Even, Dayos Dechjob - the cousin of the late beauty, quickly posted a frustrated status line on Facebook.

In another development, Thai police are actively investigating the unusual d.eath of Tangmo Pataritda. Pol Col Chaturon Anurakbandit, the head of the Muang Nonthaburi police agency, said that they will summon manager Idsarin Juthasuksawat in connection with an unidentified male voice recorded in the incident. Meanwhile, the Nonthaburi maritime office yesterday summoned boat owner Tanupat Lerttaweewit to provide documents related to the boat.

Appeared clip of actor "Flying leaf" jumping into the river, suspected of being f.orced? - Photo 4

Earlier, the Bangkok Post quoted a representative of the investigation agency: "So far, no theory has been ruled out. Whether it was an accident or something behind the incident, we always wish. make an investigation as thorough as possible with the help of forensic evidence".

In the face of mixed public opinion, recently, the actress's mother has officially responded. She explained that she had never thought of valuing m.oney more than her daughter's life

Appeared clip of actor "Flying leaf" jumping into the river, suspected of being f.orced? - Photo 5

"I confirm that I don't care about m.oney more than my daughter's d.eath. What I share is only for the purpose of helping people better understand the noisy story of the past days. And the other m.oney I say is just that. Assuming, not forcing or demanding anything. The case is still under investigation...", she shared.

Regarding the d.eath of Tangmo Pattaratida, on March 3, the Thai Government office said that Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha had personally asked the police and authorities to speed up the investigation. , clarifying the truth of the bad actress's departure.

Appeared clip of actor "Flying leaf" jumping into the river, suspected of being f.orced? - Photo 6

Accordingly, the Prime Minister emphasized: All work needs to be carried out carefully, ensuring the right process and early results. The fairness of the law should be upheld and answered the questions of public opinion in recent days.

In addition, the Prime Minister also extended his condolences to the family of the late artist born in 1984.

Appeared clip of actor "Flying leaf" jumping into the river, suspected of being f.orced? - Photo 7

In addition, he also did not forget to remind domestic and foreign public opinion, especially social network users, to be alert to all information, calmly waiting for authentic evidence from the police and authorities. , should not attribute or analyze a one-way situation that directly affects the investigation.

Tangmo Pattaratida is a potential actress and model, her works that have made her name must include The Flying Leaf, The Amazing Bus 888, Its Complicated, The Ghost of Mae Nak,...

The sudden departure of a talented pink ball at the age of 38 made many viewers regret. It is known that the funeral of the late actress will take place on March 11-13. Tangmo's b.ody will be cremated 1 day later (March 14).

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