Xuan Ca officially sued Tiktok channel accusing her of "wrongly kissing" her best friend's lover?

Phúc SenApr 19, 2024 at 17:16

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H.ot tiktoker Xuan Ca just made people stir when it was revealed that she was suspicious of officially suing the Tiktok channel accusing her of stealing her best friend's girlfriend and giving a "wrong kiss" in broad daylight. Netizens quickly searched for the truth.

In recent days, Xuan Ca is a name that makes many people worried when they are constantly called out for their boyfriend's cheating drama. Accordingly, this noise originated from a super h.ot c.lip on social networks. They did not hesitate to call Xuan Ca directly and said that this is the truth about this female Tiktoker that everyone should know.

Xuan Ca officially sued Tiktok channel accusing her of wrongly kissing her best friends lover? - Photo 1

Specifically, the female tiktoker was attacked by an anonymous Tiktok account, named CB, specializing in exposing famous figures in showbiz, from artists to famous tiktokers. This channel accused her of not living properly, having a petty nature, and seducing others. Although this is one-sided information and completely unverified, netizens are all excited and flocking to believe in this tiktok channel specializing in debunking. With a scandalous reputation, Xuan Ca was quickly and mercilessly criticized by the online community.

Xuan Ca officially sued Tiktok channel accusing her of wrongly kissing her best friends lover? - Photo 2

Immediately after the information and clip were broadcast, h.ot keywords related to Xuan Ca also became more viral. Keywords such as "Pho Xuan Ca", "Drama of Xuan Ca", "What's wrong with Xuan Ca" are rampant on search bars. Many people are curious about how the Tiktoker g.irl will react to these rumors.

Xuan Ca officially sued Tiktok channel accusing her of wrongly kissing her best friends lover? - Photo 3

After a few days of silence, Xuan Ca's actions were recently revealed, officially suing this tiktok channel. The image was shared online, with the content of a letter sent via email to this tiktok channel. The letter was written as follows: "I represent Xuan Ca, this is not a threat but a request to your side to stop attacking Xuan Ca. Our side has fully documented your violations, regarding Infringing on Xuan Ca's personal privacy, the loss amounted to billions of dong. I hope you will consider and respond soon.

Xuan Ca officially sued Tiktok channel accusing her of wrongly kissing her best friends lover? - Photo 4

However, the owner of this Tiktok CB channel spoke up and said that maybe this is just Xuan Ca fan, in fact the female tiktoker did not sue or send emails like above.

Previously, this channel reported: "There is a famous couple named Thuc Nghi and Gia Phu. Everything seems to be perfect when Thuc Nghi is ready to get married and settle down in Japan with Gia Phu. Then one fine day, Gia Phu returned home to visit his lover. During his time in Vietnam, Gia Phu was invited to go to a bar by his cousin - Quynh Nhu's lover, Xuan Ca's best friend.

Xuan Ca officially sued Tiktok channel accusing her of wrongly kissing her best friends lover? - Photo 5

The four of them went to the bar to hang out. While getting drunk together, Xuan Ca and Gia Phu kissed. Accidentally, Thuc Nghi's friend saw it and sent a message to Thuc Nghi. Knowing what happened, Thuc Nghi stood outside the shop to solve the problem. He filmed a clip, but Gia Phu threatened and arrested him to protect Quynh Nhu and Xuan Ca.

It is known that Xuan Ca was born in 2001 and is from Binh Thuan. Xuan Ca was once a member of the music group SGO48. In 2020, Xuan Ca became the winner of the Senbatsu Battle program, for the first time as the center A-side of the third single RIVER. At the same time, Xuan Ca is also a photo model. While working, Xuan Ca always maintained the image of a pure g.irl. After leaving the group, she completely changed her seductive image. Currently, she is a tiktoker with more than 2 million followers on this platform. She often impresses with her hip-shaking and seductive dance to the music.

Xuan Ca officially sued Tiktok channel accusing her of wrongly kissing her best friends lover? - Photo 6

She currently has more than 2.5 million followers on TikTok, with 66.8 million likes. Xuan Ca's dancing clips on the background of vibrant remix music attract millions of views. Along with Hoang Lan Anh, Quynh Bei, and Xuan Ca, TikTok players hailed it as an "ideology" that caught the attention of young people.

Xuan Ca officially sued Tiktok channel accusing her of wrongly kissing her best friends lover? - Photo 7

However, Xuan Ca is increasingly entangled in many controversies that make people bored, most recently when she wore a shirt with a disguised advertising logo printed on it for a g.ambling and soccer b.etting website, causing angry criticism from netizens. Despite facing negative reactions, Xuan Ca remained calm.

Xuan Ca officially sued Tiktok channel accusing her of wrongly kissing her best friends lover? - Photo 8

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