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The male singer was performing and was suddenly given a whole live chicken by a fan. The incident that followed caused great laughter

Snow19:21:53 19/11/2023
The moment the female audience member brought a live chicken on stage and gave it to the male singer, many people were surprised. This gift then also created a scene where one couldn't help but laugh.

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Tieu Vy "encountered trouble" and showed off her beauty in the land of golden pagodas amid dating suspicions but was "questioned" by Thai netizens.

Huỳnh Phúc13:53:48 12/10/2023
The recent move of Thai netizens in Tieu Vy's post has made netizens confused. Anyone who reads the comments must exclaim: What is happening to Tieu Vy?

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Truong My Nhan and Phi Ngoc Hung officially married after many turbulences

Yang Mi07:11:58 17/08/2023
After a long time together taking care of their young daughter, Truong My Nhan and Phi Ngoc Hung officially returned to the same house when they registered their marriage.

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Engfa Wahara made Mr. Nawat was embarrassed and wanted to "apparate" when the pet chicken danced offensively at the MGT press conference

Gia Linh14:18:14 31/07/2023
Unlike the natural image of Miss Universe, Engfa Wahara - the Queen of Peace is always controversial for her overly s.exy style and related statements.

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Engfa Waraha performs offensively - bends like "dancing at the disco", is it worthy of the international runner-up title?

An Tư10:56:59 29/07/2023
After the Miss Grand International competition (Miss Peace 2022), 1st runner-up - Engfa Waraha (Thailand) is considered a contestant who is admired by many people, as well as encountered the most disapproval.

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Representing Thailand out of the top 12 in surprise, is it a "conspiracy theory" from Miss Supranational BTC?

Đình Thi19:26:44 15/07/2023
The final of the Miss Supranational 2023 contest took place at dawn on July 15 (Vietnam time) with the participation of 65 contestants. The Thai representative stopped at the top 24 in regret. Many controversies have arisen before this result.

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Tangmo Nida - Female star fell into the river and disappeared: Single mother acting broke Baifern, U40 graduated from university

Hoàng Phúc14:30:40 25/02/2022
Since joining the entertainment industry until now, in his entire acting career, Tangmo has never encountered a scandalous scandal. Today (February 25), the Thai entertainment industry received bad news when actress Tangmo Nida (Tangmo Pattaratida) fell from a boat at 11pm...

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Tangmo Nida - The "Flying Leaf" actor was lost in the river, what is the situation now?

Hoàng Phúc10:40:43 25/02/2022
The actress who played a supporting role in the movie "Flying Leaf", fell into the river on the evening of February 24, is being searched for by rescuers. This morning (February 25), Thai media reported that actress Tangmo Nida (Tangmo Pattaratida) fell from her boat while...

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Kimmy Kimberley went to a wedding to catch the bride's flowers, Mark Prin's "10 pampering" smile caused a fever

Hoàng Phúc07:58:05 19/01/2022
Kimmy Kimberley and Mark Prin are a powerful star couple of Thai showbiz who have been in love for 8 years and are being eagerly awaited by fans for the day to "come home together". Recently, on social networks, a short clip recorded a scene of a g.irl catching wedding flowers...

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Yaya Urassaya, Nichkhun is a warm guy, but still can't match this Thai star's glorious family

Hoàng Phúc07:54:57 01/01/2022
In addition to possessing perfect beauty as well as excellent acting skills, some famous people in the land of the Golden Temple also come from extremely wealthy families, belonging to tycoons. The audience will be really overwhelmed by the origins of the "warm boys and girls"...

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Meeting the Royal Family is about kneeling and unique cultural traditions in Thailand

Hậu Hậu12:55:24 18/09/2021
Thailand is famous as a shopping paradise and is home to many unique and sacred temple architectures. Besides the special dishes, unique culture and a series of interesting facts here attract a lot of attention from friends around the world. Respect for the Royal Family Thailand...

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Pornsawan Phusua and Thanatcha Janngam - Two Thai "uniform angels" whose beauty is loved by thousands of people

youtuber11:23:51 21/06/2021
Pornsawan Phusua is known as the most admired uniformed g.irl in Thailand. She is famous for her series of photos in school uniforms showing off her innocent and pure beauty. After the photo of her wearing a uniform was posted on her personal page and many people knew about it. Since she was a high school g.irl, she has had...

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Yaya Urassaya - The beauty has everything in hand and a fairy tale love story with the number 1 actor Nadech

team youtuber12:30:04 26/05/2021
Amidst showbiz chaos, Yaya - Nadech is still the second most beautiful couple in the land of the Golden Temple. They have been together for more than 10 years from the moment they entered the profession until now, when they have become a screen pearl, a passionate actor of Thailand. Yaya Urassaya is one of the leading beauties of the...

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Porshe Saran - The actor was accused by two ex-girlfriends of being fake and abusive to the point of being hospitalized

team youtuber23:04:10 08/05/2021
Grace Chalitta - the actor's ex-girlfriend posted a status denouncing a fake actor, having an affair , a.buse yourself. Although the article did not name anyone, Thai netizens pointed the ax at Porshe Saran. It all started with the hidden status line of Grace Chalitta (Porshe's ex-girlfriend

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Bank Thiti, a handsome man, "Cheating meets f.raud" is positive for COVID-19

team youtuber10:04:02 10/04/2021
Bank Thiti, one of the young actors under Nadao Bangkok, posted on Instagram that he had taken a test and tested positive for COVID-19. Before that, in two days, April 3 - 4, 2021, he had a meeting with an employee of Nadao Bangkok company. Sadly, this person tested positive for...

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Mike Angelo - Thai actor is struggling because of the scandal of abandoning his children and girlfriend

team youtuber10:00:06 03/02/2021
On September 17, media reported that Mike Angelo was in a custody dispute with his ex-girlfriend Sara Casinghini. The incident attracted attention not only in Thai showbiz but also in the Asian entertainment industry. The audience is interested in the case because Mike Angelo is...

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Isaan, Northeast Thailand | Life in a place where there is almost no COVID-19

team youtuber20:00:07 26/01/2021
The lack of interest from foreign tourists may partly explain why the Covid-19 epidemic has barely reached Isaan, northeastern Thailand, although still spreading in other regions. So far, the measures to control the Covid-19 epidemic of the Golden Temple country have proved effective. But the sharp decrease in the number of foreign tourists

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Baifern Pimchanok in “Tricks meet scammers” | Thai beauties once "slided" because of addiction

team youtuber15:52:59 14/01/2021
Baifern Pimchanok Luevisadpaibul, born in 1992, A-list actress of the land of the Golden Temple. She fell in love with art very early when she appeared in a number of television productions. Baifern used to be the brightest c.hild star of the Thai screen thanks to her beautiful and smart appearance. When reviewing the actress's childhood pictures, the

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Bella Ranee Campen - The talented hybrid rose of the Golden Temple country

team youtuber12:30:01 11/12/2020
Surely anyone who is a Thai movie buff has heard of the talented rose of the Thai screen - Bella Ranee. She not only owns a beautiful face, slim b.ody, Bella Ranee also captures the hearts of others through many hit movies and is an exclusive actress of CH3. She is extremely loved by the audience by

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Mark Prin- The male lead's feverish beauty in As long as the Sky Has the Sun

team youtuber15:19:28 10/12/2020
Mark Prin is currently a h.ot actor on the Thai screen with the Thai romantic drama As long as the sky is still on the sun airing in mid-November 2020. Mark Prin possesses a masculine appearance, clear double eyelids, high nose bridge and especially a sunny smile that makes the...

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