Vy Oanh opens her heart after "cyber v.iolence", the rich husband wants his wife to quit his career as a singer for this reason

Nam PhươngNov 14, 2022 at 16:12

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After getting married, Vy Oanh's husband wanted his wife to leave showbiz to focus on building a home. However, her passion for music kept her in showbiz even though she had previously worked in many different industries.

A year ago, the drama between Mrs. Phuong Hang and Vy Oanh once made waves in public opinion. At that time, CEO Dai Nam often went on livestream to attack and i.nsult the female singer with many harsh words. At the peak, the "diamond giant" also spread a lot of false information such as: surrogacy, snatching other people's husbands or the 13th zodiac sign ... making the voice "Let me cry" extremely angry. Currently, Vy Oanh and many other artists such as Thuy Tien, Dam Vinh Hung... have filed a lawsuit against Mr. Dung's wife for lime kiln.

Vy Oanh opens her heart after "cyber v.iolence", the rich husband wants his wife to quit his career as a singer for this reason - Photo 1

Singer Vy Oanh said that Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hang's behavior showed signs of crimes of humiliating others, slandering, abusing democratic freedoms to infringe upon the interests of the state; legitimate rights and interests of organizations and individuals.

"After these live broadcasts by Mrs. Nguyen Phuong Hang, many people have formed groups on Facebook, Blog, and Youtube to repost the videos she livestreamed and made headlines that defame, defame and i.nsult me" - ca Doctor Vy Oanh said.

After receiving the denunciation, the Criminal Police Department transferred the application of singer Vy Oanh to the Office of the Ho Chi Minh City Public Security Bureau for consideration and settlement according to general procedures.

Recently, in the program "Artist Life", Vy Oanh has had experiences when being misunderstood by public opinion, "hugging" each other to speak badly on social networks. The b.aby's mother emphasized that she aims to be kind and absolutely obeys the law. Instead of having to explain, she freely enjoys the positive things that come her way

Vy Oanh opens her heart after "cyber v.iolence", the rich husband wants his wife to quit his career as a singer for this reason - Photo 2

Vy Oanh confided: "When someone misunderstood and said bad things about me, I felt very hurt. And over there, a lot of people misunderstood me. At that time, the media was wrong. Vy Oanh is stronger than the right things. Therefore, Vy Oanh also doesn't have many opportunities to explain. The important thing Vy Oanh thinks is that, the audience who has loved and understood will always understand, and me too. No need to explain, and the audience does not understand, with a certain thought, or certain images that can change their mind, Vy Oanh explains how it is still bad in their eyes. So at that time, Vy Oanh just wanted to have the healthiest pregnancy, give birth to the healthiest c.hild to fulfill her motherhood first. As long as I live right, as long as I always believe in kind things, good things will come to me."

Vy Oanh opens her heart after "cyber v.iolence", the rich husband wants his wife to quit his career as a singer for this reason - Photo 3

Becoming a public figure and suddenly entangled in unnecessary scandals, affecting her image as well as her personal life, Vy Oanh still feels extremely happy to be an artist: "Although she is an artist, she is still very happy. In life, sometimes I do other jobs, but Vy Oanh is still very proud to be an artist, that's why in her heart, Vy Oanh always knows that life has given her these things. then I have to endure other things, never being good at everything."

At the time of receiving bricks and stones, Vy Oanh was happy when her husband and family supported her. Overcoming many challenges and having 3 children together, Vy Oanh affirms that her husband is a kind, ethical and responsible person. The couple loves each other very much and always thinks of each other. Vy Oanh does not want her scandals to affect her husband's business. The singer's husband also wants to give her the best. Once she thought that after getting married, she would spend time cultivating her home. But during the time they lived together, the husband understood what the artist's passion for art was. Therefore, Vy Oanh's husband fully supports his wife's return to activities, more or less.

Vy Oanh opens her heart after "cyber v.iolence", the rich husband wants his wife to quit his career as a singer for this reason - Photo 4

Vy Oanh opens her heart after "cyber v.iolence", the rich husband wants his wife to quit his career as a singer for this reason - Photo 5

Vy Oanh said she believes in the fairness of Vietnamese law after what Ms. Hang has done to herself and others. The singer shared: "Vy Oanh still has a belief that the right will overcome evil, the law does not stand for the evil, patiently waiting for the day when she and her accomplices pay the price for their sins. Other people, they run the media for Vy Oanh to become a worthless person such as looking for a story by herself, robbing her husband, surrogacy, being a g.irl, transferring charity to the future, borrowing a house to live virtual... so much, so much. The worst things in the world. She didn't use any tricks to direct public opinion to make Vy Oanh from an innocent person to a big criminal."

Vy Oanh opens her heart after "cyber v.iolence", the rich husband wants his wife to quit his career as a singer for this reason - Photo 6

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