Vy Oanh called Tran Thanh directly, accusing Hari Won of being fake, and was immediately exposed by a beauty queen

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Vy Oanh is probably no longer a strange name to the audience. The female singer once caused a stir because of the scandal with Tran Thanh and Hari Won. She even openly called her colleagues unkind words.

Specifically, in 2019, in the war of words related to the song Let me cry between Minh Tuyet - Vy Oanh, singer Dong Xanh had a clash with Thu Hoai and Tran Thanh.

Vy Oanh called Tran Thanh directly, accusing Hari Won of being fake, and was immediately exposed by a beauty queen - Photo 1

The singer Dong Xanh indirectly accused Thu Hoai of "playing dirty" and hiring people to throw paint and other types of waste into Miss Pham Huong's milk tea shop on its opening day. Meanwhile, Thu Hoai is also "not the average person" when questioning whether Vy Oanh's son is the "blood" of her current husband. At the same time, Miss Lady revealed that the female singer used tricks to force her husband to "still have to dump the shell if he doesn't eat snails".

Annoyed by bringing her son into the war of words, Vy Oanh responded: .

"I'm a person who loves guys endlessly and sleeps with all kinds of people, but no guy has ever loved me except this deluded teenager. His parents rightly forbade him to know her, but he didn't listen, what a sin! So whoever has a more decent or beautiful family, richer than you, will find a way to destroy it. My virtue is very thick, demons like you can't do it to me!

She told me to play charms, but I lied, and whether she used charms or not, whoever did it for her was hypnotized and sold their lives to do it but got nothing until they realized it and they were thrown away by her. Do you use charms when you have to go to Thailand every month to pick up a monk to worship? You s.how o.ff everywhere in the house but never let anyone see your four-sided altar? Why hide the altar? Which teacher testifies to the devil's desire to gain strength by being close to many famous people to harm one person after another?

One time, she even used a gangster with a foul mouth, c.ursing at everyone she encountered, throwing rotten waste into people's houses. That person must have recently recognized her true face, so he's probably giving up his property and running for people, right? ? If you use evil charms, the day will come when the evil charms will k.ill you."

Vy Oanh called Tran Thanh directly, accusing Hari Won of being fake, and was immediately exposed by a beauty queen - Photo 2

Not only that, in her sharing, Vy Oanh also warned Tran Thanh. She used extremely harsh words and called the male MC "guy". "I warn you that if you dare to touch my c.hild, you won't be safe. With all the sweat and tears I've built, you guys won't be so profane. You useless types have a plan for everything you do, so I Always warn the guy who claws at MC Tran Thanh's tail.

Vy Oanh called Tran Thanh directly, accusing Hari Won of being fake, and was immediately exposed by a beauty queen - Photo 3

You earn more m.oney i.n Vietnam. Be careful with me, I told you before. Dirty people like you who are both robbers and villagers know where to go. Turns out you guys are so disgusting that you think everyone is the same and makes up stories that hurt people. It's true that a cow looks after a horse and a horse looks after a horse," Vy Oanh said harshly.

Vy Oanh called Tran Thanh directly, accusing Hari Won of being fake, and was immediately exposed by a beauty queen - Photo 4

Not only that, Vy Oanh also compared the surname Tran Thanh with Hoai Linh and Son Tung M-TP:

"I've known you (Hari Won - interviewer) for a long time, since Mr. Tien Dat took you to compete in a contest where musician Nguyen Van Chung and I were judges. I also accidentally heard voices talking many times. Your ignorance is like the way you talk on TV like a foreigner who is not fluent in Vietnamese.

And I, like other young people, really like your song "Just Go" and even sing it every day. However, I do not agree with your unprofessional and disrespectful way of working.

I don't know if you are infected with Tran Thanh? I also worked with Tran Thanh and saw that he had this personality, always thinking of himself as the center of the universe. If you think that you are good and have the right, then why don't Mr. Hoai Linh, MC Quynh Huong, Dong Nhi, Son Tung... don't do things like that?".

Vy Oanh called Tran Thanh directly, accusing Hari Won of being fake, and was immediately exposed by a beauty queen - Photo 5

Few people know that, before that, Vy Oanh and Tran Thanh had a quite close relationship. The two worked together and took many memorable photos together. In 2013, Vy Oanh and Tran Thanh paired up to take on the role of MC throughout the competition nights of "Perfect Couple".

Vy Oanh called Tran Thanh directly, accusing Hari Won of being fake, and was immediately exposed by a beauty queen - Photo 6

Afterwards, the two also took a set of extremely cute and funny photos to commemorate this collaboration. During the program, the two's chemistry was clearly shown through a series of shared hosting moments. Notably, when Vy Oanh was commented that she was inexperienced and not sensitive in using language, Tran Thanh was the one who spoke up and provided timely support for the female singer.

Vy Oanh called Tran Thanh directly, accusing Hari Won of being fake, and was immediately exposed by a beauty queen - Photo 7

Therefore, when looking back at the happy images of the past, the audience cannot help but feel regret for a beautiful friendship, an MC couple that was once loved by the audience very much.

Vy Oanh called Tran Thanh directly, accusing Hari Won of being fake, and was immediately exposed by a beauty queen - Photo 8

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