Vu Hien Helen: From top 7 VN Idol to beauty pageant, looks like "H'Hen Niê copy"

Thiên DiJun 15, 2024 at 11:21

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Vu Hien Helen was once an outstanding contestant of Vietnam Idol 2023 with a rich, warm voice and unlimited changing style. Recently, she attracted attention when she decided to compete at Miss Grand Vietnam 2024.

Recently, the Miss Grand Vietnam organization officially announced the profiles of contestants registering for the 2024 season. Among them, the beauty public paid special attention to singer Vu Thi Thu Hien (stage name Helen). .

Vu Hien Helen: From top 7 VN Idol to beauty pageant, looks like HHen Niê copy - Photo 1

Vu Hien Helen was born in 1997, she is 1m74 tall, comes from Hanoi. The beauty is known from the program Vietnam Idol 2023. At the competition, she finished in the Top 7 finals. During the competition, Vu Hien Helen was continuously supported to compete in the beauty pageant because of her beauty and charisma. At that time, the female singer said she would consider it.

Vu Hien Helen: From top 7 VN Idol to beauty pageant, looks like HHen Niê copy - Photo 2

Coming to Miss Grand Vietnam this season, the profile photo of the Top 7 Vietnam Idol 2023 received huge interactions and a lot of support from the audience. Many people also think that she will definitely win the Grand Voice a.ward - the competition to find girls with singing talent.

Vu Hien Helen: From top 7 VN Idol to beauty pageant, looks like HHen Niê copy - Photo 3

"My starting point is a g.irl born and raised in the countryside outside of Hanoi. From a young age, I had a passion for art. At the age of 15, I was directly recruited into a school for gifted and talented sports students with the subject Fencing.

Coming to the Miss Grand Vietnam 2024 contest, I want to overcome all my limits, want to be more successful so I can spread my energy and inspire my story to everyone: " Always try your best, then one day the worthy results will come to you", Vu Hien Helen shared the reason for competing in Miss Grand Vietnam 2024.

Vu Hien Helen: From top 7 VN Idol to beauty pageant, looks like HHen Niê copy - Photo 4

Miss Grand Vietnam 2024 contest is expected to take place in Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan in a few months. The winner will succeed Miss Le Hoang Phuong and represent Vietnam to compete at Miss Grand International in October. Vu Hien Helen is considered one of the most potential media attractors. of this season.

Vu Hien Helen: From top 7 VN Idol to beauty pageant, looks like HHen Niê copy - Photo 5

Before attracting attention at Miss Grand Vietnam 2024, Vu Hien Helen was one of the outstanding contestants of the Vietnam Idol 2023 contest. This 9X g.irl possesses a powerful voice, her own musical color, and performance style. S.exy, attractive and beautiful like a beauty queen. Her journey of 'transformation' at Vietnam Idol has been compared by many audiences to a potential 'dark horse'. Many viewers were extremely regretful when the Hanoi-born beauty stopped in the top 7 because she always maintained a stable performance and never reached the dangerous top.

Vu Hien Helen: From top 7 VN Idol to beauty pageant, looks like HHen Niê copy - Photo 6

Helen was born into a farming family in Hanoi. Her family directed her to major in sports because this field does not cost much to study. However, when she was an 11th grade student, she temporarily quit school to work selling clothes and serving because she realized that her sports career was not stable and smooth. Partly because she doesn't want to add more burden to her family.

From then on, she was determined to pursue her passion for art. She took the exam and passed as valedictorian at the Military University of Culture and Arts (Hanoi). Before the Covid-19 pandemic, Helen had participated in many music competitions such as: The Voice of Vietnam, Sao Mai (National Television Singing Festival), The Voice of Hanoi... but all failed. High.

Vu Hien Helen: From top 7 VN Idol to beauty pageant, looks like HHen Niê copy - Photo 7

Coming to the Vietnam Idol 2023 competition, Helen attracted attention from the Theater round when she called herself a 'musical disaster'. However, she still succeeded and received the golden ticket when performing the million-view hit 'Waiting for you' by male singer MONO. Throughout the Vietnam Idol 2023 competition, Helen always received high praise for many songs such as: Tuy Am, Bad b.oy, Airport Rain, Mo... and also showed off seductive and professional choreography even though she had never learned it. jumped before.

Vu Hien Helen: From top 7 VN Idol to beauty pageant, looks like HHen Niê copy - Photo 8

Helen Hien Vu affirmed that she has become more mature after participating in the Vietnam Idol 2023 contest. She also admitted that the journey of participating in this contest has helped her see more clearly her future direction. She also feels more confident after participating in Vietnam Idol 2023. Coming from a not very well-off family, Helen feels lucky to be able to be independent and cope with life without help. From there, you will gain valuable experiences on the journey to conquer your artistic dreams.

Vu Hien Helen used to be haunted by negative comments from the audience, until live shows 4 and 5 that she truly opened her heart. Being independent since childhood, she did not want people to pity her, so she never confided her difficulties and disadvantages to fans or even contestants. Vu Hien admitted that living a closed life also unintentionally made the audience not notice her efforts and changes.

Vu Hien Helen: From top 7 VN Idol to beauty pageant, looks like HHen Niê copy - Photo 9

At Vietnam Idol 2023, Vu Hien Helen once confided that she felt a bit sad when she saw that other contestants at Vietnam Idol 2023 had families who regularly came to support, take care of, and encourage them. The female contestant said she missed her family very much because her parents and relatives were all far away. However, she has been independent since childhood, so this thought was only fleeting, then she continued to try without letting her emotions control her.

In addition to her beautiful voice and talent, Helen Hien Vu's appearance is also highly appreciated by the audience. Many people believe that female contestants are suitable for beauty pageants or beauty contests in general because of her impressive height of 1.74m, beautiful face, attractive charisma and beautiful b.ody proportions.

As for Helen, at that time, she felt grateful for the compliments but thought she was only lucky to have a good appearance. She would consider but never thought about competing in a beauty pageant because she understood that a beauty contest requires careful investment.

Vu Hien Helen: From top 7 VN Idol to beauty pageant, looks like HHen Niê copy - Photo 10

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