Case of 3 children swearing: Poor family doesn't go to school, disabled father apologizes on behalf of his c.hild

Lan ChiJun 22, 2024 at 16:36

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In recent days, the story of three children defiantly being reminded by adults has made people excited. During this time, the story about the situation of the three children was also dug up, but netizens did not know whether to pity or blame.

Case of 3 children swearing: Poor family doesnt go to school, disabled father apologizes on behalf of his c.hild - Photo 1

Case of 3 children swearing: Poor family doesnt go to school, disabled father apologizes on behalf of his c.hild - Photo 2

Specifically, in the supermarket's entertainment and movie area, a group of 3 children constantly had mischievous tricks that affected the people around them. This group also opened the door to their own private karaoke booth, yelling and harassing them. When reminded, all three responded aggressively and casually said bad things to the adults.

After being spread on social networks, the clip received many mixed reactions from public opinion.

Many parents also expressed concern, because the group of children are all in the stage of forming their personality and perfecting their awareness but do not receive proper education from their parents. If this continues, if their parents do not recognize and correct their children in time, the children will certainly develop in a deviant way in the future, even becoming "negative" subjects. ah" for society.

- Parents are so irresponsible, why do they let their children become like that?

If you feel like you can't be the best father or mother, don't give birth to a c.hild in the first place. Being born and not knowing how to teach your c.hild is like harming him or her!

- Parents, don't make the excuse that "your c.hild is very good at home", if they are good, they will be good everywhere, not "pretending" to be good at home and then showing their bad behavior when they go out!

- It's not education, but character and morality that make a person. Parents, please remember that clearly, don't regret it until it's too late!

- Children learn from their parents, whatever their parents are, that's how their children will be! So in this situation, if you blame the parents, the children are still young and do not understand all the risks and consequences of their actions!

Case of 3 children swearing: Poor family doesnt go to school, disabled father apologizes on behalf of his c.hild - Photo 3

The actions of the three children caused many people to question their living environment and their parents' education. It is known that these 3 children are currently residing temporarily in An Lac ward, Binh Tan district, Ho Chi Minh City. One of the three boys abandoned by his parents lives with his 84-year-old grandmother, earning a living by selling bread and soft drinks in front of the gate of Trieu An hospital.

Case of 3 children swearing: Poor family doesnt go to school, disabled father apologizes on behalf of his c.hild - Photo 4

Case of 3 children swearing: Poor family doesnt go to school, disabled father apologizes on behalf of his c.hild - Photo 5

According to some sources, local authorities have grasped the situation. In particular, Mr. Huynh Van Thanh, Vice Chairman of Binh Tan People's Committee, said that the above children are all in difficult circumstances and are currently staying with their families. Of the 3 children, 2 are siblings named TMK; TKH K. and H.'s parents are both blind and make a living selling cotton swabs and matches.

Case of 3 children swearing: Poor family doesnt go to school, disabled father apologizes on behalf of his c.hild - Photo 6
The children are not currently going to school so they do not know how to read or write, and also do not have birth certificates. All three were initially educated by ward officials. The children learned to admit their mistakes and regret their actions.

Mr. Thanh said that in the coming time, the ward will make birth certificates and residence papers for the children, and support their families with 10kg of rice and necessities each month. At the same time, the ward will create conditions to contact a charity class for children to go to class. However, because of difficult economic conditions, the family cannot ensure that the children attend high school.

"Regarding this case, the Leaders of An Lac A Ward People's Committee will pay close attention in the coming time. Because they live in the area, we have the responsibility to care for their well-being.

In the coming time, the ward will prepare birth certificates and residence papers for the children. Every month, the Ward Committee supports each family with 10kg of rice and necessary necessities," Vice Chairman of An Lac A Ward People's Committee shared.

Case of 3 children swearing: Poor family doesnt go to school, disabled father apologizes on behalf of his c.hild - Photo 7

Sharing in Thanh Nien newspaper, Mr. NVG (father of K. and H.) confided that when he found out about the story, he taught his children. As a father and mother, he feels guilty for not raising his children properly. Mr. G. and his wife are visually impaired, making a living is difficult, so they have many limitations in caring for and educating their children. Mr. G. and his wife are planning a way to return home so their children can continue their studies.

As for Mrs. NTH (84 years old), the grandmother of one c.hild in the group, she confided that she raised four grandchildren on her own, one of whom has now passed away. Every day, Mrs. H. only has time for dinner to teach her children. Mrs. H. apologizes to the online community who was insulted and harassed by her at the shopping center and will find ways to teach her more. .

The family also hopes that the online community will give the three children a chance to correct their mistakes.

Case of 3 children swearing: Poor family doesnt go to school, disabled father apologizes on behalf of his c.hild - Photo 8

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