Mac Van Khoa's wife looked sadly at her daughter's craving for new clothes, promising something heart-wrenching

Đức TríJun 13, 2024 at 06:46

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Mac Van Khoa's wife just made a post about her daughter. She felt sad when the little princess was longingly looking at new clothes in a fashion store. As a mother, she promised her daughter one thing, making everyone touched.

On her personal Facebook page, Thao Vy - Mac Van Khoa's wife - just posted a picture of her daughter Minnie standing outside a clothing store. She confided that she wanted to give her daughter the fullest life, giving her everything she wanted.

Mac Van Khoas wife looked sadly at her daughters craving for new clothes, promising something heart-wrenching - Photo 1

Thao Vy posted with the caption: "Suddenly standing and looking at my daughter, looking at the photo, I feel so pitiful. In this world, I can only pick the stars or go to the moon. Besides, I promise whatever my daughter likes. will satisfy everything. My childhood may be deprived and miserable, but I love you the most in this world." Below the comments section, Mac Van Khoa's wife also shared more pictures of taking her daughter shopping. She also expressed that she wanted to have another c.hild to ease Minnie's sadness.

Mac Van Khoas wife looked sadly at her daughters craving for new clothes, promising something heart-wrenching - Photo 2

Mac Van Khoa and Thao Vy have known each other since the male artist was not yet famous and life was difficult. Both of them "shared hardships" and overcame many events to have a happy family, no longer thinking too much about the economy like they are now.

In December 2020, Mac Van Khoa and Thao Vy registered their marriage. At the same time, the couple welcomed their first daughter, Linh Dan, affectionately called Minnie. The b.aby is boundless happiness for the actor and his wife because in the past, Thao Vy had difficulty getting pregnant.

Mac Van Khoas wife looked sadly at her daughters craving for new clothes, promising something heart-wrenching - Photo 3

In the program Confessing to a Diabetic Mother, Thao Vy shared: "I myself had to take a pregnancy test twice to believe I was having a b.aby. At that time, I hid Khoa, saying I had tried but there was nothing, then I saw him. Sad and sad. When I brought out the pregnancy test, Khoa was so happy, he screamed. Then they hugged each other and cried.

Everyone in my family was so happy that they cried because it was very difficult for Mac Van Khoa and I to have children. My mother even mentally prepared herself that I would be infertile and unable to give birth." The pregnancy and birth journey of Mac Van Khoa and his wife also had many "heart-stopping" situations. In the beginning, Thao Vy almost had a miscarriage twice.

Mac Van Khoas wife looked sadly at her daughters craving for new clothes, promising something heart-wrenching - Photo 4

Thao Vy confided: "Sometimes I think, it was very difficult to get pregnant and now I'm going to go c.razy if it takes everything from me. By the 7th month, I started to feel more secure. Khoa took me to Vung Tau, Da Lat and practiced yoga, so my health improved and my spirit became happier."

When she was born, Mac Van Khoa's daughter was quite weak. The actor said his daughter was born prematurely, weighing only 1.9kg and had to lie in an incubator. He cried four times during the journey to take his wife to give birth to their first c.hild.

Mac Van Khoas wife looked sadly at her daughters craving for new clothes, promising something heart-wrenching - Photo 5

Since the day she was born, b.aby Minnie has received a lot of love and attention from the audience. Mac Van Khoa and his wife are also comfortable sharing pictures of their daughter on social networks. However, many people also commented that she was unattractive.

There was even a time when Mac Van Khoa's wife offered a reward of 20 million VND to anyone who could find the identity of an antifan who spoke rudely and disparaged b.aby Minnie's appearance. Thao Vy confided: "Your parents are not beautiful, so giving birth to a c.hild is not beautiful and the c.hild's skin is as dark as his father's. It's normal for anyone to criticize, but insulting my grandmother and the whole family is unacceptable.

Mac Van Khoas wife looked sadly at her daughters craving for new clothes, promising something heart-wrenching - Photo 6

Children are the happiness of the entire family. It was very difficult for a mother to have a c.hild, so no matter how ugly or beautiful, she is very happy. Even if I reduce my life expectancy by 10-20 years in exchange for good things for my c.hild, I still accept it."

When she was 2 years old, Minnie was slow to speak but showed many artistic talents such as dancing, singing and comedy. Currently, the "stealing" kid is becoming more and more obedient and adorable. The couple often takes their daughter on trips everywhere.

Mac Van Khoas wife looked sadly at her daughters craving for new clothes, promising something heart-wrenching - Photo 7

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