Decao's wife was badly "interacted" and still tried to defend her husband, the fans claimed that they were being manipulated

Thanh PhúcMay 27, 2024 at 17:12

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The incident of Decao's wife, Lam Minh, having a bad attitude from her husband and his family, causing her to suffer a physical impact that caused her to hug her c.hild and sob live, left netizens constantly shocked. After the story broke out, Lam Minh made a new move.

On the evening of May 24, Decao's wife Lam Minh suddenly livestreamed in a state of unrest, making people worried. During the livestream, she hugged her c.hild and cried, feeling panicked and with an open wound at the corner of her mouth. The source of the trouble started from a misunderstanding during dinner. The h.ot g.irl felt the food being pulled away from her so she went upstairs to eat instant noodles. However, Decao's family did not agree with the above behavior, leading to conflicts and scuffles.

Decaos wife was badly interacted and still tried to defend her husband, the fans claimed that they were being manipulated - Photo 1

Following the incident, in the early morning of May 25, Lam Minh opened the second livestream to recount the entire story. According to Lam Minh, the conflict took place and went out of control. Decao's girlfriend said her boyfriend's mother was the one who acted first. She was impacted while holding her son.

Lam Minh said: "During the argument, the two of us said we should go down now. When we went under the table, a conflict broke out. Mr. Thang (Decao) called his mother out and everything got out of control. My mother touched me first. Personally, when facing someone over 60 years old and someone 10 years older than me, I don't want to have bad attitudes.

Decaos wife was badly interacted and still tried to defend her husband, the fans claimed that they were being manipulated - Photo 2

But I don't deny how people wronged me. I can't eat and I'm still affected. I don't deserve these slaps. I also don't stand still to be like that. I was touched while I was holding b.aby Hy. When everyone attacked, I staggered.

I was so disappointed, I just wanted one simple thing, I avoided it, I went up to eat a bowl of noodles to fill myself up. And when my husband knows about it, I hope he will ask about it and tomorrow he will translate the food for me to eat. But no, the story blew up. I regret turning on live in a bad condition, images of me and my c.hild were saved."

Decaos wife was badly interacted and still tried to defend her husband, the fans claimed that they were being manipulated - Photo 3

Lam Minh said she did not blame Decao because he had to stand between his biological mother and his girlfriend. During the livestream, the h.ot g.irl repeatedly admitted that she was at fault and lost control, causing the online community to believe that she was "psychologically manipulated". However, Decao's girlfriend denied and said she would take her son and leave, ending this relationship.

"Being together is a choice, no one manipulates anyone. I can't blame anyone anymore, if we don't belong together then we'll leave. It's very difficult for a man to stand between a wife and a mother. I don't forgive her." people beat me. I don't stay to suffer.

Decaos wife was badly interacted and still tried to defend her husband, the fans claimed that they were being manipulated - Photo 4

I don't want others to be affected by my impulsive actions in the previous live. B.aby Hy and I will go, I won't be stubborn. I also have feelings, but I don't agree with people using cyber v.iolence against others. I will protect myself," the h.ot g.irl said.

This is not the first time Lam Minh has shared this kind of instability since giving birth. Around August 2022, a clip was spread on social networks that was believed to be the voices of Decao and Lam Minh. In the clip, Decao used a loud voice to shout at Lam Minh because she wanted to take her children out for a walk, but Decao stopped him because he thought his wife was mentally unstable. Although Lam Minh explained that he did not mean to harm his c.hild and just wanted to go out to relax his mind, Decao did not agree.

Decaos wife was badly interacted and still tried to defend her husband, the fans claimed that they were being manipulated - Photo 5

Afterwards, Decao spoke up to clarify the incident. He admitted that he and Lam Minh were the main characters in that controversial clip. At that time, Lam Minh was in a state of unconsciousness, so he had to use every means to keep his wife in the house. As soon as the incident happened, Lam Minh was also taken to the hospital and his health gradually stabilized.

Decaos wife was badly interacted and still tried to defend her husband, the fans claimed that they were being manipulated - Photo 6

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