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Thich Tam Phuc: added to shopping cart by the government, voluntarily submitted fake certificate

Hoàng Anh17:31:40 16/07/2024
The day finally came, Nguyen Minh Phuc, also known as monk Thich Tam Phuc, was officially added to the shopping cart by the government and completed the paperwork. With two counts of appropriating property and using fake documents of agencies and organizations.

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HCMC VKSND HCMC completes indictment, continues to prosecute Ms. Phuong Hang and 4 accomplices

Kim Lâm16:28:43 18/08/2023
HCMC KSND Institute HCMC has completed the indictment to prosecute Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hang (General Director of Dai Nam Joint Stock Company) and 4 accomplices for abusing the rights to freedom and democracy to infringe upon the interests of the State, the legitimate rights and interests of organizations and individuals.

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'Sister in white', the victim of Trang Nemo, revealed the attitude of hotgirl for the past 2 years, determined to play until the end

Phúc Sen10:22:20 20/04/2023
Before being condemned by the online community, criticizing Ms. Pham Le Khanh - the victim in the Trang Nemo case and her "physical impact" juniors, spoke loudly and decided to play to the end so that the 9x beauty would receive the consequences. appropriate results. After more...

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The case of "Trang Nemo": A defendant died, the jury made an unexpected decision

Krant20:47:38 12/04/2023
In July last year, the case of the Nemo page having a physical impact, the livestream attracted a lot of attention from the public. After a long investigation and completion of the indictment, an accomplice with Trang Nemo suddenly died at his home, suspected of being drugged...

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