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YG officially speaks out about BLACKPINK's future: Fans are unlikely to see the group return

Quỳnh Quỳnh09:42:49 19/02/2024
YG's sharing about BLACKPINK's future has fans worried. Although the members are doing well solo, fans will hardly be able to see the 4 girls standing on the same stage in the future.

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MC scammed more than 1 billion for concert tickets BLACKPINK continues to be accused of 400 million, CS Nhu Quynh is infected

Juni Nguyễn15:55:12 05/08/2023
After being accused of defrauding billions of VND from buying and selling tickets for the BLACKPINK Concert in Hanoi at the end of July, recently the male MC Tr.Kh was once again accused of blocking m.oney from the crew.

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Pham Thoai was "rescued" 1 billion tickets for Black Pink, 200 people were waiting to buy, the resale m.oney doubled

Nguyễn Kim17:13:14 30/07/2023
Once causing a storm when spending billions to buy 100 tickets to a Black Pink concert and then miserable because no one bought it, tiktoker Pham Thoai recently gloated because fans from indifference turned to scouring to buy tickets after the night. Black Pink's first feverish performance.

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H.OT: Closing the BlackPink concert license fee in Vietnam, the organizers have to pay 10.7 billion to perform

Đức Trí15:16:12 28/07/2023
On the day of BlackPink's Born Pink concert in Vietnam, fans were shocked to receive the shocking news at the risk of the show being canceled because the organizer had not yet paid the music copyright. Recently, the agency in Vietnam has officially announced the...

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The male star Vbiz is in a panic because an acquaintance is missing, the reason why he borrowed 300 million to hug BlackPink tickets but couldn't sell

Pinky15:18:34 26/07/2023
The world received shocking news, when an acquaintance of a male singer Vbiz suddenly left home. It is known that this person and his friends borrowed 300 million, together to buy tickets to BlackPink concerts to sell for a profit, but until now, he has to hold tickets because he cannot sell.

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The g.irl broke up with her boyfriend because she asked for 8 million to go to BLACKPINK, fans argued about the name of player Van Toan

Kiko10:35:28 27/06/2023
The information about BLACKPINK about Vietnam is causing a big fever along with a series of bad stories. Recently, social media was controversial before the g.irl broke up with her boyfriend because she asked for 8 million to go to the BLACKPINK concert.

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Dieu Nhi gave up, Pham Quynh Anh asked for help and Vietnamese stars were "in a panic" because of the battle to hunt for BLACKPINK tickets

Pipi07:31:22 27/06/2023
After the news of BLACKPINK holding a concert in Vietnam was confirmed, not only fans but also a large number of Vietnamese stars updated their bustling status to enter the ticket hunt for the biggest super event in July.

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Jisoo announced a big win with MV Flower, frankly talking about BLACKPINK's incompatibility, early disbandment

Mưa12:20:25 08/04/2023
Currently, there aren't any K-pop songs released without the choreography version. So is Jisoo's Flower MV. This video quickly attracted the attention and praise of the Kpop fan community thanks to the beautiful choreography inspired by the flower concept in the MV Flower...

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Thuy Tien, Dieu Nhi are c.razy about BLACKPINK, idols who just came back took action right away

Nắng10:36:58 22/08/2022
Pink Venom - the song that paved the way for BLACKPINK's 2nd full album Born Pink was officially released on August 19. From the MV to the music of Pink Venom, there is a connection between modernity and tradition in Asian culture such as Angbuilgu Sundial, Geomungo 6-string...

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