V (BTS) publicly dating Jennie (BLACKPINK), did Jisoo act contemptuously?

KiKoJan 28, 2023 at 10:37

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Jennie and V's dating story is once again causing a stir all over the internet when the BTS vocalist has publicly acted in a lover's shirt. Besides, fans also pointed out that Jisoo has acted in contempt of BTS.

On January 26, a Korean online forum posted a post about V (BTS) wearing pants of a fashion brand. The poster captioned, "I wish he (V) noticed the eyes of fans, even just a little bit. Even if he can't, he should try to show he cares about his fans... It's making it too obvious."

V (BTS) publicly dating Jennie (BLACKPINK), did Jisoo act contemptuously? - Photo 1

Korean netizens quickly realized that OP was referring to V wearing the clothes of "rumored girlfriend" Jennie. The top comments read:

- Is this the founder Jennie? Jennie also has her own fashion

> It's quite popular with BLACKPINK fans, Jennie founded it with a friend

-Isn't it Jennie's

> Everyone knows it's Jennie's... even BLACKPINK fans come to events. The group members and Jennie also wear a lot of those clothes.

- What's going on?

> Those are his girlfriend's pants, that's ridiculous.

V (BTS) publicly dating Jennie (BLACKPINK), did Jisoo act contemptuously? - Photo 2

Although not yet popular, this is quite famous in the BLACKPINK fan community. There are rumors that Jennie is behind it because she seems to be actively wearing their clothes. Not stopping there, many Kpop idols who are close to Jennie like Rosé, Lisa, etc. have also posted related photos.

V (BTS) publicly dating Jennie (BLACKPINK), did Jisoo act contemptuously? - Photo 3

The question also comes from the combination of the last letters in Jennie and Chahee (her close friend). Chahee often travels, eats with Jennie, and she has also repeatedly posted photos that match the photos on Nieeh's official Instagram. In addition, the fact that this site also hides the founder's name. BLACKPINK fans speculated that the reason was because Jennie did not want to be revealed because there were many advertising contracts with big brands.

V (BTS) publicly dating Jennie (BLACKPINK), did Jisoo act contemptuously? - Photo 4

Although they have never spoken to fans about dating, Jennie and V have always been implicitly confirmed as a couple for a long time because of obvious dating hints. Since May 2022, Jennie and V have been suspected of dating when a photo believed to be these two idols driving together in Jeju Island was spread on social networks. For this image, the management companies of both sides kept silent.

V (BTS) publicly dating Jennie (BLACKPINK), did Jisoo act contemptuously? - Photo 5

However, the incident did not stop there when after only a few months, a Twitter account named @gurumiharibo released a series of pictures that were said to be Jennie and V dating. In the series of photos, it can be clearly seen that Jennie and V are extremely close, often taking "selfies", even going on private trips together.

V (BTS) publicly dating Jennie (BLACKPINK), did Jisoo act contemptuously? - Photo 6

After a while being criticized by the public for not standing up to protect the "chicken", the management company V (BTS) spoke up. On September 29, BTS' management company confirmed that it had filed a lawsuit against those who spread malicious news about BTS to the prosecutor's office.

In the statement from the management company BTS, there are many sentences that refer to personal attacks, so many people think that HYBE is talking about the photo leak between Jennie and V. As for the two idols, the couple So far, many times revealed images of double bracelets, double shirts and even check-in at the same dating shopping place.

V (BTS) publicly dating Jennie (BLACKPINK), did Jisoo act contemptuously? - Photo 7

Jennie caught up with V dating news, but recently fans suddenly discovered that Jisoo used to look down on BTS. Accordingly, the social network appeared a clip recording the reactions of BLACKPINK members when watching BTS perform at a music event quite a while ago. Notably, Jisoo is the most controversial character because of her actions in the clip.

V (BTS) publicly dating Jennie (BLACKPINK), did Jisoo act contemptuously? - Photo 8

Specifically, while BTS was performing enthusiastically, Jisoo was constantly laughing. Next, Jisoo found fun when dropping an object from above on the table with an excited mood, the female singer repeatedly repeated this action.

Although it is an old clip, Jisoo's actions have caused quite a bit of controversy. Because so far, she has always been known for the image of a sweet, friendly female singer with colleagues and fans.

V (BTS) publicly dating Jennie (BLACKPINK), did Jisoo act contemptuously? - Photo 9

Recently, the number of anti-fans of BLACKPINK has increased significantly after Jennie's noise. This is probably one of the reasons why bad moments in the past and present are constantly being dug up and shared widely on social networking sites.

V (BTS) publicly dating Jennie (BLACKPINK), did Jisoo act contemptuously? - Photo 10

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