Tu Tri is getting more and more colorful, her career is on the rise after marrying a same-sex husband

Hoàng AnhSep 30, 2022 at 15:17

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Tu Tri is probably no longer a strange name to the audience because of her outstanding talent and beauty, especially she is also known for her love story with her same-sex husband - director Yunbin. After 3 years of living in the same house, the 9x beauty is getting more and more colorful, the marriage is perfect, and she is about to get her first movie role.

Tu Tri is getting more and more colorful, her career is on the rise after marrying a same-sex husband - Photo 1

Getting on the flower car at the time of 2019, Tu Tri and Yunbin used to suffer a lot of gossip from the public. However, because of love, the couple still holds hands and moves forward. Since getting married, Solo runner-up with Bolero has been commented on the beauty promotion. She maintains a radiant aura and a happy smile always appears on her lips.

Tu Tri is getting more and more colorful, her career is on the rise after marrying a same-sex husband - Photo 2

At the age of 23, she captivated the audience with gentle, loving layouts but at times still salty and sharp. Plus the stylish fashion sense, even though she is someone's wife, the 9x beauty still makes many fans' hearts flutter. Especially a c.hild of the West River, Yunbin's wife always scores points with the public with her charming ao dai. Owning a b.ody without any excess fat, no matter what outfit "weighs" through, the champion of Cinema Face 2022 still stands out from the crowd.

Tu Tri is getting more and more colorful, her career is on the rise after marrying a same-sex husband - Photo 3

After getting married, with support from her same-sex husband, Tu Tri almost flourished in her career. Not only singing, she also began to study and hone her acting skills in search of "lifetime" roles. The Face of Cinema 2022 is probably the playground to help her escape from Yunbin's shadow to gradually stand on her own two feet on the journey to becoming a professional actress. In particular, with the seriousness of the profession, Tu Tri "caught the eye" of director Ly Hai. In the project F.lip F.ace 6, with the effort after 2 castings of Solo Runner-up, Bolero officially stood in the ranks of the main cast of the film.

Tu Tri is getting more and more colorful, her career is on the rise after marrying a same-sex husband - Photo 4

"I know Tu Tri in the show "Face of the Cinema." About this role, Tu Tri still went to casting like everyone else, even cast it twice. The first time, Tu Tri was too shaky and didn't perform well. My point is that you have to match the role, then you can choose the role. Hearing that, Tu Tri was very sad to go home and think about it. After that, Tu Tri asked for a second cast. She is more confident and rounder, so I decided to choose her," Ly Hai said.

Tu Tri is getting more and more colorful, her career is on the rise after marrying a same-sex husband - Photo 5

It is known that this is also her first movie role during the past artistic journey.

Full marriage, beauty promotion, career advancement are what Tu Tri has in hand at the moment.

Looking back on her artistic journey, Tu Tri said that the success she has now comes from 70% of her own efforts and 30% of luck. The beauty revealed that before w.inning the high title at Solo with bolero 2018, she failed many times to make herself "disillusioned". "I have to practice and try a lot. Because I am the youngest contestant, my experience is not as much as my brothers and sisters, my b.lood is not as good. Even in the preparation stage, I did not know anyone. I remember. On the first day I went to Saigon, it was better to have instant noodles, even I had to eat bread to live," she recounted.

Possessing a beautiful and attractive appearance, Tu Tri has also been offered many times by giants to give houses and cars. However, the female singer immediately refused because she did not want to take a shortcut. Recalling that time, Tu Tri said: "At that time, I met many people, some people were married or unmarried people liked me, they texted me. I felt that if I knew them, Using their m.oney is like I'm a parasite and my person has no value. I think that I have to m.ake m.oney, using my own m.oney will it be right with my wishes. Before the giants' proposals, I feel very guilty. Because it's important for me to have feelings, I have to love to get used to it, or else I can't. Everyone says buy a house, buy a car for me, but I I don't dare to believe it. If there was, no one would give me anything, they would give it to me, but they would look down on me, I'm afraid of that."

Tu Tri is getting more and more colorful, her career is on the rise after marrying a same-sex husband - Photo 6

Talking about being a wife at a relatively young age, Tu Tri expressed her opinion: "I think it's difficult or not because of me. If I have love, I will try for the other person. That's all for everyone. they can do it, it's just whether they themselves want to do it or not."

At the same time, the singer admitted that her marriage to YunBin was a stepping stone for her career to flourish. "At first, when I met Mr. YunBin, he was a famous director, and I was just an ordinary student. Then, thanks to him being public, I got many people's attention, which gave me confidence. and participate in competitions," Tu Tri shared.

Tu Tri is getting more and more colorful, her career is on the rise after marrying a same-sex husband - Photo 7

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