Trinh Tu Trung: Born unexpectedly, disadvantaged childhood, has now become an underground giant of Vbiz

Hoàng AnhJul 21, 2022 at 11:12

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Trinh Tu Trung is a familiar name to most young audiences today. He is not only known as the most sharp judge of Vietnamese showbiz when sitting on the h.ot seat of many reality TV shows, but also as a musician, actor, and film producer.

To get to the present achievement, Trinh Tu Trung has had to make a lot of efforts, go through a lot of bitterness that cannot be described by a few words.

Trinh Tu Trung: Born unexpectedly, disadvantaged childhood, has now become an underground giant of Vbiz - Photo 1

From a b.oy suffering many disadvantages, lacking family love, Trinh Tu Trung has become a successful man in both fame and m.oney. He is considered an underground giant of showbiz when he owns 19 houses and villas from home to abroad thanks to his accumulation and acumen in business.

Unexpected birth and disadvantaged childhood

Trinh Tu Trung was born in 1986 in an ordinary family in Saigon. Trung's mother works as an ordinary trader and her father is a painter.

Trung was born from an unexpected incident, forcing his parents to move in together in silence, not to receive a bride, not to ask questions. That situation made Trung's parents unhappy, and Trung had a childhood full of tears and laughter when his father had other women outside and was indifferent and did not care about his wife and children.

Trinh Tu Trung: Born unexpectedly, disadvantaged childhood, has now become an underground giant of Vbiz - Photo 2

Trung is an understanding c.hild. Soon seeing her mother unhappy, Trung worked hard to study and always achieved good results at school. Even all the notebooks from the elementary, middle and high school years of China, never had to be bought by her mother. Because at the end of every semester, Trung is also rewarded.

Trinh Tu Trung: Born unexpectedly, disadvantaged childhood, has now become an underground giant of Vbiz - Photo 3

"Over 20 years living with my father, my mother always endured. In my heart, I always thought, I must study well because only good studies can save my mother from this place. That's why my whole childhood did not have friends. Nothing, I only know how to go to school, try to wait until I grow up, I can take the initiative in my life and my mother finds a way out," Trinh Tu Trung once said.

Not only understanding and loving her mother, Trinh Tu Trung also soon knew how to help her mother m.ake m.oney. Every school year is the same, after reviewing the 2nd semester's conduct, Trung takes a break to help her mother carry and sell goods. Because every day, Trung sees his mother "turning off his head" from early morning until late at night, with no one to assist.

Trinh Tu Trung: Born unexpectedly, disadvantaged childhood, has now become an underground giant of Vbiz - Photo 4

At 15, 16 years old, Trinh Tu Trung went out to "earn food" in society when he became a manager for singer Hien Thuc. He used to be known as the youngest manager in Vietnam. At that time, Hien Thuc was still a young singer, unknown to anyone, going to the show to earn m.oney to buy milk for her children with 200,000 and 300,000 VND.

More than 20 years of watching my mother endure a hellish marriage is too long a time. Until one day, Trinh Tu Trung wanted his mother to be freed from that hellish life, so he f.orced her to break up with her father.

Trinh Tu Trung: Born unexpectedly, disadvantaged childhood, has now become an underground giant of Vbiz - Photo 5

Mother and daughter live together. Trung worked diligently, looking for opportunities to assert himself, cultivate the economy, and provide for his mother with a life full of material and spiritual comfort until today.

Trung's father also has a new family and other children. However, with his father, Trung still took care of his filial piety, although the wound he left behind for mother and daughter was too great, no matter how it was compensated, it was difficult to heal.

Looking back at what has gone through, many times Trung has tears in his eyes. Trung is proud that he is not spoiled when he grew up in a family with too many hidden corners. Trung has overcome the situation and with what he has achieved, he has shown that giving birth to his parents is the right thing to do in their unhappy marriage.

Versatile artist, underground giants of Vietnamese showbiz

Trinh Tu Trung started to enter showbiz as the manager of singer Hien Thuc. After 10 years of working, Trung decided to break out to enter the new field of stylist work for artists. He contributed significantly in shaping the fashion style and building the image for models Thanh Hang, Yen Trang.

Trinh Tu Trung: Born unexpectedly, disadvantaged childhood, has now become an underground giant of Vbiz - Photo 6

Around 2015-2016, Trung participated in the program Shine Together and won the runner-up prize. After that, he participated in the game show Laughing Xuyen Viet artist version, excellently w.inning the third prize in the end.

Sharing about the decision to participate in the game show program, Trung once shared: "I knew I was gifted early on, but subjective and objective conditions did not allow it, so I was f.orced to find myself a place in showbiz even if it was not. Not directly to be able to nurture my passion until the right time.I was fortunate to have waited for that opportunity that was the period when TV gameshow began to bloom in Vietnam and new elements was hunted to serve the needs of the audience Initially, I only intended to play for my passion, but it was the love of the audience that kept me and continued with the profession, once again the profession that chose me And it's my duty to give."

Trinh Tu Trung is also the only professional judge in Vietnam to be internationally awarded. He used to sit on the h.ot seat of many TV game shows such as: Perfect Lady, Perfect Gentleman, Hero of the Stars, One Hundred Brilliant Seconds...

Trinh Tu Trung: Born unexpectedly, disadvantaged childhood, has now become an underground giant of Vbiz - Photo 7

In addition, Trinh Tu Trung is also known for his role as an actor when filming: Butterfly house, Love say hey (Thailand) ... The actor also contributed capital to produce many movie projects as well as film projects. Show app: Dear Mom, Butterfly House, Phuong Khau, Be a cloud in someone's sky, Mansion 244 (slated to hit theaters next year)...

More surprisingly, Trinh Tu Trung is also the author of many songs such as: Under the flying clouds, Just having a mother, The lines of hurried letters, Love songs of love songs.... He often receives pre-written works. rights from the Vietnam Music Copyright Protection Center for their compositions.

Trinh Tu Trung: Born unexpectedly, disadvantaged childhood, has now become an underground giant of Vbiz - Photo 8

In particular, Trinh Tu Trung is the producer of the movie "Being a cloud in someone's sky" which will be officially released on July 22. The film has the participation of 3 Thai stars: Push Puttichai and Dome Pakorn Lam and August Vachiravit, which are extremely popular with Vietnamese audiences through the films "The Bizarre Temple" and "The Leaf Rolled".

At the age of 36, besides a respectable artistic career, Trinh Tu Trung is also a stock investor and a "cool hand" real estate trader. From empty hands, Trung is the owner of 19 houses and villas worth several billion to several tens of billions. It was a journey not only of sweat and tears but also of Trinh Tu Trung's relentless efforts.

Trinh Tu Trung: Born unexpectedly, disadvantaged childhood, has now become an underground giant of Vbiz - Photo 9

Sharing about his professional life, he said: "In the past, standing behind an artist, I saw those difficulties and challenges but with a different perspective and now these are the direct impacts. I have come to know what happiness and suffering, the smile and tears of an artist are, which I have only indirectly felt before. seeing it and thinking about it, it's really a wonderful experience even like a magnet with a strong attraction that is hard for me to get rid of, the more difficult it is, the more challenging it is, the more I feel successful." .

Trinh Tu Trung: Born unexpectedly, disadvantaged childhood, has now become an underground giant of Vbiz - Photo 10

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