Zhao Lu Tu flew "like a kite to the wind", his career became more and more "violent", thanks to the "dip" of 1 person

An NhiDec 08, 2023 at 11:53

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Zhao Lu Tu is considered one of the top 95 little flowers of the Chinese-language entertainment industry. Not only has her career developed, but her beauty and style are also increasingly promoted, receiving many compliments from netizen.

Rising strongly after a few years in Cbiz, Zhao proved her non-trivial backing when she soon accepted meticulously constructed female lead roles in accordance with her image. Currently, Zhao Luotu is the actress with the most potential to develop her acting career.

However, recently, the actress's fashion resources have also risen rapidly. This has become a h.ot topic of discussion on Chinese social networking sites.

Zhao Lu Tu flew like a kite to the wind, his career became more and more violent, thanks to the dip of 1 person - Photo 1

Accordingly, netizens have given statistics on the number of high-end tailoring designs (Haute Couture) used by Zhao Luotu recently. Zhao Luoxi's second figure in the Weibo Vision Festival 2023 was also praised for being as beautiful as the g.irl from the painting.

Keywords related to this formation also very quickly climbed straight to No. 1 h.ot search table generally. It is known that Zhao Luotu in a recent appearance wore the Haute Couture model of Julien Fournié's Spring-Summer 2023 collection, and also successfully unlocked a new Haute Couture brand.

Zhao Lu Tu flew like a kite to the wind, his career became more and more violent, thanks to the dip of 1 person - Photo 2

Thus, in less than half a year, Zhao Lu Tu successfully wore 10 Haute Couture sets of luxury brands. This resource compared to other minor flowers of the same age is indeed superior. This number also broke the record set by Zhao Liying long before. Even compared to Yangtze, the top 90 is far ahead of many times.

Zhao Lu Tu flew like a kite to the wind, his career became more and more violent, thanks to the dip of 1 person - Photo 3

In addition, Trieu Lu Tu was also successfully recognized as the face of the world's famous fashion brand and appeared on the front page of many magazine covers, being sought after when coming to Milan Fashion Week.

Zhao Lu Tu flew like a kite to the wind, his career became more and more violent, thanks to the dip of 1 person - Photo 4

In the past, Zhao Lu Zi was also famous for Chen Tiantian's Rumor, Han Xianlan,... but there were no such incentives. It is known that the person behind the success of the actress is stylist Min Rui - who previously collaborated with Fan Bingbing in the hit red carpet series. Many people realize that Zhao Luoxi's current style is almost the same as Fan Jia before, but "not good enough" because of his beauty and charisma.

Zhao Lu Tu flew like a kite to the wind, his career became more and more violent, thanks to the dip of 1 person - Photo 5

Some people believe that Zhao Luotu is favored in the fashion world because of the stylist's ability. However, there are also some people who think that hiring such a good stylist, Zhao Luxiu is not trivial.

Besides, she has also been compared many times to senior Zhao Liying because of the similarities in her career. Although there are many limitations in acting as well as resources, it can be seen that the opportunity in the fashion segment for Zhao Lu Tu is not small, even slightly better than the Zhao cousin.

Zhao Lu Tu flew like a kite to the wind, his career became more and more violent, thanks to the dip of 1 person - Photo 6

Zhao Luotu is also considered the current "darling of fashion houses". Although he was not appreciated in terms of charisma or weighing ability like Zhao Liying, Zhao Luoyi had the advantage of being young, new, and increasingly abundant resources.

Thanks to holding a series of h.ot works and the advantage of fashion, Zhao Luotu is considered by the Douban organization to develop comprehensively. Her 4 largest social media platforms, Weibo, Douyin, Xiao Hongshu, Kuaishou, are all at the top of the 95th generation, showing fan attraction and wide coverage.

Zhao Lu Tu flew like a kite to the wind, his career became more and more violent, thanks to the dip of 1 person - Photo 7

Even the international platform is Instagram, Zhao Luotu has a superior following compared to many other miniature flowers of his age. Her fashion as well as film resources are flourishing, indicating continuous development in the future.

Zhao Lu Tu flew like a kite to the wind, his career became more and more violent, thanks to the dip of 1 person - Photo 8

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