Zhao Luxiu was "pinched" miserably, his status plummeted, and he followed Yang Mo to do 1 job to save his career

An NhiOct 03, 2023 at 09:52

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Over the past time, Zhao Luotu has been repeatedly said to be in conflict with the management company. When a series of events are constantly happening that are detrimental to her. Fans are very worried about the career of the top 95 beauty in the near future.

After the success of many consecutive films such as " Han Xianlan", "Can't Hide", Zhao Luxu's career would flourish, but the actress "disappeared" for 6 months, not receiving any new projects. After finding out, fans assumed that the actress had malfunctions, even leaving her current agency.

Zhao Luxiu was pinched miserably, his status plummeted, and he followed Yang Mo to do 1 job to save his career - Photo 1

Specifically, when looking at Xiao Hong Shu (the only social media account Lu Tu owned), fans found that the post celebrating the 1st anniversary of the establishment of the office (posted on July 16, 2021) had been deleted. The content of that article is to take photos of the party that the team organized, there were cakes, dinner, photos taken with Ngo Xiao Tran (general director of Galaxy Cool), and photos of employees. She also deleted the post celebrating the 2nd anniversary of the office, then reposted the post containing only a photo of herself.

Zhao Luxiu was pinched miserably, his status plummeted, and he followed Yang Mo to do 1 job to save his career - Photo 2

Besides, netizens were puzzled when the actress did not have a specific manager, constantly changing personnel, the people who worked next to Zhao Luotu were all close friends and close friends since childhood,...

Currently, fans of Xiao Hua are quite angry at the attitude of the management company Galaxy Cool. It is known that in the past few days, rumors have suddenly spread on social media claiming that Xiao Hua has been f.orced out of the film crew of Jade Chau Sa Curtain despite signing a previous contract.

Specifically, the creator of the film Curtain Yuzhou Sa - Hou Yundi when talking to fans Zhao Luotu said that the film will not be filmed anymore, the actress has also been f.orced to leave the project. This is related to the "capitalist struggle", Zhao Luotu himself is only a "sacrifice of power". Immediately, fans asked the management company as well as the film crew to answer.

Zhao Luxiu was pinched miserably, his status plummeted, and he followed Yang Mo to do 1 job to save his career - Photo 3

It is known that Jade Chau Sa Curtain has fixed the heroine Zhao Lu Tu for a long time, but has not found a suitable male lead. Chen Xingxiu, Hua Kai,... all declined because of the transcription issue. Less well-known actors were disparaged as unworthy of the l.ittle g.irl.

Recently, the film crew has decided that the actor who is about to collaborate with Zhao Luotu is not a strange face, but actor Liu Yuning, who played with the actress surnamed Zhao in the work " Chang Song Heng".

This news did not seem to receive the support of the majority of Zhao Luxu's fans. Fan Zhao Luotu said that even if he was unemployed, he should not accept a film with such unstable crews. However, netizens think that Liu Yuning has absolutely no problem, even the guy who has acted with Liu Shishi, Tong Xuanyi, Zhao Luoxi's fans should not "abuse" unreasonably.

Zhao Luxiu was pinched miserably, his status plummeted, and he followed Yang Mo to do 1 job to save his career - Photo 4

Soon after, Zhao Luosi's backroom and a series of major fan stations in China simultaneously used black avatars and stopped updating to maintain authority, asking the office to have a suitable answer to the rumor.

Facing this strong opposition, Li Wei - CEO of Zhao Luosi's management company liked a netizen's post with the content: "What status do fans have to be picky, what status does Zhao Luosi have, don't you know yourself?" When questioned by Zhao Luoxi's fan, the CEO casually replied that he "slipped his hand".

This is the eternal pattern of many celebrities after being caught doing controversial acts. Earlier, Zhao Luxiu himself had explained that he "slipped his hand" after being caught liking a post disparaging Song Tian's image of the goddess Jin Ying.

Zhao Luxiu was pinched miserably, his status plummeted, and he followed Yang Mo to do 1 job to save his career - Photo 5

It can be seen that the career of the actress surnamed Zhao is still quite precarious because there are no films to play, the appearance at Milan Fashion Week is not too excellent. At this prestigious fashion week, the beauty of the 95-year-old also caused controversy many times. From the outfit to the charisma that she showed in Europe, they were judged to be inappropriate, less sharp and showed immaturity.

Zhao Luxiu was pinched miserably, his status plummeted, and he followed Yang Mo to do 1 job to save his career - Photo 6

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