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Zhao Lu Tu flew "like a kite to the wind", his career became more and more "violent", thanks to the "dip" of 1 person

An Nhi11:53:33 08/12/2023
Zhao Lu Tu is considered one of the top 95 little flowers of the Chinese-language entertainment industry. Not only has her career developed, but her beauty and style are also increasingly promoted, receiving many compliments from netizen.

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Trieu Lo Tu shows off his "candy" visual despite being ordinary, risking offending someone because of being harmed by fans

Nguyễn Kim11:06:49 21/10/2023
Trieu Lo Tu is a name that caught the public's attention when appearing at a recent event because of her beautiful figure in every camera angle. However, because of fans' confusion, she is at risk of being blacklisted by a powerful figure.

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Trieu Lo Tu - Tran Triet Vien revealed their dating "hint" through a habit, netizens are anxiously urging them to make it public

Kim Lâm17:54:44 20/10/2023
Since collaborating in the movie Accidents That Can't Be Hidden, Trieu Lo Tu and Tran Triet Vien have continuously been questioned about whether the movie is fake or real. Recently, the two continued to r.eveal more irrefutable dating evidence.

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Trieu Lo Tu "rioted" Cbiz with her doll-like appearance, suddenly revealing a point that made netizens angry

Kim Lâm10:07:02 18/10/2023
Trieu Lo Tu recently became the media's center of attention when showing off her impressive, sweet, and elegant beauty in a series of beautiful poses like a Barbie doll. However, the saint who traveled through time still faced criticism for being accused of imitating her.

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Trieu Lo Tu has just publicly dated Ngo Loi, revealing photos of him cuddling affectionately, and immediately has a new status that attracts attention

Quỳnh Quỳnh14:25:56 11/10/2023
Trieu Lo Tu is currently one of the top flower girls of the 95th generation. Not only is the audience interested in her personal life, but her acting career and fashion career also attracts people's attention. follow.

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Trieu Lo Tu "escaped his life as alum", took revenge on his "little sister next door" image, and caused chaos at the airport of the Golden Temple

Nguyễn Kim14:35:47 26/09/2023
Changing his mature image at Milan fashion week, Trieu Lo Tu shamefully received a series of controversial and opposing opinions. Recently, the actress quickly returned with her sweet style, making people quickly change their direction.

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Trieu Lo Tu "has his own problems", regardless of doing this in the West because of his obsession, the community rushed in to ridicule him.

An Nhi15:15:44 22/09/2023
Trieu Lo Tu is one of the few Chinese beauties who has the honor of appearing in one of the Milan Fashion Weeks. Here, the image of the flower g.irl attracts attention not only for her fashion style but also for her beauty and appearance.

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Trieu Lo Tu caused a storm with a 100% makeup-free photo in Milan, worthy of the title "Cbiz's bare-faced goddess"

Kim Lâm11:16:45 21/09/2023
Taking photos with fans in Milan, Trieu Lo Tu attracted attention with her perfect bare face. Her glowing white skin and high nose bridge quickly captivated netizens because she was so beautiful.

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Zhao Lu Tu used the "old trick" to burnish his name, not afraid to clash with a series of Cbiz beauties

An Nhi15:59:53 21/08/2023
Zhao Lu Tu is a 95-year-old flower who receives a lot of love from the audience thanks to her clear and cute face. However, the direction of this transdimensional saintess has always received mixed reviews.

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Trieu Lo Tu acted in a disaster, people were fed up with "beautiful but no scent", career plummeted

T.T11:22:44 26/05/2023
"Beauty through the air" Trieu Lo Tu was severely criticized for acting without progress. She is likened to the "mobile vase" of Chinese showbiz, "with color but no scent". The Chinese media frankly rated the actress' acting in the two films "Small Lane" and "Hau Lang" as...

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Trieu Lo Tu lost too much weight, alarmingly skinny

Hoàng Anh07:44:16 27/06/2022
Through a normal camera, Trieu Lo Tu revealed a thin and boneless b.ody that worried many fans. As a person in the entertainment industry, anyone wants to appear with a really neat appearance in front of the public. Therefore, reducing mute is one of the effective methods to help...

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Trieu Lo Tu claims to be h.ot, don't call her 'sweet sister' anymore!

Hoàng Anh12:35:13 04/05/2022
Dubbed the Holy Nu Xuyen Khong, Sweet Sister... but it seems that Trieu Lo Tu is not very satisfied with these titles! Recently, Trieu Lo Tu also caused confusion when he identified himself as a h.ot g.irl in an interview about the movie Release Thien Ha. Outstandingly breaking...

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Trieu Lo Tu shocked when he posted a confession of Tieu Chien, what did the "green tea saint" team say?

An Nhi17:24:37 02/04/2022
Before the news that Trieu Lo Tu publicly confessed to Tieu Chien, social networks could not help but stir. The most scandalous scandal in the Chinese entertainment industry today (April 2) involves the "Holy Green Tea" Trieu Lo Tu and Tieu Chien. The case revolved around rumors...

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Trieu Lo Tu dances around backstage "Tran Thien Thien in rumors"

Hậu Hậu17:56:08 14/09/2021
If anyone loves and follows Trieu Lo Tu's career journey, it is not difficult to see that the actress is known as one of the beauties dominating the current Cbiz web series, "Holy Maiden Through the Air" is loved. love with sweet, cute beauty. Recently, the funny...

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Revealing the photo taken by the passing team of Trieu Lo Tu, is her visual "Green Tea" as beautiful as the praises?

Kylie18:28:58 08/09/2021
Appearing in a recent Happy Camp recording, Trieu Lo Tu received attention with his pure image. cute. In terms of the new generation of beauty goddesses, Trieu Lo Tu is one of the beauties who receive the most attention from fans. Being a famous h.ot g.irl from her school years...

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Beauty is the opponent of Dilraba Dilraba

An Chi10:00:17 01/09/2021
Trieu Lo Tu has an innocent beauty, easy to sympathize with the audience. She is also serious in her career, has a clear development plan. On August 30, Sina reported that Trieu Lo Tu shared a new series of photos with an innocent first love style. The youthful and clear beauty...

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Trieu Lo Tu was accused of "plagiarizing" the image of Peng Tieu Ran in Dong Cung

Hồng Hạnh16:41:07 06/08/2021
Many netizens believe that this image of Trieu Lo Tu is quite similar to Tieu Phong of Dong Cung. Recently, Trieu Lo Tu has a quite busy work schedule, she is even considered a "muse" of Tencent when participating in most of this tycoon's projects. This is probably also...

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Trieu Lo Tu clicked like the article that brought down Ngo Tuyen Nghi, missed or intentionally?

team youtuber08:29:01 24/04/2021
After becoming famous thanks to the rumored movie Tran Thien Thien, the projects that Trieu Lo Tu received are getting better and better. In the movie Truong Ca Hanh, although Trieu Lo Tu only took on the role of the second female, the prominence and popularity she received from the audience was not inferior to that of the female lead...

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