Trieu Lo Tu reveals evidence of "deep love" with "younger" junior, no longer "secretly" hiding it

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Having collaborated and caused a stir on the screen with sweet moments in movies, recently, Trieu Lo Tu revealed evidence of "deep love" with a "younger" junior, no longer "secretly" hiding it. hide.

Recently, social networks spread information that the project Theft Can't Hide is about to film a movie version. Not only that, there is news that Trieu Lo Tu and Tran Triet Vien will once again participate in this project as guests. Also according to this source, the male and female actors of the film version will be played by Tong Uy Long and Dien Hi Vi.

Trieu Lo Tu reveals evidence of deep love with younger junior, no longer secretly hiding it - Photo 1

Many audiences are extremely excited about the news that Trieu Lo Tu and Tran Triet Vien will reunite in the movie version of The Thief Can't Hide project. It is known that the couple was already very successful with the previous television version. If the two have a chance to reunite in the movie version, it will definitely help this work make a big splash because they are so beautiful together and fit the character's image.

Trieu Lo Tu reveals evidence of deep love with younger junior, no longer secretly hiding it - Photo 2

Although initially, the movie Theft Can't Hide was criticized for using an old teenage love motif. However, at the time of airing, the film quickly caused a fever on the small screen. Explaining this, the media said the series was adapted from a famous original work by author Truc Di about the romance of female lead Tang Tri.

Trieu Lo Tu reveals evidence of deep love with younger junior, no longer secretly hiding it - Photo 3

The film also attracts attention with the presence of female lead Trieu Lo Tu. She is considered a high-traffic actress. Besides, the little flower g.irl has a lovely face, suitable for the image of a romantic female lead.

In the movie Accidents That Can't Be Hidden, Trieu Lo Tu brought to the audience a lovely, sweet Tang Tri who wholeheartedly loves Doan Gia Hua. Meanwhile, Tran Triet Vien's male lead also fascinated the audience because he was so handsome and in love. The sweet love story in Clumsy Can't Hide has been faithfully recreated by Trieu Lo Tu and Tran Triet Vien. The couple's appearance is suitable for a gentle film, with the color of school youth.

Another interesting point is that before its release, Unable to Hide Theft was considered a failed product and had no elements to make it a hit, leading to the chosen director having to quit the film midway through. However, Trieu Lo Tu was the one who revived the entire crew, hired her own costumes, found the actors herself, and there were rumors that she also participated largely in the process of editing the script accordingly.

Trieu Lo Tu reveals evidence of deep love with younger junior, no longer secretly hiding it - Photo 4

That's why, in the Chinese film race this summer, the movie Theft Can't Hide emerged as a phenomenon. The work's achievements also help promote tourism in the location where the crew filmed. Accordingly, the Chengyi Xiamen Science and Technology Exploration Center said that the number of tourists checking in at locations in Xiamen, especially places similar to the scene in the movie Theft That Can't Be Hidden doubled compared to the previous year.

Besides, the success of Theft Can't Hide also "saved" the names of Trieu Lo Tu and Tran Triet Vien. Once considered CBiz's most successful 95-year-old flower g.irl, Trieu Lo Tu has a year of 2023 with erratic ups and downs in both beauty and film resources. The actress suffered a heavy failure, being criticized as a "disaster" in the drama Hau Lang, but was able to save a little thanks to returning to her romantic strength in Theft Can't Hide.

Meanwhile, male lead Tran Triet Vien, despite having many weaknesses in acting, has a very good interaction with Trieu Lo Tu, helping him become a shining handsome name this summer in the Chinese entertainment industry.

Trieu Lo Tu reveals evidence of deep love with younger junior, no longer secretly hiding it - Photo 5

In addition to its achievements in the domestic market, Trieu Lo Tu and Tran Triet Vien's Theft Can't Hide project also made achievements in the international market. When the movie was bought by Netflix, after only a few days of airing in some countries around the world, the movie ranked 13th in Top TV Shows on Netflix in the world. At the same time, it became the highest rated Chinese movie on Netflix Global.

Trieu Lo Tu reveals evidence of deep love with younger junior, no longer secretly hiding it - Photo 6

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